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  1. Looking good Ashley. My one and only attempt at a nascar ended abruptly when I found I had the clear spruce for a thunderbird as opposed to the Monte Carlo I was actually building
  2. Beautiful. What colours did you use on the engine? Really must get round to completing mine some day
  3. Looking good, have one of these on my bench at the minute. Nicely engineered kit
  4. Fujimi also done a Mini Cooper kit. iirc it's the later 1.3i in 1:24
  5. Richard Griffiths produces the knobbly lister in 24th and a Lola, both very nice resin kits
  6. 25mm plastic pipe is also used by sparkies, so perhaps worth a trip round any local building sites. I doubt many would mind giving you a few off cuts
  7. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for it, I should have a few bits there myself
  8. Very nice build, I've got two of these in the stash to build, helmet is a cool touch
  9. look out... its the fuzz.. looks great Rich, just like its about to go out on patrol. the battenburg really sets it off
  10. good to see a modern road bike in the line up again. I haven't bought a bike kit in over 2 years but I think I'll have to add this to the stash. wish they would do some of the current superbikes though, I'd love a blade and gsxr.
  11. nice work Steve, looking forward to watching this progress
  12. Looks good, I done the 2007 bike a couple of years ago. A little more work than the Tamiya kits but impressive on the shelf. looking forward to seeing more of this one
  13. Thanks everyone there is a bit of a gasser look in the photos I may make an alteration to the front suspension at some point. Mikey much as I'd love to say I was awesome with a pin striping brush, I'm not. It started as a white decal from one of the '32 sedan kits, when I cleared over it to seal it I went a little heavy and it started to turn purple.. I panicked at first but it dried to a cool ghost effect pin stripe.
  14. Absolutely stunning, as said a work of art. Thanks for sharing
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