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  1. Another really beautiful and very realistic-looking model!
  2. Beautiful - looks almost real. Why? Because it hasn't been 'over-weathered' like far too many models are these days! If your photos were done in black and white rather than in colour I suspect it would be very difficult to spot the difference between the model and a period photo.
  3. Unfortunately it's getting harder and harder to find 'un-rivetted' kits.....hopefully you'll understand when I say that personally I'd far rather you having to scribe them than my having to fill them in!
  4. Delays can be frustrating alright, but I'd rather the kit was delayed while Airfix 'look into' - and hopefully resolve - the apparent issue with the wings, as opposed to issuing a kit with a problem.
  5. I'm beginning to regret having bought a couple of these kits for the stash - and I also bought a couple of the French version!
  6. I think it's called 'artistic licence'; still, if the kit's done by Trumpeter's 'A Team', I'd forgive them the slightly odd box art!
  7. You're not alone, I completely agree with your view on the 'endless rivet effect'. Unfortunately it seems to be regarded as mandatory these days, I'm hoping that it's just a passing fad.....like I'm hoping over-weathering in all of its forms will also prove to be, I really don't get why that's so popular either!
  8. It looks to me like the wing parts are warped, hopefully nothing that can't be straightened out with a bit of hot water and a steel ruler! It also looks awfully 'rivetty' to me, I'm really not a fan of raised rivet detail at all, never have been.....I see much sanding in my future.
  9. That's one beautiful-looking model. With the right background, it could easily be the real thing (the second and last photos in particular).
  10. I had exactly the same issue recently with a Kits World decal sheet for a 1/48 P-47. It looked to me almost as if the decals had been printed the same way that their '3D' instrument panels are produced - your description of 'thick, lumpy and unusable' fits exactly. Like you, I got a replacement sheet - while an improvement on the first one, it still wasn't anything like as good as the other Kits World decal sheets in my stash.
  11. I suspect that the seatbelt set for the HKM Lancaster is just the start, in recent times Eduard seem to have taken a more 'piecemeal' approach to releasing their accessories for new kits. As for the 'Space' sets, I've only got one (for the P-51D) and on the basis of that I'd put them in second place behind Quinta's efforts (of which I have a few). The ones from Kits-World - on the basis of a sample I received for the Tornado a while ago - would in my view be bringing up the rear in third place.
  12. Thanks for that! Yes, it does seem to have all of the necessary parts, probably worth taking a chance on it, I can get one for around €55.....
  13. I'm just wondering if anyone who's actually got this 'DC-3' kit can confirm that all of the parts needed to build a standard military C-47 are in the box? From the sprue shots it looks that way, but it'd be great to have it confirmed before actually parting with money.....the original C-47 boxing seems to be hard to come by these days but this version seems to be pretty readily available.
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