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  1. Have to say that I really struggle to understand the interest in/fascination with these 'Luftwaffe 46' subjects. Still, each to their own, I suppose - all I can do is hope that the sales generate enough income for the manufacturers to invest in some new 'real world' subjects!
  2. I think the title of this thread needs to be changed - the plastic in the box will be the Hasegawa kit, not the Revell one (at least, according to the latest issue of 'Eduard Info').....
  3. While I'm by no means an expert on early Luftwaffe colour schemes, are you sure about the RLM 01 silver? Any He 51 photos I've seen where the colours are mentioned are described as being painted in RLM 63, a light grey (and look like that to my eye at least). Also, any builds I've seen online mention RLM 63 as the basic overall colour applied. At the same time, it's your model, so you can paint it any way you like - just thought I'd mention it.....nice job on the interior, by the way!
  4. Couldn't agree more.....and if anyone from AMG is listening, a new 1/48 kit of the Hawker Fury and the Bristol Bulldog to the same standard would be great - I'd buy a half-dozen of each at least!
  5. I suspect that the real problem was that hardly anybody was interested in it as a subject.....
  6. Just wanted to say a big thank you to 'John Aero' for the post above, which answered pretty much every question I had about interior colours for the Hart..... I got a copy of the kit on Friday and have to say it looks great in the box.....AMG seem to have come on in leaps and bounds since their first releases. I can't wait to see what they do next!
  7. I certainly wouldn't accuse you of taking the hobby too seriously - many seem to, which seems daft to me - I always thought the main point of a hobby was to have fun. As for the 'finest loonies' bit, long may you all continue on Britmodeller, more power to your collective elbows - anyhow, sanity's highly overrated!
  8. I just have to say.....I don't know any of you guys on here, I've no interest in working with old kits (I'm much more of an 'if it doesn't fall together I'm not fighting it' kind of modeller), I'm not much of a fan of Italian WWII subjects, but for sheer entertainment value it's got to be the best 'WIP' thread I've ever come across. I check in every day hoping for the latest instalment, long may you all continue in business..... Oh, and by the way, lovely model.....
  9. For what it's worth, I've had mine for a week or two now and my view (though to be fair, I haven't built it yet) would be that it's a mix of very good and slightly disappointing. Highlights would be the intake design, the wheel wells, the overall outline and the decal sheet, but the cockpit is only average and the flaps (completely devoid of any detail whatsoever), nosewheel (plain hub with no detail) and undercarriage doors (no detail at all on inner surfaces) would all, I think, be considered 'fails'. However, the aftermarket will probably take care of all of these shortcomings eventually. For anyone who might be interested, I tried the Aires cockpit designed for the Academy kit and it actually seems to fit the new Airfix kit quite well. In summary, even though I thought I'd be throwing my Academy one (and all the associated aftermarket) out, I now think I'll probably keep it. The final point I'd make - though maybe it's generalising a bit too much - is that there seems to me to be a 'prop team' and a 'jet team' at Airfix and the former seems to be better than the latter. The Blenheim, for instance (e.g., cockpit, engines, wheel wells, flaps) to me seems more/better detailed than the Hunter. Not trying to have a go at Airfix (any new 'Cold War' jet is very welcome), just my tuppence worth. Donning tin hat now and running for the dugout!
  10. Thanks for the helpful pic., from which it does seem that the kit's spine might be a bit too 'square'. If this proves to be the case when it's released, perhaps it would be possible to correct it by some careful sanding if the plastic's thick enough?
  11. I have to admit that - going on the instructions anyway - it does look to be a nice kit. However, is it just me, or does anyone else think that on the finished model the spine immediately behind the canopy looks a bit flat/squared off? I've tried to find a picture of the full-size article taken from the same viewpoint (either in reference books that I have or online), but without success so far.
  12. Can anyone tell me what the 'package' behind the pilot's seat is? I initially thought it was a parachute, but a friend suggested that it's possibly a dinghy (which makes more sense). I can't find a clear picture showing this area either in any of my references or online (though may be looking in all the wrong places.....).
  13. Personal preference, I just don't like raised rivet detail. Probably comes from having grown up and started out in the hobby in the 1960s and 1970s, when everything was covered in massive raised rivets. I actually don't even like the current trend towards recessed rivet detail.....though I suspect I'm in a minority on that one!
  14. More than likely the Accurate Miniatures kit - Academy has already 're-boxed' their B-25s?
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