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  1. Hi Nice kit looks ace. My late Dad used to work for Vanwall F1 do not know when he started there he left in mid 1958 i have found photos of him working on Moss's car in 1957 so could have worked on that one, i now work in F1 so keeping things the same just a few years apart. Paul
  2. Hi I like the build but as eclipse say's the KH instuctions are wrong. The colours are wrong, take a look at World Air Power Journal vol 10 1992 on page 76 there is a top shot of the a/c flying photo which shows the colours and note that the a/c did not have any wing walks and other markings apart from the roundles also note weathering at wing root at the rear and lower fin there are quite a few photos of this a/c in those markings of the photo shoot on the web just Google it. In WAPJ vol 37 summer 1999 on page 101 there is art work this shows that they have not followed the photos in there own pages and have put wing walks and all the other markings which do not match the photos i would go with the photos and not the art work as KH have done and others. The a/c ser 74 was a Mirage 2000c S4-2 RDI at the time, KH have the wrong nose cone for that a/c it should not have the strenghing straps on it these came with the 5F RDY a/c and with out the probe on the front the kit nose is wrong its not a nose fitted to any 2000 that i have seen. So sand of the strips and keep the probe for RDM / RDI a/c for 5F keep straps and not fit probe the other thing the a/c was not fitted with the Spirale dispensers at the rear of the wing root these where not fitted till late 2000 S5 a/c cam into use long after the Gulf war had finished. There are quite a few things that KH have got wrong or missed that on a 32nd a/c kit of this price i would have thought should be there, so much info and photos around now on the 2000 that this should not happen its been in use for nearly 38 years now. I like the build and under stand that you did it as it came in the box so not knocking your build from that point aim just trying to help other buils a 2000 thats correct or close and do not fall foul of KH short comings most of the mistakes can be put right and the bits that are missing added with just a bit of checking up on the real a/c that you wish to build but note these a/c had a lot of up grades over the years so check the date of the photo a/c 74 was up graded to 5F at a later date so looks diffrent to as it did in 1991. When you do your next one check out thebookby Duke Hawkins on the 2000 well worth it. Hope this helps and i hope the 16 2000 48th kits aim doing just now are finished like that they are for the Mirage 60th big display at IPMS (UK) SMW 2021 which aim running its been Mirages for the last year or more and 1 more year to go. All the best Paul
  3. Hi Ratch Loads of stuff on the web ref the OTU,s that are close to us both. http://www.aviationarchaeology.org.uk/marg/men_of_12otu.htm http://www.aviationarchaeology.org.uk/marg/flying_units.htm http://www.epibreren.com/ww2/raf/16_OTU.html http://www.rafupwood.co.uk/17otulosses.html https://aviationresearch.my-free.website/17-otu-1944 Try these for a start and follow links on the pages. Paul
  4. Hi PLC1966 Which trade was you in then. My time at Big H was 1975 to 1977. Paul
  5. Hi The radio panel on the spine was 1st painted when they put that cam on them, but they found out that it blocked the Frend or Foe transmiter signal they found this out as when the 1st ones when up they was no signal so they put 2 a/c up one with painted panel and one not, as used when a/c in nat met finish they only p/up the unpainted a/c so thats why you see the pannel unpainted only a few had the painted ones and these where very soon replaced. Paul
  6. Hi I did my time at Big H my 1st tour then up your place at Scampton then up north to Lossie. Paul
  7. Hi They would have had the same kit as the Navy as it was the same kit for all Services. They would be in immersion suits as winter time and over sea. Cloves could be Green or white depends which was in stock at the time. The helmet would have been green with a cross black stripe ie black tape covering the silver tape the black tape would have only been taken off if they ditched in the sea and need rescue and as in a combat zone the black tape would have been fitted as this was a mod. Boots black. LSJ green. This was my job in the RAF. They would have had other bits of kit also just to keep warm so each would be diffrent. Hope helps Paul
  8. Hi The GE 314 ingsig had yellow back ground unlike the blue on the restored a/c, colour photos in the books i have on GE 314. Paul
  9. Hi A note ref the decals do not use parts 48 - 49 the white chevrons on a/c 92 this is wrong the real a/c was on EC 5 before EC 10 and they had Blue chevrons on the tail when got to EC 10 they rubbed this out so you have this shape on the tail in a pale silver colour ie sanded back ali shading the box art looks close to the real a/c. Also only for the French a/c only use the D type face blind firing handle on the E-seat all French Mirage III C-E-R-RD-B-D only had D type handles fitted, other airforces check as 1st they had the D type some later fitted the B type you need to check photos ref this. The intakes are also wrong on the right hand side mind all IIIc kits have it wrong they have not looked at the real a/c up close when you do you can spot what they have missed it is hard to see in most photos at some time when i can get posting photos sorted i will get around to posting photos to show what it should look like. The kit is the best C in 48th so far i have about 15 + in the stash so would not have this many if not ok you will see a lot of them at SMW 2021 the Mirage 60TH Big build just needs small things done to make it ok. Hope this helps Paul
  10. Hi Steve The Insig is based on the insig from GE 314 Ecole de Chasse there Liaison Flt in 1974 based at Tours the a/c had the codes 314-DB a/c ser 015 and 314 - DA a/c ser 175. The insig was non officiel thats why note on the list there are photos of these a/c. Its taken a while to track down due to the a/c photo you have has the code 31- if had 314 would have gone to GE 314 stright away as a known code. Hope this helps Paul
  11. Hi You can not tell ref the roundel the colour as the roundle had the same colour as the airframe they only painted the blue and white not the red. I would contact The ABDT sig IPMS UK we will help we did a book on them a few years back see link. http://www.aerobatic-teams.org.uk/red_arrows_book/index.htm I do not have my ref books with me just now as at work it would be quicker to contact Gary and he will help you out. The Red on the Gnats was diffrent to the Hawks and the Xtracrylix Red Arrow red is for the Hawks only. Paul
  12. Hi FPD if you are going to do the Rafale you need to get the Heller 48th kit from the early 90's as that was a prototype the Revell kits in 48th are Production a/c which are total diffrent to the prototype a/c from 1986. In 72nd i cant remember who did the prototype a/c with out looking it up. Paul
  13. Hi I remember asking one time when i was in the line hut off 12 sqn at Lossie why the 700's had TV or RAD in dayglo tape on the front covers, was told that it was that the a/c was only wired up for TV or Rad and not both, I do remember quite a few times the grews used to come back in to 12 sqn Flying clothing where i worked and would say they had to cancell the trip as the kite had gone tit's up and no TV or RAD kite was spare to use. Some one who serviced the Bucc might have more details ref this. Paul
  14. Hi The a/c started as Yellow all over in trainer colours then they had the yellow Yellow Paint taken off to leave a nat-metal finish not all a/c had this done some stayed yellow and no Ally paint finish to any of them the yellow paint was taken of to save weight so a bigger load could be carried and also the heat was a factor. There are a few good books on French T6's That i have but aim at work. When the Yellow paint came off they left yellow bars on the top of the wings as a rescue markings. You will also find a/c made up of parts from other a/c to keep them flying so you can have yellow and nat -met parts on the same a/c. There are a few decal sheets out there also that have the markings you will need. Hope this helps. Paul
  15. Hi Was that at the Salisbury show 2 AMX kits under the table on one of the club stands on the end of a row. One had gone when i went back i think the a/a one was left. Wez thats good to see ref the Fennec will look out for that boxing from now on. Paul
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