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  1. The Cold War Studio pic. certainly shows how wrong the Trumpeter kit is, but I'd have to say that while their resin replacement looks accurate it also looks pretty 'rough and ready' to me. Making it match the rest of the kit's surface detail would definitely be well beyond my abilities though I'm sure many here could do so. It's a real pity that Eduard didn't see fit to mould a new nose..... As for the Trumpeter MiG 23, I'd have to admit to being in the 'close enough for me' category!
  2. The linked article actually explains the difference: - the air intake access panel assumes a rectangular shape and can be opened capsizing downward during take-off to increase the amount of air entering the engine See also point 13 under this link, which includes a (small) picture, sorry I can't find a better one: http://www.916-starfighter.de/Q&A.htm Visually it means that the panel lines on the intake differ from those on the F-104G; whether or not that's important in 1/48 scale would be up to individual modellers to decide!
  3. In a word, no! The F-104S had slightly different intakes and additional fins/strakes (not sure of the correct technical term) under the rear fuselage; I don't have the Kinetic kit (yet!), but from the sprue pics. posted earlier in this thread the F-104S parts don't seem to be included. I'm also sure that there were plenty of other less obvious differences between the F-104G and the F-104S that people on here more knowledgeable than I am could list. Maybe Kinetic will do the F-104S a future release? As far as I know the only way to do a proper F-104S at the minute is to use the Hasegawa kit and the long OOP Cutting Edge set.
  4. Like much else in modelling, it's all very much a matter of individual preferences. Personally, I much prefer the Tamiya approach to 1/48 surface detail, to me representing all of the rivets in anything smaller than 1/32 just looks daft. However, I know this isn't the current fashion, which leaves me with an awful lot of filling to do.....
  5. I'd be happy enough if that's all that's wrong with it! The main potential problem that I can see from what's been posted so far is that it looks like it won't be possible to show the canopy open without cutting up the clear parts (which I hate doing as they're so easily damaged).
  6. I'll happily admit that current Tamiya kits assemble perfectly and I love their surface detail (I'm not a fan at all of the current fad for covering everything in rivets and Tamiya largely seem to avoid this). While I can't speak about the recent 109 and Spitfire (sorry, I don't care how good they are, I've just got too many others and am tired of seeing the same old subjects released over and over again, no matter how well they're done), I'd have to say that - for me, anyway - the otherwise excellent Tamiya F-14s were badly let down by cockpit and wheel well detail that was decidedly average, at best. Just my tuppence worth..... Will I buy their P-38? Probably, but only when they (hopefully!) release it as a 'J/L' version.
  7. I'm currently trying to persuade myself that I don't need a second one! I reckoned one (probably either Finnish or Polish) would be enough, but that Aeroflot one just looks brilliant.....
  8. Couldn't agree more.....it's only a hobby, after all! The kit will eventually be released, some will love it and some will hate it and then the world will move on to whatever is the next Tomcat kit.....
  9. At this stage I'm sadly more or less resigned to Hasegawa never again issuing a new 1/48 aircraft kit - for years now it's been nothing but re-issue after re-issue. It's hard to believe that they used to release several eagerly-awaited, new-tool kits every year without fail and were for a long time the standard by which every other manufacturer's efforts were measured. Still, I guess nothing stays the same for ever.....more's the pity!
  10. Have to say that I really struggle to understand the interest in/fascination with these 'Luftwaffe 46' subjects. Still, each to their own, I suppose - all I can do is hope that the sales generate enough income for the manufacturers to invest in some new 'real world' subjects!
  11. I think the title of this thread needs to be changed - the plastic in the box will be the Hasegawa kit, not the Revell one (at least, according to the latest issue of 'Eduard Info').....
  12. While I'm by no means an expert on early Luftwaffe colour schemes, are you sure about the RLM 01 silver? Any He 51 photos I've seen where the colours are mentioned are described as being painted in RLM 63, a light grey (and look like that to my eye at least). Also, any builds I've seen online mention RLM 63 as the basic overall colour applied. At the same time, it's your model, so you can paint it any way you like - just thought I'd mention it.....nice job on the interior, by the way!
  13. Couldn't agree more.....and if anyone from AMG is listening, a new 1/48 kit of the Hawker Fury and the Bristol Bulldog to the same standard would be great - I'd buy a half-dozen of each at least!
  14. I suspect that the real problem was that hardly anybody was interested in it as a subject.....
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