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  1. limeypilot

    Catching Pictures in the Air

    Not much to say to that! Fantastic work on the lights and inspection panels too, that cutter has really come onto its own on this one. Ian
  2. limeypilot

    1:72 Special Hobby Avro Anson Mk.I

    That really is spectacular. I've never been a fan of target tugs, but this really is gorgeous! I'm sure you'll love Egypt. I spent 5 weeks backpacking there in 1987 and had a great time. The tombs of the noblemen in Luxor are rarely visited, I believe we had to get a special permit, worth seeing if you can. One very worth while and rarely made trip is to Siwa Oasis. If you get a chance to divert out there, do it! Ian
  3. limeypilot

    Cessna 150 - Revell 1/48

    This should be interesting! I also did plenty of spin training (not required for PPL in the USA, but it is for Instructor training), and made a point of doing at least one with every student I taught. As far as I can recall, the only real visible difference is the full harness fitted to the airobat. Ian
  4. limeypilot

    Catching Pictures in the Air

    Beautifully done. I love how clear the windows are, I'll have to remember that one. Ian
  5. limeypilot

    Sopwith Camel 2F.1

    That looks pretty good from here! Good luck with the rigging. Ian
  6. limeypilot

    Catching Pictures in the Air

    Nice to see that the repairs worked out well, and as for the package, it looks as though our Bill@perduhas delivered again! Nice! Ian
  7. @Terry1954 I'm sure our Bill @perdu can help out with that colour scheme. One of his favourites I believe....... Ian
  8. limeypilot

    Vulcan XH558 - Airfix 1/72

    Ha! Found you! I've got the first round, just bring the peanuts. Ian
  9. limeypilot

    1:72 Special Hobby Avro Anson Mk.I

    Wow, that will definitely not disappear among the masses in the cabinet! Looking spectacular, I'm looking forward to the next update. Ian
  10. Very nice Mr B! Now I need to find the new wip before it's finished, see you there! Ian
  11. Very nicely done, and that little diorama fits it perfectly! Ian
  12. limeypilot

    Catching Pictures in the Air

    Ouch! I can relate, having just last week done a similar thing whilst trying to cut a piece of cardboard to help pack all my modeling bits and bobs. How I managed to get my finger in the way of the blade is a mystery, but fortunately not as bad as yours appears to be. I did shout a few obscenities at myself though...... Hope it heals up quickly with no long term issues! Ian
  13. Those decals really look good, she's definitely looking the part. Ian
  14. Looking good PC, enjoy the free time! Ian
  15. limeypilot

    Heinkel He111 P-2, Airfix 1/72

    Nice start! I have an ongoing build of this with interior PE, stalled at the moment due to relocation for a new job, but it's a lovely kit, and I haven't found any huge gotchas yet. Ian