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  1. Great job for your first biplane and choosing the se5a must have been challenge if you have tackled rigging before ....... Funny enough I am working on precisely the same kit in the same boxing. How did you find getting the cockpit structure together onto the lower wing? I ran into some difficulties here and was forced to pull the cockpit structure apart to get it on the lower wing. Regards Dave
  2. Great job on your N.28, Thorfinn. I also agree that Roden ww1 aircraft kits still have a lot going for them. I've also built this one in the past and think it one of the more straightforward 32nd Roden kits to build. Regards Dave
  3. Looks great and actually thought it was a larger scale - well done Regards Dave
  4. Wow! Stunning model Connie - your bare metal effects are brilliant Regards Dave
  5. Not really my aircraft genre but we'll done on a beautiful result Regards Dave
  6. I really like this one, and yes, you definitely done the kit justice. Like the stand for the in flight display too. Regards Dave
  7. That's lovely, John I remember building this old Airfix kit as a kid - so brings back memories! The various additions you have done have really made a difference and I especially love the crew figures which add a lot of interest to your model. Regards Dave
  8. That is truly wonderful and I'm am struggling to find any new that has not been said already ........ Regards Dave
  9. Fantastic result on your WNW Pup. How did you get on with the lower wing fit? - I have built this in the past - mine was very tight and I had to do a fair bit of trimming to get it on right. Regards Dave
  10. Thanks, gents - One thing I forgot to mention regarding rigging. This has been mostly rigged using fine elastic thread. However, the undercarriage (molded to scale) is really too weak without being strengthened in this area. I therefore used nylon dark grey coloured sewing thread to rig in this area. This prevents the model wobbling. All eyelets and tubes are homemade and model painted by brush. Regards Dave
  11. All, another great kit from WNW - apart from the lower wing, this kit goes together very well. To get the lower wing on it is necessary to trim away some of the cockpit structure under the cockpit floor. Great decals that are really easy to use although the version I chose has a lot of lozenge fabric decals to apply. No much else to say on this one so pictures below: Regards Dave
  12. Grand job on your P-51B - like it! I also live in Kent (Gravesend) on an estate built on the former RAF Gravesend airfield. I stand to be corrected, but I think Mustangs were also based here for a while as well Regards Dave
  13. Now that is great work on your VC-10! Regards Dave
  14. Outstanding, Stix As another brush painter I appreciate the standard of your finish as well. Regards Dave
  15. Totally agree with others - stunning result! How you had the patience to paint the lozenge is beyond me ................ Regards Dave
  16. Excellent workmanship - really like your FW190D Regards Dave
  17. Simply superb and I cannot add any thing further than has already been said Regards Dave
  18. Great job! A pilot figure really sets a model aircraft off nicely as well Regards Dave
  19. Beautiful model of a beautiful piston engined airliner. Well done! Regards Dave
  20. Outstandingly good and very different - I also really like this and impressed with how you achieved the differing tones between metal and fabric. Simply superb. Regards Dave
  21. Great work on this old Airfix kit result in top notch model. Regards Dave
  22. I really love this one! Having built this old Hobbycraft kit in the past I truly appreciate the work you have put into this model Spad. Beautiful job as others have already said. Regards Dave
  23. Thank you all kindly, gentleman. Unfortunately, the model broke beyond being salvageable. In any case, I'm not got with diorama work anyway .......... Hello Smithy, It can be a bit tricky (I have built the roden dvii in this scale) but is certainly not impossible. The major problem is that the lower wing does not fit with the fuselage. I overcame this by cutting lower wing in half the using a section of plastic to fill the gap then filler to tidy it all up. This little kit looks good when complete. Regards Dave
  24. Afternoon all - Just posting some pictures of a couple of models I completed earlier this year. I've only now decided to post these up as I originally did not consider them my best work and I had lost a bit of my mojo which only now starting to return. These are the Eduard Sopwith Camel (weekend Edition) with some decals used from a previous build: Roden Fokker DVII Both together I really am going through a clumsy phase at present - as soon as I finished taking these pictures, I manage to drop the DVII smashing it to bits ............ Annoyed I am! Appreciate any constructive comments Regards Dave
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