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  1. No! Now sit down and behave, like everyone else. Wait a sec, no-one else is behaving. As you were. But it's still not finished..... Beer anyone? Ian
  2. At least you can pick all 6 at the same time! Ian
  3. I too had one of those rockets! Great fun as a kid. (They went pretty well in the horizontal plane too, if you had a good target!) Wait a sec. Bonkers and Martian, in the same sentance....I see no problem there. Night out and Melchett.....big problem! @corsaircorp, we may need a large order of Belgian rocket fuel, some curry, a parrot, and a goat! Ian
  4. We have to train clients to land around the aiming point markers. I hate it, as I've always tried to "hit the numbers" myself. As you say, short runways don't need to be made shorter by aiming 1,000' further down them! Ian
  5. Neither did I! My reason for entering them was to let people get a better look than they would likely have got elsewhere. Ian
  6. BOO! It's back! After rather more of a delay than anticipated I have brought this back to the bench. The brass and other supplies have all been received, the Pfalzen completed, and a very pleasurable (and unexpectedly successful) trip to Telford has been completed. Speaking of which, here's the unexpected bit..... To say I was gobsmacked is a huge understatement, there were some gorgeous models there! Anyway, back to the subject. Not too much for today as I spent a lot of time trying to figure out where I'd got to and what was supposed to come next! Since I have the PE bomb racks I decided to finish the wing ribs and added the cutouts for the rack mechanism. Drilled, enlarged with a scalpel, then finally shaped with half-round and rectangular jeweler's files. Here are the racks Those should work, although they'll need a little more detail added as the Battle had them mounted as a pair, joined together through the rib (hence the cutouts). and fitted I'll leave those to dry overnight, next step will be to squirt some paint at them and see how they look! Thanks for looking in, and welcome back everyone! Ian
  7. I have to admit to wondering, on more than one occasion, what would happen if seagulls were fed unpopped popcorn, then zapped with a microwave while flying away..... Ian
  8. Additionally, I do hope you take a bath more than once a year, whether you need it or not! Ian
  9. She's turned out very nicely despite all the drawbacks of the kit. Great work! Ian
  10. Lovely! I spoke with the guys at Arctic Decals in Telford and I will be commissioning a sheet of A-H naval coats-of-arms for the tails and correcting both the shape of the shield and the crown which are wrong on the Pegasus sheet. I just need to measure up and get the sizes. Hopefully they will be added to their catalogue if there's enough interest. Ian
  11. I am totally unfamiliar with this type, but that's almost irrelevant as it's a Phoenix build, so I'm in! Ian
  12. I think you mean rudder pedals, but it still looks good for the extra detail! Ian
  13. Very nicely done, best looking dodo I've seen yet! Ok, so I've not seen too many, but the intention was good. Ian
  14. This could be interesting. Will you be building it in MDF (Martian Defence Force) colours? Ian
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