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  1. limeypilot

    Mercedes Benz SSKL, Matchbox 1:32

    Damn Looks like I've got it wrong. I just compared this to a pic of the CMC model and I've paired the holes wrongly. I used the narrow spacing as 1 & 2, it should be the wide spacing which will give the wider "V" on the rim and the narrow "V" on the hub. Looks like another evening of drilling, but I might as well get it right! Ian
  2. limeypilot

    Mercedes Benz SSKL, Matchbox 1:32

    Thanks H! James without wires? Unthinkable! I'm hoping the promise is a good one too....Wait no longer! I decided not to take it apart, and made small nicks in the rim with a micro saw. Hopefully they're big enough! After that it was time to secure the first set of spokes, and while one side was drying I attacked the outer rim and got it ready. Here's the result of tonight's efforts. I'm very pleased with that! One more set of spokes on the inner rim, then the outer can be fitted and "spoked". That probably won't be complete for the next couple of weeks as I'm heading back to my Dad's on Weds for my step-mum's 90th. See you soon! (I know, more waiting! Sorry!) Ian
  3. limeypilot

    Airfix 1\76 DUKW *finished*

    I hope to be getting back to my Fairey Battle build soon. Already done the RE8, Roland, and Hannover (all have build logs on here). There's many a good model can be made from Airfix plastic! Ian
  4. limeypilot

    Albatross, Get Your Albatross Here!

    I'm assuming there's an aeroplane somewhere in that photo..... Ian
  5. limeypilot

    Lysander - Eduard 1/48

    I remember building an Airfix Harrier in my youth, the first glossy finish aircraft I ever built. I put the transfers on as usual, then glossed it. I was mortified to see the change in colour under the transfers, they stood out a mile! Ian
  6. limeypilot

    Mercedes Benz SSKL, Matchbox 1:32

    I managed to dig this out again today and made some progress, at least on the technique and jig, if not on actual forward progress on the kit. I mentioned in my previous post about changes that I needed to make to the jig. Those were completed today. A small spacer from .020" card was added under the hub to stop the wires slipping off underneath it, and the whole thing was then glued to a bigger piece of card to make it easier to hold. I also numbered the odd holes so I didn't have to count every time! I then rethreaded the rim with .006" fishing line. That didn't look right and I had trouble getting the last few lines into the groove in the hub. I took it apart again and ran the micro saw around the hub a few times to make the slot deeper, then I dug out some .005" line, ran it over a Sharpie so I could see it, and threaded the rim again. I was hoping that a deeper, cleaner, slot, and slightly thinner line, would be enough..... I'm much happier with that! With the holes numbered it takes less than half an hour to add all the lines, so I think I've got the process sorted out now! I will have to remove the lines one more time as I forgot to cut small slots in the rim mating surface to add the second set of spokes, so I'll do that tomorrow then rethread it for the final time and secure the lines. Ian
  7. That fuselage/wing assembly looks excellent. Nice soldering! It looks as though your brother's advice on the Dornier has paid off in spades! Ian
  8. I don't know why it looks so surprised in the head on shot above. You'd think it would know it was needing surgery by now! Looking forward to seeing the new legs take shape. Ian
  9. limeypilot

    Bren Gun Carrier & 6lb AT Gun

    Lovely job! I never thought about it as a kid, but looking at the artwork, that's a very odd elevation for an anti-tank gun! Ian
  10. limeypilot

    Battle of Britain foe, the Do17Z

    Very nice indeed! I'm also a fan of the Eduard mgs. I have a few packs of them to cover this and the He-111 in my stash. I've gone the Miniworld route for the Ju-87 and Me-110, but they're just too expensive for a bomber load of them. Ian
  11. limeypilot

    Prone Meteor

    Not a pretty aircraft, but a lovely job done on it. Well done for persevering! Ian
  12. limeypilot

    Sopwith Camel

    Perhaps the subtlety was lost.... Ian
  13. Lovely job! What do you mean by "without wires"? I thought all aircraft had wires? Ian
  14. Well that's pretty impressive! Only drawback is that you can now fit 5 to 10 fewer models on the ceiling depending on size and spacing! Ian