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  1. Available for a good bit less (€64.50) here: https://www.mn-modelar.com/1-48-mi-24d-hind-d-902131173-2-en/
  2. Lovely model - makes a nice change to see something a bit out of the ordinary.
  3. Wow, that's really disappointing to see, it reminds me of Airfix kits I built as a kid in the 1960s. As someone else has already remarked, sanding sticks - heavy duty ones! - will definitely be needed.....
  4. For me at least it's not a big issue either way. Most of the pictures I can find of F-104As show them without the underwing tanks/pylons fitted and even if I wanted to fit them I can't see altering the angle of the pylon being all that difficult to do?
  5. I've had a lot of positive experiences with Artscale too. Post-Brexit, they've been one of my main sources for much of what I previously bought from the UK - their prices (including shipping) are good and there's none of the grief with VAT, customs declaration forms, handling fees, etc., that makes getting anything from the UK a real nightmare these days (well, if you live in the EU anyway).
  6. Absolutely beautiful model! I just wish that Arma would re-do this one in 1/48 as an injection-moulded kit.....
  7. If you look at the sprue pics., I'm pretty sure that the part in the bottom left-hand corner of the frame with the cockpit interior components is an underwing fairing for an 'unpodded' aircraft. It's the same size/shape as the part on one of the other sprues that carries the 'pod parts' and also looks to have the ports for ejecting spent cartridges moulded into it. (Hope I've explained that clearly.....)
  8. I know I haven't seen the kit yet, but on the basis of that article I think my wallet can safely come out of hiding. The level of detail (particularly in the cockpits and wheel wells) looks decidedly underwhelming?
  9. And on the other side of the debate, I just love that ICM leaves out the rivets! I'd be a very happy man if all kits had surface detail like that on current ICM kits - particularly in 1/48 scale.
  10. That nose just looks so many kinds of wrong.....like it belongs on a different plane! (I'd still buy one though.....)
  11. Perhaps it's just not very clear use of English and they mean that the Cheetah - as in the full-size article - was only used in South Africa? As you suggest, it would seem odd that Kinetic would limit potentially quite profitable kit sales in that way - I'd certainly buy one.
  12. I'm pretty sure I read in a recent 'Eduard Info' that they would not be providing an English translation for this book.
  13. Indeed.....that puts this kit firmly in the 'Thanks, but no thanks' category for me. There are too many good kits available where you don't have to make the parts yourself first. I've no problem applying the oft-referenced 'basic modelling skills', but really at this stage life's too short to bother with kits like this.
  14. Thanks for the info., I didn't know that!
  15. It would be very useful to know if the instructions for this kit (like those for the single-seat F/A-18E version) also advise the builder to 'remove Xmm from part Y to make it fit'.
  16. At long last - the basis for a 1/32 European 'MLU' F-16 more or less 'out of the box'?
  17. With luck they might eventually do them in 1/48 too, the MiG-23BN and MiG-27 in particular have been very badly served in that scale to date.....
  18. I guess that like many things in modelling these days, this is yet another case of 'you pays your money, etc.'. I'd have to admit to not being an expert on the topic, but I've read in quite a few places over the years that the Monogram/Revell/Promodeler A-26 has its own issues, so it seems to me that modellers have to decide for themselves which manufacturer's shortcomings they can personally best live with. Speaking just for myself, I'll take the ICM kit any day over the Monogram/Revell/Promodeler ones, I had three of them and they've all long since gone to the local charity shop.....
  19. ICM certainly seems to have made a more than decent effort to cover all of the necessary changes - going on the instructions anyway. I'll definitely have to get at least one, though I'm wondering (given that ICM seems to have left pretty much all of the parts from the original A-26B/C kits in the box) if it might be worth getting a second one as it might be a very good starting point for a 'fire bomber'? I think a lot of those had a 'two pilot cockpit' like the B-26K.....
  20. It looks very well, even if it did fight you all the way.....
  21. While at the outset WNW kits could only be ordered direct from the manufacturer in New Zealand, after a while they became available from quite a few retailers.....
  22. I'd consider that a really good deal, the book alone would cost €20?
  23. I picked up a couple from here about a month ago, still in stock as of now @ €39.75: https://www.migjimenez.com/en/model-kits/4799-148-f-104s-starfighter-italian-air-force-9588838161502.html
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