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  1. Just a word of caution for the obsessed Tomcat fan, the Eduard F-14D wheels are not actually D wheels, they depict the main wheel hub of B/late A. So far I don't think they have actual D wheels. The detail is stunning though.
  2. hoppie

    new-build Fw-190A8

    In regards to the cooling of the R-2800 version, I remember reading that there are a bunch of coolers in the cowling and a radiator under each wing. You can see it in the image where the cross is. No fan as far as I know. There is another R-2800 one out there: https://imgr1.flugrevue.de/image-article169Gallery-60cc7a19-1655285.jpg
  3. The iranian Tomcats don't have the the main cover for the refuelling probe, so to be accurate one would have to scratch a bit. The Hasegawa kit doesn't depict that either though.
  4. Thanks Robert. Looks like the box comes with everything in regards to the three versions. This looks like an absolute gem, wow.
  5. I think it will. If I remember correctly there are only 3 different configurations of the gun vents (disregarding prototypes) and the molds show 3 different insert parts. Should be in there. I am quite excited for this kit, I have to say. This might be a real winner right here.
  6. The pictures of the molds show lots of different alternative parts for different versions, the beaver tail is a seperate part for example. The molds also show three different parts that seem to be the insert panel for the gun area. My guess is that the model shown is a combination of different parts for different version boxings. Hence the different seats and so on. I wouldn't put to much weight on that, we will not get an A boxing with two different seats. An interesting thing to note are the panel lines where the glove vanes would be. They are curved when seen from the top. I only know of one other tomcat kit where this feature is present, the 48th scale Tamiya kit. So there does seem to be quite some attention to detail there. I bet there will be A, B, and D boxings. A and D for sure.
  7. Well, I mean we all have those subjects that are dear to our hearts and that we'd like to see done, but I have no doubt in my mind that bf 109 kits and so on sell really well. When Tamiya did their F-14, I don't think they looked at existing model kits thinking "that one is missing", I think they saw a market for their very own F-14. To them it is not repetitive because it is their kit and their goal is not to fill in the blanks in regards to missing subjects but to create a product that sells really well. Truth be told, if Tamiya started doing just the subjects that I really really want, they'd be in financial trouble really fast. I look at it like this: Are there subjects I'd like to see but are unlikely to ever be kitted? Sure, absolutely. But at the same time, I remember going to the little corner shop tightly clutching my allowance and then spending half an hour deciding which of the 4 revell kits there I'd buy. Today, there are so many kits and so much variety, subjects I never thought I'd see and in a level of quality that would have blown my 8 year old self clean out of my socks. It would blow me out of my socks now, but gravity treats me differently these days. It's a great time to be a model builder, not perfect, but bloody great :)
  8. Thank you so much guys. I'm not really sure what the next thing will be, but I have taken a liking to the Spitfire VII and have started to do some research into that type :)
  9. Hello everybody, it's been a while since I showed some work. Turns out I paint the same way that I build models, by having way to many projects at the same time. So now I not only have a shelf of doom, I also have a digital shelf of doom. In any case, this is my newest work, Bf 109 G-10 Erla 151965 of presumably JG 300 in combat with a Mustang III of No. 122 Squadron. Somewhere over Germany on a crappy day. Done in Photoshop with a touchscreen pen monitor. I'm never quite sure what they are called. Hope you like it. If you don't, please let me know so I can become better. Cheers.
  10. Wierd stuff. That 109 E on the Box and the instruction is exactely the same as the boxart of the ICM 109 E. https://golloscdn.com/6371/Prod/2948717/icm-72132-messerschmitt-bf-109-e4.jpg And the F4u-5 is from Revells Boxart: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/111399-revell-04143-f4u-5-corsair And the F4u-1 illustration on the instructions looks a lot like the old academy boxart. Shenanigans are afoot
  11. This is looking fantastic. It is a great time for Tomcat aficionados, a great time. And Airfix is coming out with a spitfire XIV. It is like all these manufacturers all looked into my head to see what I want and went "yeah, that, let's do that" Truly a great time to be a model builder, the greatest :)
  12. Something interesting from the facebook page: The following question was asked: "Is Erla and WNF machines in plan for the future?" The answer was: "Yes, they are" Sounds like there will be an Erla G10.
  13. Thanks redcap, High praise indeed, I'm really happy you like it!
  14. So I finally got some time at the screen and made a couple of changes. I added the vent and string in front of the canopy. Skyhawk174 over on ARC spotted the missing shadow on the AOA probe, so I added that and shortened the probe a bit. I also toned the metal parts down a bit. I'm calling it done now
  15. That's a 3d model? that is super, super.
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