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  1. Hello Geoffrey and thank you for sharing some options. There is only one option I intend to do, which is ML824 at Hendon. My late Uncle was, I understand, a Trustee of '824 when it was displayed at Pembroke. I will finish the kit as A-Z, the codes it wore when it was still at Pembroke before repainting at the RAFM.
  2. Thank you Alan, the info is a great help. Far from it not being a lot of joy, hile I'm not a rivet counter, I'm looking forward to the challenge of the changes. Hopefully I can do my Uncle and the original trustees at Pembroke proud
  3. Thank you Troy, I'm not in a financial position to buy many new kits these days, but I was so grateful my friend gave me this as a thank you for my help. I am however very grateful to you for the leads you have given me, that's the sort of info I need Much appreciated, Adrian
  4. Hi, I've been given the Italeri kit from a friend who no longer wanted it. As the Sunderland at Hendon has a family connection, ( my Uncle was a Trustee when when the aircraft was on display at Pembroke ), I want to build it as this particular Mk V. So I'm aware the Mk V has no dorsal turret and different engines, different exhaust layout and propellers, but are there any other external differences please? Many thanks, Adrian
  5. Wow Tim, that is amazing - I never thought I'd see the Dreamflight logo's included on any decal set, thank you, that is very much appreciated
  6. Hello all, it's some years since I did any large airliners, but are there any 1/144 scale kits of the 400 series 747 and decals of BA's -CIVO scheme in 2018? In 2018, my son was one of the 192 children who went to Florida with the Dreamflights charity - their 747 was the British airways G-CIVO. So I'd love to build him a model of the aircraft. Kind regards, Adrian
  7. This is looking amazing Tom ike manyI cannot wait to see the finished Model. In spite of 50years a modeller, I have never had a Sunderland in any scale Ironically this is one aircraft I should have a model of. My late uncle Stuart was REME during National Service, but attached to the RAF, working on Sunderlands at Pembroke. Eventually he became a Trustee when the RAFM's Sunderland was first kept at Pembroke. Being an electrical engineer, he built a system for the rear turret, which played the sound of machine guns when the triggers were pulled. I'd love to find out if this is still in place or was removed when taken into RAFM care.
  8. Thank you, much appreciated, that's good to hear, what about pitfalls regarding import Tax and Duty? Thank you, any pitfalls to worry about import tax and duty?
  9. I'm just curious to find out if and how anyone has used Plaza Japan. There's a couple of kits I've seen which come to less than £20, plus postage. Are there any pitfalls? Kind regards, Adrian
  10. A while ago, I posted about my intention to convert a couple of battered Tamiya M4/M4A3 kits to build a Vc. I have included the link below of photos I have put on my Facebook to show the progress so far. In part it's saving two kits that were destined for the bin, and to test and challenge my skills. But it is also to celebrate 50 years as a modeller. It isn't perfect, and there is a lot more work until its completed, but it gives me great joy - even if my standards aren't that high. But it is also an antidote to my job as an A&E ambulance ECA and for caring for my wife and son who have seriuis health issues. I hope ( if the link works) you like the progess so far- please be kind Regards Adrian <link removed>
  11. My apologies first if the link below doesn't work( 1st time I've tried) A while ago I posted about using two battered M4 kits as the basis of creating a Vc. The link is to show progress so far. After 'shunting the front of the M4 upper hull to the rear of the M4 A3, the lower hull was cut into three, and stretched with spacers from scrap palsticard. I appealed for any help with spares, especially the gun barrel. Big, big thanks to a fellow forum member, ( it's been so long I'm sorry but cannot remember who, but I am eternally grateful to you). I not only got the barrel, but all the track links and most of the parts I'd otherwise scratch build, he had spare from a Dragon kit. It's far from decent yet, there's work to do, and certainly none of the finesse of any of the current kits. But, it's personal challenge I set myselfto test skills I have learned over 50 years of modelling. I know I'm not the best, but I get so much joy from building. More importantly, in these times of the Covid pandemic, It's also a valuable antidote for my job as an A&E Ambulance ECA, and gives a little "Me time" from caring for my wife and son who both have serious health issues. If this link works, I will try to put on a few more (aviation) models I have on my Facebook page. If the link below works- please be kind https://www.facebook.com/groups/joyofsprue/permalink/2067713290037047/
  12. It'll be interesting to see what else AFV wise is shown
  13. Thank you so much for letting me know the T7 has the same curved fillet, I'll get over to the museum I'm a member of and have a look at ours
  14. This is a stunner!! dispite its age, the old Monogram kits still have a great appeal. Ok it hasn't got the refine of the newer engineering generation models, you still get your monies worth. Like many from its stable, It's a good starter kit, with bags of room to hone your skills if you want to improve the original. Oh I wish Monogram were still around as a manufacturer, thank you for sharing.
  15. You're not kidding it's all good fun, I'm going to need your lots help with my project - let's just say watch this space
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