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  1. you have to wait for some aftermarket company will do the whole cockpit ! the su 30 SM has the axle molded
  2. i have several set from quinta and i have this one as well! indeed are great sorry to hear about the canopy ! i have 2 and are perfect !!!!
  3. wowwww i have the su 30 mk which is the su 27 ub in a su 30 box by kittyhawk and i have the Great wall hobby su 27 ub ! while the kittyhawk is rather nice with all the fitting problems and the kittyhawk errors ! Great wall kit is far best comparing with kittyhawk !kittyhawk has a long way to do and offer a better kit not perfect but seems they stuck always with the same errors! just out of this post look what they did with the su 30 SM the complete cockpit is missing for the mentioned version !
  4. i did an dry fit on mine ! looks ok but still kittyhawk makes very silly and avoidable mistakes ! the biggest problem would be the cockpit which is missing the SM version has a complete different cockpt layout so more money to invest ! second the navy version has the colours layout wrong the belly has three tones camouflaged patterns so check before painting ! here it has been already criticize kittyhawk for delivering goog idea but with those mistake i decide to put on hold ! shame really ! next year Great wall hobby will come to rescue us with good su 30 kit !!!!
  5. i did upload on flickr but when i past it fro insert the image from url nothing happen!!!
  6. why no photos i get a message sayin it cannot be embedded there are no photos in that link but there are photos????????
  7. same problem for me there a link on my post from flickr but no photos of my work how do i need to solve it ? thanks
  8. https://www.flickr.com/photos/182371911@N07/?
  9. if the problem was the weapon!!!! well !!! we all already know the entire cockpit is missing for this version !!!!
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