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  1. Hi Mike, late to the conversation, but what specifically were you looking for? We are always on the look out for the unusual and hard-to-find-in-the-UK stuff. Incidentally, someone mentioned MicroMark - agree that their stuff is great... but it would appear that they'll only work with folk who have bricks-and-mortar businesses as resellers; that is of course unless enough people suggest that a internet company, like, say, Sprue Mart would be a good stockist :-) Cheers, Clive.
  2. Hi chaps, Just acquired a Tamiya 1/35 Tiger later version and want to have a go with the Fruil tracks but cannot find anywhere on the web to buy them - help please. Cheers, Clive. P.S. A metal barrel and PE add-ons would be nice too!?
  3. We stock most of the GSI Mr. Hobby surfacer products at www.spruemart.co.uk. Pardon the plug! I Actually use 500 and the D.putty on my own kits, v. pleased with the results.
  4. You may also want to consider Mr Hobby Dissolved Putty which is great for wing-roots and panel line filling. Cheers, Clive.
  5. we stock them at www.spruemart.co.uk - they are out at the moment - fresh batch to arrive soon!
  6. We stock H&F (2" - 5 Speed) and the Radu (RB Production) Flips R5 and R10 - www.spruemart.co.uk
  7. Excellent work Don - really impressive; I have an old Tamiya Lanc (Dambuster) which I have been planning to build as a tribute to my step father - you shall be a port of call for advice if that's alright with you? I have a really mundane question to start... what did you use to create the "concrete" base? All the best, Maxus.
  8. Maxus

    Top Ten

    Hi Folks, I'm compiling a top ten list of the most useful but hard to get hold of accessories, tools, paints, etc. Please contribute? Cheers, Maxus.
  9. Hi, I'm starting a project to modify a die-cast model of a 1997 Pontiac Trans-AM into a Firebird Formula WS6. Anyhow, I need to strip the current yucky brown and replace with gleaming white. I believe that using brake-fluid (DOT-4) will strip the paint with the aid of toothbrush and elbow grease. I'll then wash and prime with Halfords white primer. I'm thinking of using zero-paints brilliant white which is the nearest match to the original car. The finish is up in the air at the moment! Not sure if to use gloss varnish or Klear/Pledge. Any comments? Cheers. M.
  10. Dumb question - but do you think that the Promodeller washes would work with this varnish?
  11. Maxus


    Hi, about to try out Klear for the first time and a little unsure what to use to clean up the airbrush - advice please. Cheers.
  12. Hi, nearing completion of my first aircraft for many a year - a 1/48 "Tonka" and, well, feeling a little nervous about installing the rather natty brass turned pitot tube - do you folks have any tips on the best way to get the darn thing in place, at the right angle etc? Cheers.
  13. I have been working on this model for a few months - you need lots of filler, plastic card and patience. Paragon make some nice resin seats and the Eduard external is pretty good. Basically, nothing really fits - at all! This is my first Italeri kit - I hope others they make are better. Regards, Maxus
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