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  1. Hello friend, can I share your Eagle in Takadotoki models page?  Thanks 

    1. Exterminatus


      It will be an honor, thanks!



    2. TuanNA


      Dear my Friend. That honor is mine !

      Yes of course! you can share any my modeller if you want. 

      Just send me the link where you share them

      Thank you !




  2. The model that I'm going to present to you is a WESSEX HAS3, the ITALERI in 1:48 scale, of the Fleet Air Arm, No 737 Squadron NAS, HMS Antrim, in service during the Falklands War in 1982. The model was produced by a mold totally new, very negative in the end, and quite accurate in the joints, also complete with a small photo-etched, what it does very happy, and the possibility to realize various specimens, both in low visibility, such as that I've played, but also much more colorful exemplary. Wishing to make accomplish with the cargo door open, I wanted to reconstruct the whole inner part, an
  3. The kit that I present is that of TA-4J dell'Hasegawa, scale 1/48. It 's the first I build and I must say the ease of the assembly is the same of mono. I used Model-Master colors, and added the seats of resin Aires, in addition to photo-engraved plate of Eduard dedicated to the cockpit of the TA-4J. It 'was fun to make another Agressor, a kit very precise and enjoyable.
  4. The model that we present is a classic dell'Hasegawa 1/48, an A-4E Skyhawk dedicated to the VA-127 "Cylons." I used the decal sheet of Fightertown dedicated to the VA-127 "cylons", and the colors I used are the Model-Master, more exactly 1741 ghost dark gray (FS36320) for the top, where I applied under the 1728 light ghost gray (FS36375), and finally to the bottom I applied 1732 light gray (FS36495). I added EDUARD photo etch, dedicated to the cockpit of the A-4E, a TRUE DETAILS seat, and after it has been colored, I run a wash with color in distemper dark gray.
  5. The model that we present is the well-known Hasegawa kit, very nice and precise, dedicated to Marine Attack Squadron 331 (VMA-331). I added the sheet of photo etched EDUARD, dedicated to the cockpit of the A-4M, and the seat of TRUE DETAILS, and for the rest of the template is to be canned. The colors I used are all from the Model-Master, and the washings were made with the color in distemper dark gray.
  6. Once you have purchased one of the last of the Minicraft kit, dedicated to the Cessna 172, my imagination went on over to one direction: to create a greek T-41, the military version of this subject. The starter kit I must say that I was stunned .... is beautiful, full of rivets and finely carved panels, perfect for conversion to Mescalero! In the interior I just added the photoetched belts, while on the outside there are some changes that now enumerate. Cominciando con la parte frontale, bisogna chiudere con lo stucco il faro che c'è appena sotto l'elica, e togliere la corona che sorreg
  7. Thanks to everyone for the compliments!! russ c- I painted everything with the airbrush, with many Tamiya masking with tape, and I had not even considered the fact of using the kit decals.
  8. Hello guys ..... a question .... Who does not know the AIR AMERICA movie?? Well I present a PC-6 Air America, the American airline, secretly controlled by the CIA, which has operated in the South-East Asia during the Vietnam War. The model is in 1/48 scale, the RODEN, quality good, with panels in the negative, and with the decals Air America. I added the rivets, as in the original mold were not present, marking them first with the riveter of Trumpeter, and subsequently ripassandoli one to one with an awl, and after washing with tempering all the panels and rivets were accented. The base is
  9. Here it is the finished work, I worked a bit to be able to adapt the pilots of PJ Productions. However, the work is not done here .... In fact, with the other companions of adventure, we are working on the mega board will be made ​​where a small aircraft flight line of 4-5 and two on the bypass taxiing. Soon to follow pictures of the board in the works!
  10. Once the washing with tempering and after applying the decals say that these elements are nearing completion! Here you can appreciate the work done with the airbrush, dust and temper. Once the washing with tempering and after applying the decals say that these elements are nearing completion! Here you can appreciate the work done with the airbrush, dust and temper.
  11. After managing to enter the cockpit inside the fuselage Aires, after a great job of thinning of the fuselage, I closed everything and plastered where necessary. After sanding properly, re-recorded and where the panels were gone, we are ready to start applying the camouflage the model. The colors are GUNZE, ie the 'H-311 for the lower part, the H-27 with an addition of two drops of red to produce the light brown, the H-309 for the darker green and the H -340 for the lighter green. Of course first of all apply the model to bring out the shading panels. And finally completed the ca
  12. Hello Boys! Just because I do not have enough, I start with another 104 more precisely, a TF-104G of the Belgian Air Force. To be more precise, we are friends we are making 7 7 104 all Belgians, TF 2 and 5 single, to be reproducing the whiskers on a flight line! I am more taken back by all, but I am committed to finishing it in less than 2 months. Then the configuration that I want to make it like you see in the picture (http://www.sbap.be/archivalia/pictures/pics%20129.jpg) that is with a container instead of the SUU-21 tanks under the wing. I would like to present it in a taxi, so I've
  13. As soon as I got this kit in his hands, and I saw the detail of the print, I had no doubts at buy it! The ICM, this time has made ​​a kit fabulous, the panels of the print have a negative fine, I would say perfect for 1 / 144 scale, perfect without snagging. The idea that I jumped on his head is to realize the landing concordsky and position, then raised with respect to the base support, but where the board is modified, so as to give a good effect "panning" right on texture! As you can see it starts with fixing the windows from the inside, but has reserved a small negative surprise ...
  14. This scale model is a Hasegawa 1 / 48, where I went to add photoetched to the interior of Eduard, the wheels of the True Details resin, and exaust engine of the QuickBoost resin, and finally the tauro decals depicting a sample of 3 °Wing, based in Bari in 1952. The staining was done using color-Master Model Metalizer.
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