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  1. Julien!


    I have lots of pictures of different aircrafts, mostly walk around type detail pics....

    I would like to ask you how I could add them or upload to the walkaround section??


    Best regards,



    1. Julien




      you need to send them in via email or if they are hosted on line then let me have the details. Contact by PM is the best way to communicate.





    2. miragefun


      THX Julien.


      Could you drop me a mail address where I can send the pictures?




  2. The story began with a movie I had saw on the YT about the history of Algerian Air Force long time ago while I had been searching for paint scheme for my MiG-23MF... There had been some some pictures about the algerian mig-15uti's and I felt I wanted one I spent many time for searching evidence of the all paint scheme and historical background of the MiG-15UTIs in the Algerian Air Force... Tom Cooper's magnificient books titled ARAB MIGS were the basic of research.... I look through many forums and started some conversations but the history of the Algerian Air Force is not an easy target. Many things aren't documented well mostly from the early periods after achieving the independece from France. Luckily there are some black and white photos and some colours as well on the net... The picture of the original aircraft 1/72 Old KP Mig-15UTI Enjoy it, any critism and judgement are welcome! Polo
  3. Gents, I'm a modeller from Hungary in the middle of Europe. First of all some senteces about me. I am researching the post war middle-eastern conflicts and naturally I frequently target the planes from this area when building modells. Besides this I am interested in the WWII flights and planes of the aces. I'm working in the aviation business, very close to the jets, so I can say my hobby is my job. About the Mig-15. This tiny beauty was built from the old KP kit, not from the new one with curved panel lines. I have sanded all panelines and rivets which were out of the surface and polished. I used for reference the 4+ Publishing Mig-15 book and its drawings to engrave the panel lines. The cockpititself and the ejection seat is came from the Pavla, as a resin set. For the canopy I used vacuformed one. Landing gears and the gear covers,the pitots are home made pieces. To paint the model I used the paints from the vallejo model air collection, the decals are HiDecals production. It required some work hours, mostly for sanding, gap filling and polishing but I think it worthes all the effort. Enjoy this and judge Regards, Polo
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