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  1. Hi! Dave, I would make a visit to your nearest Halfords and see if they have the colour your looking for, I have the kit and will take time out to give them a visit, if not maybe you may have an Audi dealers somewhere near to ask. Best I can come up with, hope it might help, you never know maybe some-one may come up with the colour on here, can always hope. Best of luck Gordon
  2. You have to ask yourself how long it took you to build your model then ask again how long it takes to use a cosmetic brush once a week as I do to keep all the effort it took to put your creation together clean. No problem! I have twenty odd models on display on open shelves, it take me me ten mins. and also gives me the chance to alter the position of each model giving them a whole new aspect, If your model is really soiled then some of the surgestions above must be of some help, good luck. Gordon
  3. nodrog2

    1-48 scale Ju. 88

    Cheers Dave for your in-put, the build thread has given me a taste of what to look out for when I finally purchase the Ju 88 Cheers Gordon
  4. nodrog2

    1-48 scale Ju. 88

    No Nick as long as its a Ju 88 I`m not worried, I have built Revells Me 110 and I have a Dornier 17E-4 to do, so wanted to add a Ju 88 to these as well, I am pleasedwith all the advice thats been given, I did not want to end up with a kit thats going to give me loads of problems in the build, but if its a case of it testing my skills in order to have this model then bring it on. Regards Gordon
  5. nodrog2

    1-48 scale Ju. 88

    Many thanks guys, it looks like it would pay me to give e-bay a look, it seems a shame that such an iconic aircraft as this is so hard to come by, I have it in 1-72 scale but I am mainly into 1-48, so will keep searching. Once again thanks for your valued help. Gordon
  6. nodrog2

    1-48 scale Ju. 88

    I wonder if anyone can tell me who makes a 1-48 scale Ju. 88 Cheers! Gordon
  7. Not only is it a really good looking build, the photos show it off a treat, well done! Gordon
  8. Well Brian all I can say is its yet another of your models that is a pleasure to see, you certainly inspire me to produce somewhere near the excelence that you do, very well done Gordon
  9. If there are any faults I can not see them, the cock-pit looks really, really good and the overall model is one to be proud of, well done! Gordon
  10. Thanks for the info. Kevin and by the way my nails are done in camo. Gordon
  11. Kevin you not just done a good job of this kit, but a FANTASTIC job, I viewed W.I.P and as you progressed through the build I knew it was going to finish up being something special and it has. I have just started the same kit and one thing I know is there is no way it is going to turn out anywhere near as good as yours, thanks for displaying it, one question I would like to ask you is how did to manage the achieve the hard metal look on the cannons? Once again a really FANTASTIC looking Spit. well done. Gordon
  12. Hi! Brian your model looks very impressive like the others before it and the way you display them shows them off to a tee, so much so that I wonder if you could let me know how you manage to group them into one final picture, keep them coming I enjoy seeing them, well done! Gordon
  13. Wow,Wow,Wow! Another set of well put together pictures as usual from you Mike, looking forward to the next set. Really fantastic!!!!! Gordon
  14. I do like that! your finish on your cock-pit interior looks really good, a good all-round job, thanks for sharing. Gordon
  15. Brian I have to say they look really smart, you have made yet again two further outstanding models and very well presented, thanks for showing them. Gordon
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