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  1. Cheers Copper645, I thought that when I saw the LWB was to be released, it would be nice to have a SWB version, so after some thunking time, it looked possible. So after taking a very deep breaths I started cutting, and it turned out to be easier than I thought. Might make a few more SWB versions, try and perfect the conversion method.
  2. Cheers. I'm going to build the kit as it is LWB. Then will do a pickup version:
  3. I have done it as an AA Relay Vehicle as well..
  4. Cheers. I have.. Started with the LWB shell, then cut off the back section: Then cut out the rear door: Further cutting was done on the rear section: Repeated for the other side, test fit of the cut out sections: A bit of filling to do with plastic card, then filled and sanded: Then it was on to resizing the interior and chassis: Once completed, test fit of all parts then a quick coat of primer: That's it, on SWB Landie.
  5. I build the base so I could swap out different cars. But, in time, I will build a base specifically for the Landie, thinking of a farmyard / barn scene.
  6. HNY to everyone. Last year was a very busy year for me, so have not been able to get on here as much as I would have liked. I guess my new years resolution will be to visit BritMod more. Thought I'd show off my conversion of the new LWB Revell III series Land Rover into a SWB version. If useful, I will post some of the pics I took of the deconstruction stage. Cheers Richard
  7. Cheers JohnT - Sea Harrier will have to wait a while, got some figures from ELAN13 to do yet, small scale stuff. Trevor, Cheers for the kind comments. Many thanks John. Hope to get some pics taken soon with out the background clutter. Cheers Richard
  8. Hi James, Thanks for that. It will be a little while yet before I start on the harrier. Cheers Richard
  9. Happy New fellow modellers. It's been a while since I have shown any updates on here for the Mosquito diorama, sorry about that. I put the diorama to one side and got stuck into some other projects, namely figures from "ScaleBro" - Tail Brotherhood series: You can view them by clicking this link I also made a proper aircraft (as the guys in the club would say), a Boulton Paul Defiant from Airfix. So I decided I must blow the dust off the Mosquito and finish it before moving onto anything new for 2019. There wasn't much more need to do on the main items of the build, the wings, fuselage etc where done, it was just the additional items that made up the rest of the diorama. These had been assembled, primed but not painted. So over the Christmas break I finished them off, and here is the completed diorama... Every workshop needs a bench.. Engine being worked on.. Here are some images showing some of the detail on the diorama.. I have a few minor enhancements to do, but nothing to stop me from declaring this project finished. It's been a journey with this project, I do have another 1/24 scale museum restoration project in mind, its of the Sea Harrier in the Boscombe Down Aviation Collection. I have the Aifix 1/24 scale kit for the project, I just need to get some reference photos of the restoration, as this will be the bases for the diorama. Not sure when I will start this, have plenty of smaller projects to be getting on with for 2019. I hope you enjoyed the build as much as I have in putting it together, heres to 2019. All the best. Richard
  10. Thanks CC, I have everything in place for the Model T Ford diorama, just need time to do it, and so many new projects that I think of as well. I will see how it goes once I have this present project done. Cheers Richard
  11. Hi, Been a while since the last update - Summer holidays got in the way, then I discovered some great figures: These are from the "Tail Brotherhood" series. Great set of figures. But I'm now back in the groove with this project. I have finished the fuselage, added some straps from Kit Form Services: Then it was on to the wing section, this I knew would require a large number of wooden effect decals, so have been purchasing as much of these sheets as I could find. After a quick coat of white primer, I then gave it a light spray of Tamiya Cream White, then over this I sprayed a light coat of Tamiya Brown. I decided to start on the underneath of the wing as I had a flat surface to work off. A lot of masking tape later I had the masks I need to cut out the decals. This is how it came out: The centre section I did not put any decals on, as it will be sitting on a frame. Then it was on to the top section of the wing. I had two attempts at this, as the effect did not look right to me, I think it was the pre-shading I did, the decals are so transparent that the grain did not show through. Luck I had purchased loads of the decal sets. I then stripped the decals off, and started again. This time the effect was a lot better: Have some tiding up to do then a couple of lays of varnish to seal the decals. Next job on the list will be a different mount for the engine, the one I built was ok, but having seen the one at the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre, I thought I would go with that one instead. Thats all for now. Off to Bovington Tank Museum this coming weekend for their annual Model Show, so will not get any more done until the weekend after. Hope to take this WIP along with me to display on our club stand, if there is room. Thanks again for stopping by. Have a good week. Cheers Richard
  12. Hi, One last update before I head of to the sun, well an air conditioned hotel room would be nice. So I have finished the wood decals on the fuselage, whilst I was doing it the pilot seat fell out, I think I will leave it out and make a feature of it on the diorama. Here are some pics of the fuselage: Next step is to seal it with a matt spray then some weathering. When I'm back from my hols its onto the wing... Thanks again for watching and following this little project. All the best Richard
  13. Hi, Another small update, managed to finish one side of the fuselage yesterday, so could have the whole fuselage finished by July 9th. Just got to try and match up the wood grain on the other side... Then seal it in a mat varnish then a little weathering. Back soon. Cheers Richard
  14. Hi, Another little update, just to pique your continued interest. Had a few hours to kill last night so did some more wood decals on the fuselage. The time consuming part, is making the template out of masking tape, then reducing the stickiness of the masking tape. I think I will ask the local model shop if they have any low tack masking tape, this will increase the work flow and stop the decal coming away from the backing sheet when the masking tape template is removed. Any how, here is what I managed last night: Coming along beautifully, if I say so myself. Just got two more weekends before I head off for summer hols to Malta, to hopefully get the whole fuselage covered. Then its 10 days in the sun, have my eye on a model shop to visit while I'm there, credit card at the ready, wife primed as to what we will be doing on one of the days. More of the same to follow. Cheers Richard
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