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  1. Thanks for your comments Andy!.No, I didn't use the Aeromask set.I paint the plane in the regular two tones grey camo and then I mask the stencils using masking tape cutted in different shapes...The camouflage pattern was painted over those masks and thats all!
  2. Hasegawa's 1/48 F-15E kit as an F-15DJ aggressor. ACMI and AAM-5 missile are scratch made.Thanks for looking (again! )
  3. Good model! Just a little mistake with the under wing decal "XP753"...One must be turned!.But great model with a perfect metal finish!
  4. What an amazing job!! The only word that comes to my brain is..ENVY
  5. Don't touch it! It's a beautiful kit with a very little mistake that I think a lot of us do.The next one will be perfect!!
  6. Amazing built and a great paint finish!!...Just one thing wrong: You must turn one of the code numbers on the underside of the wing but it is still one of the best lightnings I've ever seen.Congrats!!
  7. Thanks for your kind words.Of course you can use the pictures. I am also prepraring a "Step by step" about how I did the brake chute. Grettings from Santiago de Compostela, Spain, BolĂ­var Iglesias
  8. Thank's to all of you for your kind words!! I am preparing a "how to do a dragchute" with a lot of step by step pictures to try to answer all your questions.Stay tuned!! Bolivar
  9. Hello! This my attemp to built an hasegawa's 1/48 F-4J with a little bit movement sensation.I hope you like it and of course all kind of critics are wellcome...Best regards from Santiago de Compostela, Spain The first picture is my inspiration
  10. Great built and great idea to do the phantom climbing to the sky.But just a little mistake: When the aft stabilizers are "down", the semicircumference on the fuselage must be aligned with the satbs.Wolfpack design have a good solution for that! Great work!!
  11. Great build but....I think the aluminium colour on the marineflieger plane is wrong.I know that hasegawa instructions says aluminium, but the real colour is most like a light grey.Enhorabuena de todas formas, tienen muy buena pinta.
  12. It's in spanish, but water clear.Everything you wanted to know about models and were afraid to ask http://www.network54.com/Forum/657050/thre...+Parte+-+F-104N
  13. Great work on this beatiful plane.Just a little (and very common) mistake:You must turn one of the plane numbers (XS903) in the lower side of the wing. Very great work indeed!!
  14. This is just what I want to say in my rude and non polite English.I think I'm going to use more the google translator....Thanks Zero!!
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