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  1. Cheers Bill! I don't know the answer to that question and I must admit this surely must rank as one of the most nostalgic of early war RAF aircraft, due to the huge sacrifice of their crews rather than the success of the aircraft. Having said that, I do hope a 1:72 offering is not "just around the corner" - purely for selfish reasons! Thanks! I'm looking forward to seeing that Dennis! Tonight's efforts centred around the gun cone. I decided to try plunge moulding, but instead of the paintbrush handle I sanded a buck out of a piece of balsa. This is what I ended up with. The buck CA'd onto a toothpick, and a hole drilled and opened out with a round file to just a little bigger than the buck, hopefully enough to allow for the thickness of the plastic sheet. I used .010" sheet and the first effort gave me this That looked pretty hopeful so I trimmed it out and ended up with a traffic cone! A little more trimming and sanding, and it seems to fit pretty well! I think I can live with that! A little more refinement, and some detailing and it should be ok. My other efforts focused on the interior, specifically the radios. For some reason I had neglected to add anything, so a piece of plastic rod painted black, and some spare PE from the cockpit set gave me a little "interest" to add. I have no idea what the PE is supposed to represent in the Hurricane cockpit, certainly not radios, but at least it looks better than nothing! Next up we'll see if that gun cone works, and can be trimmed well enough.... Thanks for looking in! Ian
  2. limeypilot

    Should have signed up years ago!

    Welcome aboard! Ian
  3. limeypilot

    Has it really been that long..........

    Oh dear, not another fling-wing chap! On a serious note though, welcome aboard. You'll find plenty of very helpful and very knowledgable folks here, especially when it comes to the Wessex! My only ride in one was with the ATC on an annual camp in Manston. All along the sea front with nothing to see but waving people and the pilots' feet! Fun times! Ian
  4. limeypilot

    A pair of Airfix Hawks in 1/72

    At this rate he'll be up to page 200 without doing another thing! Ian
  5. Coming along beautifully P. There's something about a stripped down wing with all the internals on show..... Ian
  6. limeypilot

    Listening to the Solstice

    Bring on the Irn Bru ya bunch of heathens! Never mind, more for those of us who acquired the taste xx years ago! Ian
  7. limeypilot

    Listening to the Solstice

    Ooh, irn bru.....I'll have a Smokie and a bap too please! Ian
  8. Thanks Ced Thanks Terry, more to come there.... Thanks Roger, as above, more to come! Ta Keith, I love it when a plan comes together! I've been playing around with the rear cockpit today, trying to sort out the lines around the gun cone. I've also decided to try to look for other options regarding the cone itself as the modified kit item just isn't up to it. I'm not sure yet whether to go with plunge moulding around a paintbrush handle or using thin aluminium from a beer can.....pics when I have something to show! Ian
  9. limeypilot

    Trainers GB (finally legal!)

    Interesting. I have a 2 seat Camel trainer, a Jenny, and a Farman Shorthorn that I can think of off the top of my head. The Farman is tempting..... Ian
  10. Lovely work as usual Gregory! Ian
  11. limeypilot

    Avro 504K, 1/32, Scratchbuild

    Interesting method of building the engine and it obviously works! Shame that Bunnings tried to hide their cylinders, but a good detective usually wins through. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who wanders through hardware stores wondering if certain items can be repurposed more usefully! Ian
  12. That would be great Massimo, hopefully I'll be able to bring some of my models, including this one! Cheers Chris! Thanks Keith. There would be more frequent postings but my network keeps crashing. I have now figured out how to access the site again - I have to reboot my router every time which is a right royal pain. Time to call the internet company! I thought that might appeal Ced! I have a set of clay modelers spatulae (is that correct?) which are great for smoothing and forming miliput and PPP. That may well be the plan to go with Adrian, thanks! The what??? Oh, FRANKEN! Must take more time to read words properly! It's good to be back on it Terry! Thanks Stuart. It certainly seems to have done so, but as we all know, the priming will tell the truth! Thanks Benedikt! Isn't that what every model is? Sorry for the delay in responding folks, but as noted above, I have been unable to access the forum from home and have only just figured out the problem. Needless to say there has been a little more progress. I moved onto the cockpit area, which should have been finished ages ago but I got it wrong and have now to correct it! The longerons in the rear cockpit were too low so I had to add a piece of .020" to bring it up to the correct level. The top surface of the existing piece was cleaned of paint so it would stick properly and the sheet was marked using that as a reference. Said piece of plastic after cutting it out and shaping with a piece of sandpaper wrapped around a pencil. Don't say I never give you guys any excitement! It was then glued in place and given a light PPP coat to blend it in. Of course if I'd paid attention at the beginning I would have been able to simply shape the existing kit plastic instead of removing it all and then replacing it! You'll also notice that I have added strips of .020" square rod to the pilot's cockpit sides to bring them to the correct height. That would not be necessary if you want to model it with the canopy closed as the side frames would hide these, but with it open, they need to be there. They have also been filled and sanded. Again, it would have been much easier to have done this before adding the interior. I have no idea why I didn't as I knew about it from the start! A pic with the gun mount added, showing that it is now central - another small shim of .010" strip was added to the left (right as you look here) side to centre it properly. I will also add a couple of small pieces to the mount itself to bring it to meet the fuselage sides properly. I now have to work out how to add the very slight upwards curve of the fuselage top where it fairs into the gun mount. Maybe a little more PPP? Finally, a test fit of the canopies. First the centre and rear parts and then the windscreen and pilot's canopy This of course won't fit properly now until I separate the windscreen, as the new side strips prevent that. I mounted it so that one side fitted, to make sure that the new additions ended in the right place, ie snug up against the lower rear of the windscreen. That's everything up to date for now. I still need to do the hinges on the elevators and rudder, and mark out a new tail wheel position as the kit one is too far forward. Then I think a coat of primer will be in order before I make a start on the scribing. I'll do that before I fit the undercarriage fairings as there is a long panel line running under them and it will be easier to do it in one go. Thanks for tuning in! Ian
  13. limeypilot

    Forum suddenly stops working!

    That's what I thought Mike, which is why it was odd. It had to be something on my network, not the site. I just rebooted both my modem and router and for now it seems to be working ok again..... Ian
  14. limeypilot

    Telford 2018

    I'm looking ahead to next year as I was unable to make it this time. I've only been once and was based at home. My question is, what are the recommended hotels? I have a feeling I need to book pdq..... Ian