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  1. Oops! The one word that I hate to hear more than any other in the cockpit! Ian
  2. I hope so Roger, the jury's still out on that one but leaning towards a revamp of the resin..... Well there's a surprise! As they say t'other side of the pond "payback's a bi**h" Welcome aboard CC! I'll save a Chimay for you...at least I would if I had one! After splashing a coat of interior colour on the clear bits it became obvious that a little more work was needed. I think next time the plan will be to mask off the clear bits with ordinary masking tape and spray some interior colour to check the fit. That way, if work is needed it won't damage the masks. Then, once everything is sorted, I can add the masks. Here's the work that was needed this time. The underside gondola - you can see from the shadow that the curve of the fuselage is not carried through onto the clear part as it should be. The only solution to that was to remove the masks and sand the clear part until the curvature matched. After getting that right it was just a case of micromeshing the clear parts and adding a new coat of Klear. Which made me realise that my first point was even more valid. There is no reason not to adjust the clear parts as much as necessary, including sanding, filling, priming etc. as all that is needed after all that is to lightly sand off any excess paint or filler and polish with micromesh! and nice and shiny with a coat of Klear! There were also some areas on the nose that needed a little more attention. As I said above, this would all have been a lot easier without the masks in place. Hopefully there won't be any residue caught at the edges of the masks and giving me a little lip where I don't want any! We'll see soon.... Thanks for looking in! Ian
  3. Well impressed by the seatbelts and 3-d printing. Great stuff! Ian
  4. I'm looking forward to the day when voice recognition demands we all speak Geordie! That should be a whole bunch of laughs! Ian
  5. More likely dressed as Morris dancers, running around with bells on their legs and flying their models around! Ian
  6. That looks as though it was a bit of a fight. People have been arrested for less restraint than that! Nice result though! Ian
  7. Thanks for showing me how to do those landing lights Tony! I have that Marabu set, guess what for? Ian
  8. A great result, lovely job! It was a good idea to give up on the rigging. If you plan to rig a biplane you have to think ahead, and drill all the rigging holes before painting and attaching the wings. Then, once everything is in place, it's a simple matter of threading it all. Ian
  9. Very nice! I have the RAF version in the stash so it's always nice to see what can be done with it. Ian
  10. Ditto the above. Great workmanship and a lovely result! Ian
  11. Lovely work on the exhausts, very impressive! Ian
  12. How do you recommend adding the nose? As a complete assembly, or bit by bit to ensure minimal gaps/steps? I have the Mk IF in the stash. Ian
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