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  1. Nice detail on a small model, decals very good. Keep them coming.
  2. Hi Michael, one of your best ,I new you would do a great job on DC-3. The display case is first class. Cheers mate.
  3. Lovely super neat job. Good to see models of aircraft and liveries we no longer see. Decals look good.
  4. Nice one, i think the forward guns need harmonizing. Good to see something different
  5. Another good one, one of the neatest to date. Did I see the pilot moving in the cockpit?
  6. Superb, lovely paint all super neat.
  7. When I saw your model I exclaimed "look at the size of that! my wife came rushing in from the kitchen and walked slowly out. It really is a great model in every sense.
  8. Very well photographed, oh the models pretty good as well. Thanks for the entertainment, much better than Coronation St.
  9. Lovely to look at, just what I need at 05.30 set me up for the day!
  10. I like that, good subject well modeled. The weathering and slight staining is very effective. Good job
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