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  1. Hi Heather Thats fine if you need any info just ask i have so much info on French a/c it just takes me so long to fined it. Do you go to shows, if you do you could put your kits on the French SIG stand they would be most welcome. Aim on a Mirage Build now for the Mirage and French Airforces SIG Joint display in 2021 at Telford its the 60TH for the Mirage so no time for other French a/c, loads of Mirages to do. Keep going Paul
  2. Hi The RS and HB red and Blues colours are ok the AZ ones are way off with the blues and reds. The SPA markings are ok on the AZ sheet. There are a few markings out there for B of F a/c. I paint my rudder strips, all over white then marsk the white and them the red and blue. Humbrol 109 and 174 are good starting points for getting the shade to match the decals on the roundles. Of note at the start of the BoF the roundles and tail and spa markings where all gloss paint finish, the cam colours matt or satin. They found the gloss finish gave them away to much so they had the ground grew wipe the markings over with dirty oil to tone them down. If you need help just ask i will see what i can do. Paul
  3. Hi Wez I said i would not do any more GB,s as i had such a bad record of not finishing many, but as quite a lot of my stash is Heller i could give it a go. Please add me to the list. I do have some Heller i started for other GB,s that are under 25% started so might finish one of them. Paul
  4. Hi Welcome I work up by the track, and live just down the road in T . You are not to far away. My thing is French stuff. PM me if you wish to meet up. Paul
  5. Please Note For those that like to get there early we do not get the keys to the halls till nearly 08.00hrs on the day we will let you in as soon as we can. Thanks see you all at the show. Paul
  6. Hi Just read this, and ref the Red centre to the roundle the Red Arrows do not have a painted centre as such its the same colour as the airframe ie they just paint the white and blue and leave the centre as the colour of the airframe. this was the same on the Gnats as well , they used a diffrent red not the same as the Hawks. Hope this helps i know a little late now but might help others. Paul
  7. Hi The colour was Chamois, the Blue Fonce was mainly for the fighters. Paul
  8. Hi Just a note the Macaw's only flew the JP 4 not the JP 3 as on the sheet. Paul
  9. Hi Paul I was looking to get a Fuji XE-2s s/h and a few lens, as would be a lot smaller to just carry around than my Nikons D300s x2 and a D90 all with grips and loads of lens A few have Fuji,s in my camera club and they are getting great photos from them. I also was looking to get a FX body this year and FX UWA lens but as the ch - ht boiler is playing up that has put paid to the new gear for a while unless I can sort some thing out, as I do not trade in kit it takes time to save the cash. As you are just up the A43 from me do you go to any of the many Northampton Clubs , one club is coming over to are club next week. Paul
  10. Hi Yes they do use Cannon as they are cheaper than Nikon Kit which I use, but I know a few of them that do F1 and they all use Back Button focus. What happens if you use the top shutter button and press 1/2 way to focus if focus then when you fully press it locks the focus and takes the photo as normal. If you use BBF you focus with the back button keep your finger on that button and when you want a photo you press the shutter button this way the focus tracking stays locked on to the subject all the time and in focus. The other way the subject could be out of focus by the shutter lag to take the photo. I know its hard to under stand but once you use this way 99% only shoot this way. I do a lot of Motor sport and I work in it also so get quite a lot of chances to take photos when other do not. Hope this helps Paul
  11. Hi The Gnats did not have the same colour as the Hawks, the HU 238 Red Arrows Red paint is for the Hawks only. Gnats you can use HU 19 this should be fine. BS381C:538 "Post Office Red" (Gnats) and 537 Signal Red (Hawks) Ref the Yellow Jacks Contrary to popular belief, the "infamous black-finned XR992" was NOT the "Leader's aircraft" - the black fin was simply for a conspicuity /visibility trial for a few weeks in early July 1964 and during that time, it was flown in different positions within the formation. The black paint was then removed and it never appeared like that in a "public" display. And Airfix got the fin as all black it was not some bits are Yellow. Gary and others and I spent many hours doing that book, if you are doing a Reds A/C you should get hold of a copy it is a big help in getting the colours and other details right. Paul
  12. Hi Wez Try these Books Lela Presse Les Skyraiders Francais (Douglas A-1 Skyraider in French Air Force Service) ISBN: 9782914017657 This is a good book its one of the above Also ALLIED WINGS Douglas Skyraider In French Service The Paperback Michel Fournier ISBN-10: 2953254498 ISBN-13: 978-2953254495 Hope this helps Paul
  13. Hi I think they did not have Pitot tubes on there a/c all the photos I have seen do not show any. Hope this helps. Paul
  14. Hi I have had a look at both my vol's and in Vol 1 there is just a colour plate of the photo that's in vol 2 on page 60, which is a Beech UC-45C ser 44-87145 (V) the photo shows better the E.L.A. 52 badge on the nose. In the text just a small bit about the radio snooping they also used Beech 18's for this as well. Hope helps , thanks as I have been looking for a different a/c to do my C45 and this one looks ok. I do know both Jean-Claude Soumille and Jean-Jacques Petit both nice blokes and will help out if they can. Paul
  15. Hi Mike UP to sub forums its fine the next bit when I open the topics list its all very very stretched, if I open a topic its fine. This is on W7 pro ie my work one so I can not do much to it I have cleared the stash thing you said. The old BM one works fine and all the other updates ok its just this bit that's not working. Hope this is ok I will not be able to change much at this end as work IT will not let me. Not tried any of my laptop and tablet at home yet so do not know if they are ok. Paul
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