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  1. Outstanding detailed work. Well played sir! Quick question: what beige did you use?
  2. Hi all thanks for the responses - especially gingerbob for confirming my wheel issue. cheers
  3. Hi all I'm literally in the same boat with this kit - except for me it's the wheels. I've lost one half of a wheel and to be fair they're not the best looking - was thinking of replacing them but can't work out which will be best fit as there are no aftermarket wheels for the Vengeance - thinking P-47 or P-38? (Need dust covers). Anyone know the diameter of the real Vengeance wheels? Any charts I can find only cover the usual WW2 types so can't see which is closest. Thanks in advance - sorry for re-opening an old chat.
  4. Great build! Love the paintwork. Q: What’s with the half painted pilot’s screen? Seen some Mitchell’s that have one panel of glass, others with a divided screen and ones like this with the bottom half painted/covered. Anyone?
  5. Looking neat that. Anyone know how wide the 1st Air Commando Group stripes should be in 1/72? Having a crack at this kit too and getting to the point of masking up for the markings.
  6. Thanks guys. Your wealth of information has been a real help. I have to sheepishly clarify that my original post stating that I was working on a conversion of another kit didn’t mean another Sunderland. Sorry, should’ve been clearer from the off. I’m converting a Beriev Be-6 into a bit of a ‘what if’ and have two of the Airfix H2S pods which are too long. I was asking to see if the Sunderland ones were different and therefore worth hunting down/paying out for in case I ended up with the same thing I already had. Alan - I came across the Engines and Things ones previously but felt the p&p was prohibitive ($25) especially considering there’s no photos and I could’ve ended up with the same thing as I’ve already got. I’ll put the Italeri Mk.III on my Christmas list and use the spare ones from that boxing. At least I’ll get a free Sunderland kit with them! Thanks for all the replies guys and sorry for the misunderstanding. Google ‘Supermarine Stalwart’ to see what I’m attempting. Regards Neil
  7. Thanks Alan - outstanding stuff. Think im gonna hunt out the Sunderland versions - they are shorter than the H2S ones. One question: SH parts? Regards Neil
  8. Thanks Alan - outstanding stuff. Think im gonna hunt out the Sunderland versions - they are shorter than the H2S ones. One question: SH parts? Regards Neil
  9. Thanks for the replies Chris and Alan. Ive hunted for the Canovac versions to no avail. The photos you’ve provided are great - thank you. It looks as though the H2S ones are longer - something I’ve found trying to fit my ones into position - they’re fouling on the ailerons. I’m gonna have to go back to the drawing board on this one. The Italeri Sunderland Mk.III comes with them doesn’t it? I wonder if SWMBO will let me get away with a third Sunderland in the stash? (Got two Airfix ones)
  10. Hi all, fairly new to the site - watched from the sidelines for years but never posted. Does anyone know if the underwing radomes are the same as the Lancaster/Halifax HS.2 ones? Currently building a conversion of another kit and wanted to fit a pair but only got the HS.2 ones.
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