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  1. Thanks for the kind comments guys. I did want to use decals for the flightdeck but I suppose painting could be an option, but then I run the risk of making a mistake, the flightdeck decal split well after I'd put the all the decals on :/ I shall have think, thanks for the quick replies
  2. Hi all, After building a Thomson 787 I decided to take the plunge and build an A380. It's still very much work in progress, you will notice parts missing but as my second build I'm quite pleased with how it's coming along. I have made the model without landing gear as I intend to build a stand for it, I just think it looks cleaner. Most the paint I used was Humbrol hobby Spray, apart from the wings which are Halfords Ford Polar Grey (the poor pic quality doesn't do the Halfords spray justice) BA Blue was Humbrol hobby Spray Midnight Blue Please excuse the picture quality, I will get round to Hi res when it's finished PROBLEM I ripped my Flight Deck Decals, does that mean I have to spend £12 on a brand new set? The one that came with the model in the Airbus House Colours wasn't good enough. Thanks
  3. I think the B757/737NG will not see this new livery, the new livery is a million times better, G-OBYG is now back in service with the new livery. I like it and I will buy any Decals stright away for My B767-300
  4. Hi all, You were all right, Thomson new scheme is gorgeous. I was onboard the Boeing 787 at Manchester yesterday and spotted this PACMIN beauty! URL=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/577/787p.jpg/][/url]
  5. The only ex Air Berlin B757's Thomson have are G-OOBN andf G-OOBP I was based at Manchester when these aircraft were flown over in plain white with no winglets. That soon changed!
  6. mmm.. Where did you source this? There are plenty of websites out there with Thomson photoshoped liveries, i'd only believe it if it's come from Thomson or Boeing Why would Thomson paint brand spanking new aircraft only to change them again a year later? WE ALL know how slow Thomson paint their fleet, ok B757/767 will be leaving but there are still pleanty of B737-800NG in th fly.com livery. Then..cost....its just won't happen
  7. Thomson will be the first European operator of the Boeing 787. Thomson Airways are NOT changing their livery, there are brand new Boeing 737-800's every month coming over from the USA fresh out the paint shop in the current Thomson livery. They are part of TUI group, so all they could do is add a white stripe, why bother??? I'm in contact with quite a few TOM engineers, the B787 will be in the current livery as shown below
  8. 28th Jan 2013 Thomson will recieve it first Boeing 787, confirmed
  9. Hi all, I have searched and searched for a set of Thomas Cook Boeing 767-300 decals either UK or Powered by Condor and can't find any, does anyone have any links? Thanks in advance Mike
  10. Hi all, I'm building a Revell B767-300ER and years ago I remember seeing a Thomsonfly.com B767 decal sheet and can't find it anywhere!!? Any links?? Thanks in advance
  11. Looking good!! I painted mine white at the belly, I know the real aircraft are just off white but I dont't think grey would look right :/ http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=73508
  12. Thanks for the kind comments guys...... Yeah thats right the new 'Thomson Airways' Livery has plain white engines and no fly.com! If anyone had noticed with G-OOBA B757-200 the tail is the same dark blue as the fuselage instead of being pale blue, a lot of people thought it was the new scheme but it was a mistake and Thomson didn't want to waste time by keeping the aircraft out of service!!
  13. Hi, This is my second model, I'm just finishing a 1/144 Thomson 757-200W at the moment, this is the Revell B787! Not done this for years so still rusty! Hope you like them Shot at 2011-07-02 Shot at 2011-07-02 Shot at 2011-07-02 Shot at 2011-07-02 Shot at 2011-07-02
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