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  1. Definitely looks to be a more accurate rendition to me! (Based on those photos anyway.....)
  2. Maybe slightly off-topic, but I wonder if we all prayed really hard would Arma scale their little Iskra up to 1/48?
  3. Still looking good.....I have to ask, is 'Quick Shine' yet another variation on what used to be called 'Klear/Future'?
  4. Thanks for that, on balance I don't think I'll bother either.....
  5. That looks like a really neat job and I like the colour scheme a lot too. Can I ask if you bothered to thin the wing trailing edges and if so how hard was it to do? (I'm not saying you should have, by the way, I just can't decide whether or not to do it on mine and am wondering if you did or not!)
  6. Just more of the usual tired old re-treads and Japanese sci-fi stuff.....sad to see a company go from being the standard that others were judged by to an 'also ran'.
  7. Pretty sure that's just the texture of the material it's been photographed against showing through.....
  8. The sound of the F-104 four-ship formation passing overhead brings back a lot of pleasant memories.....if only I had access to a time machine!
  9. I have to admit I'm not a fan either of the current 'fashion' of painting aircraft models as if they were tanks that had spent a hard winter on the Russian front. 'Less is definitely more' when it comes to weathering aircraft models, though admittedly there are exceptions (e.g., some current USN aircraft) where heavy weathering is supported by photographic evidence. The underside in particular of that Meteor is WAY overdone in my view, though it's not my model, so everyone to their own, I guess.....
  10. I never realised until now that the fuel tanks (at least, I assume that's what they are!) stood proud of the wing surfaces like that.....
  11. Thanks for the info., not a kit/manufacturer I've ever heard of before. Sounds like you have quite a challenge on your hands; I built the Monogram Hind many years ago but don't have fond memories of it at all!
  12. Just curious - what's the 'MHM kit'?
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