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  1. Beautiful job. I'm always in awe of those who can achieve results like that with brush painting, which is a skill I simply don't have!
  2. I suspect that the answer is possibly that more 1/48 kits are sold these days than 1/72 kits, just going by what I and the other modellers that I know are buying. Only two still buy/have any interest in 1/72, everyone else is working almost exclusively in 1/48, with occasional diversions into 1/32. How typical that is, I don't know.....
  3. Looks pretty neat, if it's anything like as good as their Hs 123 it'll be excellent. It definitely looks like an easier build than the (now pretty old) Trimaster/Dragon/Revell kit.
  4. The English CC 'translation' is a riot, the video's worth watching for that alone!
  5. Thanks for the very informative reply - and for posting the photos, both of which are new to me. I think a lot of the attraction of WWII Luftwaffe colour schemes is that they are so open to speculation. As you say, it looks great anyway!
  6. That's exactly what I'll be doing - I hate raised rivets on models with a vengeance! (For the record, ditto the recessed ones.....)
  7. Lovely 1/48 Fw 190, really neat build. Could I ask if you know of/have ever found any photographs of Rudorffer's 190 in this scheme? I've only ever been able to find drawings of it but like to have photo for confirmation before applying paint to a model!
  8. I'd really be very interested to know how well all of those 'classic' kits are selling and to whom. I built pretty much all of them in my youth as did any of my friends who are into modelling and none of us have any interest in revisiting them now, either out of nostalgia or for any other reason. Life's simply too short at this stage (we've all seen our 60th birthdays come and go) and there are far too many more recent kits out there still to be built to waste time re-doing all of the old stuff. Genuinely puzzled as to what market they're aimed at.....
  9. Happy to be of assistance. I didn't realise you were also a submariner of note - I had a look at your Hunley build and have to say it's impressive. Subs have always been kind of a side-interest for me; for reasons I'd struggle to explain with any kind of logic I recently invested in a Das Werke 1/72 WWI U-boat.....which the stash needs about as badly as the proverbial hole in the head!
  10. I hope that (a) this might be of some help and is not too late for your build and (b) that it's alright to 'hijack' your build thread like this - if not please let me know and I'll remove it forthwith! However, I got my hands on one of these kits today (colour me very impressed with it) and of course had to go looking on the 'interweb' for reference material and found these: http://www.caudron-simoun.com/index.html , https://www.passionpourlaviation.fr/tag/caudron-simoun/ and https://www.museeairespace.fr/aller-plus-haut/panoramas-360/360-cabines-de-pilotage/caudron-c-3
  11. Has it been confirmed anywhere that this is the Eduard kit? According to Scalemates, its provenance is 'unknown'. I think that it's more likely to be a re-issue of the old Hobbycraft 1/48 Bf 109G-10 (https://www.scalemates.com/kits/hobbycraft-hc1522-bf109g-10-axis-allies--147833); Academy has re-issued several Hobbycraft kits over the years.
  12. You might have a point there, though on balance I think I'd declare that particular beauty contest a draw! I've never bought a kit of either plane and never will.....
  13. That's my recollection of it too - even the supposedly corrected one is quite 'iffy' looking, though for some reason the two-seater kits don't look too bad. Actually I was hoping that Kinetic's announcement today might have been a re-tooled 1/48 F-16 series to the same standard as their F-104s, a decent F-16A/A+/MLU is (well, in my view anyway) badly needed in 1/48. Tamiya obviously isn't going to take their series any further than the F-16C.
  14. While I understand the point that you make, I'm not sure that 'just a few paint schemes' is necessarily on its own a limiting factor when a manufacturer is deciding which aircraft kits are (or aren't) worth developing. There's no shortage of kits of the F-35 around in all scales; the F-35 literally has only one colour scheme, regardless of the operator, which surely has to be the very definition of the term 'boring'. It's also the ugliest thing ever to enter widespread service post-war (my opinion only, admittedly, though no-one I know has a different one)!
  15. Excellent - one definitely won't be enough, the bank manager will be trembling behind his desk!
  16. Thanks for the heads-up, much appreciated. However, I'm on the wrong side of the Atlantic to benefit, I'm afraid. Sadly, past experience of buying from the US or Japan has shown that when shipping costs, customs clearance/handling fees and VAT are all factored into the equation the price just gets crazy!
  17. Possibly not, might need to get creative and also put some in the front part of the engine nacelles and behind the rear bulkhead? It might also be a good candidate for a brass undercarriage!
  18. Guilty as charged, mixing up my EJs with my EJ Kais; for the record, I'd happily buy both, whoever does them (likewise the F-4F and F-4F/ICE, along with pretty much anything Phantom-shaped, accurate, well-detailed and in 1/48). Guess we'll just have to wait and see what they do and when; ZM is unfortunately not one of those companies (like Eduard, for example) that releases kits like clockwork to a regular schedule, there are usually long gaps between announcements and releases (e.g., the 1/32 Fw 190s).
  19. As I said in my original post, from the guy who's in charge at Zoukei Mura - in his 'Old Man Blog No. 112'. See here: https://www.zoukeimura.co.jp/en/sentiment/oyajiblog_112.html Scroll down to the end and you'll find the following text: Many of you were lucky enough to secure your every own Zoukei-Mura SWS F-4EJ Kai “Phantom Forever 2020” kit for your F-4 Phantom II collections. For those of you who were unable to order in time, I would like to truly apologize for the disappointment. Here in Japan, we had a waiting list of hopeful customers, but in the en
  20. Looks very neat, however I just have to ask - how did you go about attaching the Eduard seatbelts to the cabin roof? I'm asking because I can't for the life of me figure out how to attach them to both the seats and the roof and make it look realistic - which you seem to have managed very well!
  21. We can only hope..... Like you, I've always had a soft spot for the Italian F-104s, having seen them at air shows and also having been lucky enough to spend a day at Grosseto shortly before the F-104s were retired. I also think that the RSV's 'Icarus' special colour scheme (http://www.916-starfighter.de/Large/Special/AMIcol6827.htm) was one of the coolest ever applied to a Starfighter. Mind you, I also remember the German 'Marine' F-104s very fondly, having seen them at air shows too a number of times (most memorably the year that one of 'The Vikings' demo pair came close to going
  22. Referring to earlier posts in this thread, I think it might be premature to assume that Kinetic won't do a 'proper' F-104S. I was looking this afternoon at my copy of the F-104G/TF-104G kit and noticed that the part for the 'faired-over' cannon port is already present on one of the sprues (though admittedly this isn't specific to the F-104S) and - more importantly - that the halves of the single-seat fuselage both have what look to me to be two 'semi-opened' locating holes in exactly the position that the additional strakes are fitted to the F-104S. These locating holes are not present on the
  23. The ZM F-4EJ Kai is, I'm sure, a really nice kit, but it was only a limited edition so if (like me) you haven't managed to get one by now then you're not going to. According to a recent newsletter that I saw somewhere from the guy who's in charge at ZM there will be another boxing of the F-4EJ Kai, but that'll be a limited edition too. There would therefore appear to be room for someone else to do one too?
  24. I can confirm that the Special Hobby AJ-37 and SK-37E kits that I have in the stash have corrected canard parts; mind you, as I'm not a Viggen expert, I guess all I can say for certain is that they're different to the ones in my Tarangus JA-37 kit! However, on the grounds that this series of kits was a joint venture between Tarangus and Special Hobby, I think it would be logical to assume that the Tarangus kits now also include the revised parts. However, as to how you could tell whether you were buying an old or a revised kit I'm afraid I've no idea, others on here may know more.
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