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  1. Many thanks for that, I did actually have one of those sets pre-ordered as a backup
  2. Oh great, thanks so much! I'll send you a message now with the details!
  3. Hi, thanks for the reply! I don't have a file unfortunately, I wish I could find one or even better, design it myself! It's all a bit new to me so may take me a while
  4. Hi Marco, Many thanks for your reply! I have sent an email and am awaiting a reply All the best, Eren. Hi Rob, Thanks for the reply! I'll send an email and see what I get back. Who'd have thought 1/24th replicas of Work Wheels would have been difficult?! All the best, Eren.
  5. Hi all, I have a request for anyone out there who is able to 3D print some wheels for me. I am currently building a 1/24 scale Toyota Chaser and am replicating my brother's one in real life. The problem I'm having is trying to find a particular set of 1/24 wheels! The wheels I need are Work Emotion D9R in 19" and I can not seem to find them anywhere! Linked here is a photo of them. Is there anyone out there who can help? Thanks in advance
  6. Eren

    Airbus A400M

    Hi Ken, That's great, many thanks for your help with that! I'll take the code and get me a can of that Hoping to start this one soon so I'll put up a thread of it. I've seen some on here and damn I've got some boots to fill to make it look like those I've seen! Thanks again, Eren.
  7. Eren

    Airbus A400M

    That's great, thank you. I'm planning on doing a C-17 also, is that a match for that too? Is there a tin number I'll need for the primer or is there only one grey primer? Thanks, Eren
  8. Looking great so far Chris! Look forward to this one. Hope you're well mate.
  9. Hi all, Just a quick question about the decals. I've recieved the sheet from Draw decals - they look fantastic but I was wondering if they need coating with Mikro before being applied? They are silk screened so it says they are strong but what are your experiences with them? Many thanks, Eren
  10. Eren

    Airbus A400M

    Thanks for your tips so far guys, they're already a great help. Like I said its my first military build so I'm a complete novice and any help is much appreciated What grey is a match for the plane itself? I'm hoping to use halfords sprays for this. And also has anyone used revell's photo etched parts for this? I've seen them around for quite cheap and wondered if they're worth it as I did notice just how much you can see through those windows just as Tom pointed out! Also Tom - absolutely stunning build there! I hope mine looks just as good. Lots of detail there. Well done. Many thanks again. Eren
  11. Hi all. Some more progress has been made on the plane. Engines have been constructed and 2 are completed with decals. Fuselage has also been sprayed white and red ready for decaling. Just need to finish off the wings with corrogard. Hope you're enjoying the build so far. Thanks, Eren
  12. Eren

    Airbus A400M

    Hello everyone. I've just taken the plunge and stepped out of my comfort zone to go for this beast! I usually only make airliners so this is my first ever military build and I'm here to ask you bunch of fantastic peoples for some tips and pointers First off, the sheer size of this kit is incredible, easily the biggest thing I've done. Some questions I have are about the detail. I'm planning on making the kit with wheels down ad doors open to show off the detail. When constructing the kit, what parts should I paint before assembling the inside of the plane and then going onto the whole fuselage construction etc? Also, I'm planning on spraying the bird but what colour spray can will match the grey? Humbrol or preferably Halfords spray cans. Hope you guys can help! Many thanks Eren
  13. I agree, these were one of the best of the day at RIAT this year. Absolutely amazing performance they put on. The dynamic manoeuvres and just how quickly they moved formation made them one of the highlights for me. After the Vulcan of course! This will be an excellent model when this is complete! I'll watch this one closely I think and may even add it to my buy list Eren
  14. Hi Dave, I just sprayed the plane today and did remove the tail bumper but kudos for your eagle eye on that photo, you can barely see it. Thanks, Eren
  15. Hi Andrew I look forward to seeing the photos when you get them up Thanks for your comments about my builds - much appreciated. Hope all is well, Eren
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