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  1. By the way Ced, what washi tape do you use? I can't find anything except rolls of it, don't you use sheets in the cutter? Ian
  2. If the wire went to the canopy it would surely snap every time it was opened. I'd say only to the mast. But I'm no expert! Ian
  3. Wonderful video! I posted it to my Facebook page and tagged my old flight school owner. He flew F4-Us in Korea with the USN. 90 something now! Ian
  4. How did a Brummie get to know that? Ian Ps for the benefit of our non English friends, it's Cockney (East London) rhyming slang. Syrup of fig = wig
  5. Thanks Keith, second time lucky! Vielen dank Ben, it's certainly an improvement although I'll leave it to others to decide just how much of one! Cheers Massimo! Nothing compared to your Bucc though! As a result of @CedB flouting his tools in public, I had to order a couple of extra ones for myself. Namely a nice small pin vise that will (supposedly) hold a drill bit between 0 and .4mm (we'll see how well that works and whether it will centre the bit!) and a jeweller's saw that I can see will be very useful! After watching a video or two online I may also get a mitre cutting vice and saw jig. See this video at around 19:20 for those bits. Very tempting, and I'm sure @TheBaron would be able to find a use for them! On to the Battle. First, the windscreen was added and PPP to clean up the joins Then whilst cleaning everything up I had a major "AAAARGH!" moment That big lump just behind the grab rail should NOT be there. I thought about it for a while: removing the canopy was not an option, my files wouldn't reach. The only option was to try to get a scalpel blade in there and carefully remove them by scraping. One side done and it's not perfect, but it's a hell of a lot better.... Both sides were done, and there were a few scrape marks inside the canopy. After seeing what Klear did on my Heinkel canopy I simply brushed some Klear on the scrapes. Job done, nice and clear again! I love this stuff! The next job was to make the tiny brackets that support the rear canopy and side windows. They are TINY! But eventually done and painted along with a couple of extensions to the gunner's canopy to provide the hinge points. After that had all dried I glued in the brackets and did a quick dry fit to see how the gunner's canopy would look and what, if any, extra work I needed to do... It's a little simplified through necessity, and the canopy itself is not quite right. Unfortunately the Vacform only has one complete main canopy, with the pilot's canopy and windshield separate. With the overlap that exists between the main canopy and gunner's part, I had to decide where I wanted to cut it, as there is a slight overlap fitted to the main canopy to stop drafts when closed. This makes the gunner's part slightly too short, and means that the front frame of the opening part, from hinge to hinge, is not the straight run that it should be. It shouldn't be too noticeable and I'll live with it. Anyway, enough for today. Now that the canopy fittings are done I need to make some masks. That's the next job! Thanks for looking in, have a great evening all! Ian
  6. Interesting schematic of the seats. So they didn't fold up, but the rear part was disconnected from the "down" mount and reconnected to the "stowed" one! No such thing as a quick change out then! Ian
  7. Lovely job on that IP Ced, it's more than presentable! Models look better after a good poke? Who'd have thunk it! Ian
  8. I wasn't going to mention the aerials as the rest overshadowed them, but a good decision! She'll be top drawer when done! Ian
  9. More fasseen Fassin intrestin stuff going on. I'm joining our Bill in that I don't expect to know much after this, but hopefully a little more at least! Ian
  10. Mornin' all! This could be interesting, although a pair of jugs would obviously be better than 1. Never mind. I have my seat at the front, let the heckling begin! Ian
  11. I am hoping to be at Telford again this year, so I'll plan on that. I'm also in the Great War SIG and may spend some time there to help out this year, we'll see closer to the time. Keep an eye open on here too, as we usually have a BM meet up at some point! The Eduard baby needs quite a bit of work, notably the tail surfaces, floats, and rear fuselage, but nothing too difficult.. Here's a link to my build if it's any help when you come to do it. Ian
  12. If you can drill a hole and thread it, you can rig. Any questions please ask, I'll be happy to help out! Ian
  13. Lovely! I have a few of the MAC kits, but only built the Fokker D.VII so far. They're not at all bad but still plenty of opportunity for improvements. Always like to see an A-H aircraft built. Ian
  14. Beautiful! I'm sure it's modesty, but you omitted to mention it was awarded best seaplane at Telford. I remember because I had my Donnet-Leveque there too! Ian
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