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  1. Followed your work in progress as I'm currently building one of these kits, inspiring me to do my best to emulate this stunning build! One question, what colour is the tail light? Looks blue in your amazing pictures.
  2. Followed your 1/24 Hurricane, gave me loads of inspiration. Now enjoying your amazing work on this old kit, wish I could find one for my stash!
  3. Superb work on the finish, one of the best I've seen on any forum. Take a look at scifiaction forums for a lot of builders slowly progressing their 1701a's. I have four of these kits and can't bring myself to start one, keep hoping for early retirement as I want to do at least one of them justice. Any chance you could post a youtube video of your methods?
  4. Been working on an old ERTL Klingon BOP that i've taken apart and started to rebuild with lighting. Spotted a lighting system for the engine!
  5. Brilliant, look forward to this! I have four Ent 1/350 refits that I hope to build (sad I know) but want to at least do justice to a couple of them and have been looking for a reasonably priced lighting solution.
  6. Brilliant posts. Bought an Arduino about 18 months ago with every intention of trying some lighting using it. Furthest I got was flashing an led! If I was to program an ATTiny how would I use it in a model? ie how would I build a board with chip and connect it to lights in a model? (enterprise refit for example) I'm an amateur where electronics is concerned but I'm sure others would be interested in this. Thanks.
  7. Very nice model. Excellent finish for brush painting.
  8. Excellent work and a superb finished model. Very impressed with your photography as well, it's my day job and I couldn't have done it better myself!
  9. Bought one of these as my first Airfix kit in about 30 years! You've inspired me to try and improve upon the basic kit from the box. Great job, well done.
  10. One of my favourite aircraft, coming along nicely. Looking forward to seeing finished article.
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