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  1. Yes it is looking good. Bye the way it is poundland selling the primer I grabbed a couple today thanks for the tip!
  2. This is the remains of the Lightning http://www.demobbed.org.uk/image_view.php?...amp;s=xr718.jpg and the beheaded Vulcan XH563 http://www.demobbed.org.uk/image_view.php?...amp;s=xh563.jpg
  3. Growing up in Tottenham I used to love Trolleybuses. I always hoped for one with the spats to come along so I could ride on that. The routes were 629 and 653( amazing what sticks in your mind) Dont forget when detailing you will need a long tube running along the underneath the bus from the rear to house the pole with th hook on. That is for the conductor to catch the overhead poles when they came off the wires(a regular thing at Tottenhan High Road and Bruce Grove Junction when the Conductor was too slow to lean out and pull the lever to change the points. That provided me with quite a bit of entertainment watching him trying to snare them with a 20 foot pole) BTW I am old enough(67) to remember riding on Trams in London did they shake and make a noise unlike the smooth Trolleybus. Good luck with your excellent build.
  4. Cracking shots indeed. I particulaly like this one as it is food for thought about weathering a Typhoon instead of all the pristine examples I tend to see!
  5. paul178

    WEM Special

    why not post the price I am sure it would go quickly?
  6. There is probably a thread on here but I can't find it So my questions are 1 How do you clean your models and remove the dreaded dust 2 Before britmodeller an my use of kleer I have models with nicotine residue on them(ex smoker now) with decals just stuck on, I am hesitant to immerse them in water as I dont really want the decals floating away. 3 I also have ship models with rigging any ideas on that one. Its spring cleaning time as summer is just a dream at the moment so I thought I would make myself busy Any help would be appreciated
  7. Try being married to my wife and you would not say that!(LOL) To be fair to her she does suffer from Asthma quite badly and that stuff does have a habit of permeating the house.
  8. paul178

    Poly Cement

    A big thankyou to SeventySecond who sent me the decals I needed to rescue my Spitfire. Just shows what a friendly happy helpful forum this is!
  9. All those kits and no EC121(nasty swearword deleted)
  10. I am just about to start my KC97G so you bit about the decals is a timely warning for me. Any other problems with this kit? You have done a grand job with yours!
  11. I use any rattle can car Acrylic primer that comes to hand I have had no problem with them. Do not spray it indoors though. I hold the model out of the door by one wingtip wearing a disposable glove, in 5-10 mins I hold the wing I have just coated and finish the job! Make sure the wind is not comming at you though as I am not sure how to get primer off doors or glass!!!LOL
  12. Would Balsawood be cheaper than foamboard?
  13. paul178

    Poly Cement

    Tried the cigarette and pliers trick. All is good. I will try the wire trick on the other bottle tomorrow!
  14. That brings back memories when I was about seven my Father had a production line( he never did things by halves) going making and rebuilding the ones I crashed I think we had about four in the end. I still remember the smell of balsa cement and him holding the things over the kettle( I think) to make the tissue paper to shrink but I could be mistaken on that! Hours of winding the prop for a 15 second flight! In those days(early 50's) you could go into the Toy/Model shop(opposite the Florida Cinema in Tottenham) and buy just the transfers(not decals) and the guy would just cut them off a big sheet for you, that went for all the solid balsa models as well. Obviously a bit basic but if you had Russian,American or British aircraft that was good enough. No German or Japanese though the war had only been over seven years and they were dirty words. PS Dont forget the pins to hold the wings to the pattern while the wings dry or they will warp!!!
  15. paul178

    Poly Cement

    Thanks for all you help and advice,most welcome.
  16. paul178

    Poly Cement

    I have just bu**ered up one of my best builds through impatience. I could not get any cement to come out of the needle on two bottles of poly cement one Revel contactia and two humbrol Poly. How do you keep the needles clear it seems a constant battle to me? So the last bit on the complete build was putting the canopy on I managed to press it down to remove a slight gap and bent the tail wheel. So I removed the needle and droped some (I thought glue into the tail wheel hole to reinforce it. Then the plonker that I am picked it up and inspected it. The poly was still wet and ran down the fusalage and onto the starboard markings which disolved into a mess of future and silver acrylic. The paintwork I can save but the decal is destroyed. Any Ideas where I can get the decal( its the new Airfix1/72 Mk 22 in 605 colours) Depressed does not come near how I am feeling at the moment. It had been a happy day until now!
  17. Thats a shame its cheaper to buy an overpriced one on Evilbay than drive all that way to nick yours
  18. Have you tried this forum? http://forum.keypublishing.com/index.php
  19. Building mine now. Bought on a visit to Modelmania Bristol £7.49.
  20. Just out of interest where abouts in the world is your loft ?
  21. Not wishing to invade anyone elses "I would like to see a.............." thread How many members would like to see the above Heller kit reissued. I know it needs a bit of patience and modding to build. I want one anyway but am not going to pay the absolutely silly prices that the seem to go for on Evilbay!
  22. I brush paint as well with certain exceptions. 1 Halfords ratlle cans for primer 2 Base coat rattle can if available for example Humbrol dark brown for a ww2 Hurricane 3 Humbrol matt varnish Otherwise all brush and a lot of patience I do tend to use a lot of masking tape(Tamiya) One golden rule is never do any of the above when tired
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