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  1. the paint is zero paints calsonic blue
  2. Finished this a while back. I used spare decals from the r33 calsonic. I also added 2 recaro racing seats, fabric belts and filler caps. Thanks for looking
  3. Yeah im no expert when it comes to this unfortunately, i also didnt have any decent reference pictures to work from so just had to do it as best as i thought.
  4. TheStig

    Tamiya 1/24 Calsonic GTR

    You also have the R33, the Z (based on the 350z) and there’s also x2 R34’s. I also made a ‘what if’ old school skyline and used the decals from the r33 version. I don’t think I’ve posted it n here but will do so shortly.
  5. Got the tamiya 1/24 Calsonic GT-R finished this week. I used the tamiya detail set and added fabric belts. UMP White primer, Zero paints calsonic blue, MIPA clear coat. Amazing kit, highly recommended if you can find one. Onto the next calsonic, 4 down, 5 more to go...
  6. TheStig

    Aoshima Aventador SV

    great work
  7. Hi guys, not posted for a while, ive still been modelling but as i have recently had a baby, the man cave time has been cut considerably. I did however get this finished last year, and some of you may have seen it at telford in the competition area, but ive only just got round to taking pictures of it. A lot of time/effort/money went into it and took about 6 months from start to finish. Its 1.2 metres long by 30cm wide. Ive based it around a fictional story. Also to add that ive weathered the black hawk more since the pics were taken. Its set at some point in the last few years, the diorama depicts a blackhawk being recovered. It was hit by an RPG after carrying out an infiltrate mission in Afghanistan. The blast damaged the tail rotor, the pilot managed to land safely but it was in such a place that it couldnt be airlifted out. The tailfin/gearbox were beyond repair so was removed and dumped, and then the blackhawk was loaded onto the trailer. On the diorama it has just arrived at a US checkpoint on its way back to the airbase to be repaired, being escorted by an M1070 Light medium tactical vehicle (LMTV) Would be great to hear what you think.
  8. TheStig

    Supra GT

    Love that, certainly suits the decals
  9. Like that a lot, good work!
  10. TheStig

    1/24 Tamiya BRZ

    I used zero paints world rally blue
  11. Serious downforce! Nice job!
  12. Kit manufacturer: Tamiya Scale: 1/24 Type: Subaru BRZ Extras used: BECC number plate kit Paints and colours used: Zero paints Subaru World rally blue and MIPA clear lacquer Completed this for a guy who was sadly in a car accident and didnt have full movement in his hands at the time. It was his old car. Hes back modelling now which is awesome though! First pic is of his actual car, really pleased with this one, think its my best car to date.
  13. Great looking f16!
  14. Finished this one a month ago and got some pictures done. Its the Tamiya Kure GTR kit with aftermarket decals. If anyone played the original Gran Turismo it was a racecar on there! Quite pleased with this one, let me know what you think. Kit manufacturer: Tamiya Scale: 1/24 Type: Kure GTR Extras used: seatbelts and Tabu design decals Paints and colours used: Zero paints white and MIPA clear lacquer