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  1. Same problem here, but just with pre-Quantum Firefox (I'm using Waterfox with NoScript and preview disappeared upon Britmodeller server migration); Firefox Quantum (with or without NoScript), Opera and Edge all works fine. Seems something related to class="ipsImage" in CSS...
  2. If you are looking for custom-made PE I had great service from Hauler: http://www.etchworks.cz/ It's a bit time consuming job to draw the masks but results are rewarding.
  3. My favorite sources for Russian stuff: http://www.ruscale.ru http://armoryhobbyshop.com
  4. It should be 10.4mm assuming a 500mm one in real scale according to: http://www.luftarchiv.de/index.htm?/flugzeugbau/kenungen.htm
  5. militaryphotos.net was an invaluable source of materials: it's a pity all is gone.
  6. Here is the set under maintenance: this too was coming from militaryphotos.net.
  7. Brought alive my old PC: these came from the now gone militaryphotos.net, I dont know the original poster there; have another set in hangar during maintenance. I'm sure I have another single photo of another airframe parked outside, have to dig deeper...
  8. Technically is it possible to have the wings at maximum sweep and flap and slats deployed on a parked aircraft (I have a few photos on my old pc, will look for them) but never seen an armed aircraft parked like that.
  9. Hi Gabor, what are the best resources available for the MiG-25? Have a lot about Sukhoi and almost nothing about MiGs
  10. Hi Gabor, is it possible to mod this kit to make a BM? Have a couple arriving soon...
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