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  1. Hi all!, While waiting for supplies for the Fairey Battle build, I've decided to go ahead and restore the Pfalz E.IV that was damaged when I relocated. To make it more interesting I will also build the AZ Models E.I alongside it. This is the reason for the restoration/repair Surprisingly it came apart (even more) very easily and it wasn't long before I had this The elevators have been reconnected with brass rod, and the odd curve that I had toward the rear of the wing undersides has been removed and the trailing edges sharpened up. It's all been sanded down and is about ready for the first coat of paint. I've sourced replacement crosses but will lose the (very small) airframe numbers behind the cockpit and at the top of the rudder. I don't think that will be a major problem. As for the E.I, here's what we have The plastic is very soft and there's a fair amount of work to do cleaning up mould lines, but otherwise not too bad. The PE is for an E.IV but I should be able to use some of it, we'll see! The first thing I noticed was that the wings are too long, but that appears to be because the same moulds are used for the M-S Type H and G, the latter of which has the longer wing. The instructions tell you to remove the inner end of the wings at the first rib mark to correct the length. This I duly did, then realised that the outer ends are the wrong shape and need correcting. This would have been far easier to do if I'd known before hand - instead of removing the inner rib, just reshape the outer tip! i tried reattaching the removed part to the outer edge, but that is not going to work. The wings are also way too thick and also too deep chord wise, needing a couple of mm removed from the trailing edge. The result of all this is that I will be scratchbuilding the wings, and also new tail surfaces as the kit ones are too thick. Nothing unusual there, it's pretty standard with any WWI kit! Oh well, here we go, Thanks for looking in! Ian
  2. Do you use the ready mixed stuff that's available as kids' paints, or the blocks? Ian
  3. Thanks Stuart, I'm looking forward to that myself, but it may be a while (see below) Thanks Benedikt, I have ordered a set of Marabu PE carriers, and also Red Roo's cast brass items. Hopefully between them I should be able to come up with something decent! Further to that comment, I found I'm lacking some 1.0mm aluminium tube which I'll need for the main gear. I've ordered some but Hannants wanted 30 quid postage! Needless to say it has been sent to my Dad's place, along with quite a bit of other stuff I've ordered recently, and hopefully he will be able to combine it all and send it over at a reasonable rate. I may even have him hold on to some of it (not the bits I need for this though!) and pick it up when I come over in May for my baby sister's 50th! There will now be an interlude, hopefully not too long of one, while I await said supplies. In the meantime, I am starting another thread on the repair/restoration of the Pfalz E.IV which got damaged in the move here last year. See you soon! Ian
  4. Wow, I love that wash. Nice and subtle but it just brings the whole thing to life. I'll have to look into tempera. ian
  5. No-one wants mine, on account of I picked up Hep A in Egypt back in the 80's. No issue now, but they still don't want it. Or any of my other bits, although that's probably more to do with the fact that by the time I've finished with them they probably won't work too well anyway! I have to buy my own biscuits..... Club, Penguin, and Garibaldi were my favourites. Oh, and let's not forget a pack of Rich Tea for dunking! Ian
  6. limeypilot

    Savoia Marchetti SM.79 Lebanese Style

    If he was going to do it right, he'd be soldering it! (Nice spaghetti work though, no matter what it's made of!) Ian
  7. limeypilot

    Back to the Mountains of Madness

    My suggestion would be to secure one end in the fuselage, let it dry, then thread it, tension it, and secure it somehow (I use dolls house clothes pegs, but tape or a small clip would work). Then add a drop of thin CA to secure the other end. Don't try to hold it taut while the glue sets! Trim the excess off when dry with a new scalpel blade. Ian
  8. limeypilot

    Savoia Marchetti SM.79 Lebanese Style

    Lovely work on the bay, much improved it is! If the NHS is giving away beer I may come home! Wait, what am I saying, giving away? I think my sanity is also on the way out. Ian
  9. limeypilot

    Back to the Mountains of Madness

    It's looking very impressive indeed in those "teaser" pics! Love those skis! What are you going to use for the rigging lines? Ian
  10. Persistance pays off Ced! Now it's really starting to look like a banana, sorry, Nimrod. Ian
  11. Ouch! The road to knowledge is full of pot holes. Just ask Dr Foster! Ian
  12. Cut them out the same way as the rest, you don't need to get close to the part at this stage. Once they're released from the main sheet you can trim the excess off and sand the backing down until you reach the black marks. By then any excess will have been removed too. Ian
  13. limeypilot

    Valom 1/72nd Handley Page Harrow II

    Beautifully finished as always! I too have a big soft spot for late inter-war aircraft, but with my specialist area being WWI it's extremely unlikely that I'll ever build anything from that period. However, never say never! Ian
  14. limeypilot

    Listening to the Solstice

    The PE looks really good. With the exception, as you say, of the Nav's seat. Still, any PE set that is more than 50% useable is pretty bloody good in my book. I hope you got your cat licence from the ministry of housinge! Ian
  15. limeypilot

    Savoia Marchetti SM.79 Lebanese Style

    Oh dear, I do hope you didn't send them the funniest joke in the world. It was last heard of being tried out in Belgium I believe..... Ian