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  1. I'd definitely be tempted, but can't imagine how I'd ever be able to retain the raised rivet detail around all of the joints (e.g., wing leading edges, fuselage spine and underside). I know it's more accurate than recessed detail for this aircraft, but nonetheless would much prefer if IBG hadn't gone the 'raised rivets' route!
  2. I'm admittedly not speaking from personal experience, as I don't have the kit, but I've seen multiple on-line builds that would take a very different view!
  3. Complete waste of time, money, plastic and just about everything else.....
  4. $23 - looked just now and price listed is $32.40? https://modelsua.com/supermarine-s-5-schneider-trophy-1-48-amp48009.html
  5. Not my scale, sadly.....I wish Arma would consider issuing some of their kits (in particular the Iskra) in 1/48, I'd buy them all. (Before someone points it out, I know they did the Iskra as a 1/48 resin kit, but that doesn't count!)
  6. I'm an unashamed kit assembler and always have been! Got no interest in hacking things apart, adding conversion parts and trying to reinstate lost surface details, etc. - life's just too short; my goal is always to get to the painting stage as quickly as possible as that's the bit I really enjoy. Each to their own, just saying this one's not for me. Others are obviously OK with Airfix's cost-cutting approach and best of luck to them.....
  7. Point taken, but if other manufacturers can mould full alternative parts (Eduard's 109G series would be a recent example) I fail to understand why moulding a new wing would be beyond Airfix's capabilities.....
  8. Sorry Airfix, but the way the wing has been done is a deal-breaker for me. A requirement to cut up the wing from the F.6 and install what's essentially a conversion just isn't good enough in 2019/20 for a kit costing the best part of £40. Major fail in my view.....
  9. As a 'looks OK from three feet away' type modeller, personally I'd go with re-attaching the kit one as your 'least worst option'. I'd have to say that while I'm all for correcting obvious errors, to me the difference between the kit fin and the CWS one is pretty minimal and not worth the trouble of correcting (though I'm sure that's heresy to some who frequent these parts!). As my mum used to say, 'a blind man on a galloping horse would never notice it!' As always, your mileage may vary, to coin a phrase. Either way, I'll certainly be following your build - while I don't have the Trumpeter 'bis' kit (I went with the Tamiya one), their 'UTI' is sitting in my stash.
  10. Wow, ten years since their last new 1/48 jet - says it all really!
  11. Looks a lot neater than the Cold War Studios one.....
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