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  1. Very sorry to hear that.....thanks to John for all of the great stuff that AIMS has produced (decals, resin, etc.). Wishing him all the best for the future.
  2. Well, I guess I could always try building the two Hasegawa ones that have been in the stash for about 30 years.....does that answer your question? (I think I'm beginning to see the problem here.....I probably need professional help at this stage!)
  3. I completely agree. I would absolutely love a 1/32 Vampire, but for me that completely over-done surface detail would be a real deal-breaker. As you suggest, many will argue that it can be filled/sanded, but I've never had much success doing that and frankly these days I don't have either the time or the inclination to do so, especially when there are so many really good kits in the stash waiting to be built. I also can't help but think that if this kit was by - for example - Trumpeter or Hobby Boss that there would be a lot more in the way of negative comment about it - though maybe that's just me getting old and cynical!
  4. That's not modelling, it's wizardry! Admit it, you just waved a magic wand over a full-size one and shrunk it to 1/48, didn't you?
  5. Not so - according to a post on Hypersonic's Facebook page about accessories for the Revell kit, their own 1/48 SR-71 kit is still very much going ahead: "Apart from the wheels and seats, I am working on two more sets that will offer some nice additional options but otherwise we will concentrate our efforts on making the GasPatch/Hypersonic Models SR-71 kit as good as we possibly can. I still can't give you a time line, but I have high hopes that during the course of this year we will make substantial advances so that we will be in a position to offer more information."
  6. Interesting - the wording used by Airfix (i.e., "The Spitfire Mk.XVIII was visually almost identical to the Mk.XIV..." and "The new kit will feature this additional frame of parts...") would strongly imply that it's just the previously issued Mk. XIV with a new sprue and no other changes (in particular, the same wing parts).
  7. I'd say you're right, I'd be very surprised if this kit proves to be anything more than a re-issue of the Mk. XIV with an added 'rocket sprue' and a new decal sheet (though I'd be delighted to be proved wrong).
  8. Hobby 2000 has re-boxed some 1/32 kits, most recently several Bf 109Es (Cyber Hobby/Dragon) and before that a couple of Spitfires (Revell). Perhaps they're also now going to re-box some Hasegawa 1/32 kits; they have in the past re-boxed quite a bit of Hasegawa 1/48 stuff, so obviously have connections with the company. Could be interesting.....
  9. Apart from the missing 'P', how would you rate the kit?
  10. I'm sure someone, somewhere has tried it!
  11. There's one in the stash already!
  12. Not for me.....it'll take ages to sand them all off!
  13. That has to be one of the best models I've ever seen on this website (or any other, come to that). Absolutely beautiful.....
  14. More like 'damn, it has rivets' as far as I'm concerned!
  15. Available for a good bit less (€64.50) here: https://www.mn-modelar.com/1-48-mi-24d-hind-d-902131173-2-en/
  16. Lovely model - makes a nice change to see something a bit out of the ordinary.
  17. Wow, that's really disappointing to see, it reminds me of Airfix kits I built as a kid in the 1960s. As someone else has already remarked, sanding sticks - heavy duty ones! - will definitely be needed.....
  18. For me at least it's not a big issue either way. Most of the pictures I can find of F-104As show them without the underwing tanks/pylons fitted and even if I wanted to fit them I can't see altering the angle of the pylon being all that difficult to do?
  19. I've had a lot of positive experiences with Artscale too. Post-Brexit, they've been one of my main sources for much of what I previously bought from the UK - their prices (including shipping) are good and there's none of the grief with VAT, customs declaration forms, handling fees, etc., that makes getting anything from the UK a real nightmare these days (well, if you live in the EU anyway).
  20. Absolutely beautiful model! I just wish that Arma would re-do this one in 1/48 as an injection-moulded kit.....
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