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  1. A few detail shots of the Kurfurst:
  2. Indydog

    DKM Scharnhorst

    Most excellent! If I may... what did you use for rigging? That looks fabulous.
  3. Indydog

    DKM Scharnhorst

    Excellent build Dave. Look forward to seeing her finished.
  4. I still have to figure out how to mount the anti-torpedo netting, but other then that, she's done! Moltke, she's painted with MM paints for the hull and main deck and Humbrol paints for the turret tops and upper decks.
  5. Here's a few shots of my current project. I'm using the Tom's p/e set, along with BMK brass barrels. Forward structure finished: Aft structure almost finished: Test fitting the main parts:
  6. Don, great to see a youngster not only building, but picking a great kit! Tell Devon I said good luck with the build. For inspiration, here are a couple shots of my Titanic build. This is an early version kit that I built around 1990. I would suggest using Kristal Klear or something like it for the portholes as opposed to clear sheet. I drilled out all the portholes on mine as well and the KK looks great and is way easy to use.
  7. Hi all, I just joined today. A friend of mine suggested I post my inquiry here. Has anyone ever converted the Airfix Sunderland to a Sandringham? I have the Mystery Resin Works 1/72 conversion set and was looking for a few hints before I go cutting up the Airfix kit. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (I also have the 1/144 Canadian North Star conversion set, but that's for another day) TIA, Mark
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