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  1. Don't know if this helps or not, but I'm pretty sure there was an issue with early examples of the Special Hobby 1/48 F-86K that resulted in the main undercarriage bays not fitting properly. Special Hobby resolved this in subsequent issues of the kit by providing resin replacement parts for the bays and a small correction for the instruction sheet (my kit has these additional parts/instructions). An e-mail to Special Hobby might get you the replacement parts if they still have them?
  2. Well, they've done the Do 217N in two versions, so hopefully they'll at least eventually do the 217K as well.....
  3. Very nice, I'd forgotten how good that kit was. Pity that Revell/Monogram never went on to do other Do 217 versions.....
  4. Thanks for the useful info., I was undecided about this one (like you already having the Hasegawa one) but may well go ahead and get one now.
  5. I know the catalogue says 'new tooling', but I wouldn't bet against it being a re-issue of the kit that appeared years ago under the 'Mauve' brand. Academy has a track record of re-boxing other manufacturers' kits - for example, their B-25s and early P-51s are all re-branded 'Accurate Miniatures' kits and I think it's generally accepted at this point that the F3F will also be from that stable.
  6. Never mind the day after tomorrow, what's wrong with next week?
  7. Nah, the day after would be better, no need to rush into anything.....
  8. I know that problem - I used to be a procrastinator, but lately I'm just not sure anymore.....
  9. I dunno, it looks pretty good to me with everything opened up.....I'd be very happy with it if I'd built it!
  10. Thanks for the info. - odd omission by Kinetic, but I guess there are plenty of 'general' etched sets around that can supply them!
  11. Just curious re. the ejection seats - does Kinetic supply lap belts on the etched fret or just the ones for the seat backs?
  12. Just a great big yawn for me, I'm afraid.....and that's coming from someone who loves the F-4! There's already more 1/48 F-4s in my stash than can be built in one lifetime, so my money this year will be gong to the likes of ICM, who are at least doing kits of subjects that haven't been done to death already.
  13. Now that's what I call impressive box art! (You know, the kind of thing that would make you go and buy the kit even if it was a subject that you might not be all that interested in.....) With a bit of luck they might make it available as a print like they've done with some of their other artwork.
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