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  1. Some great scratch building there, loving watching it progress. Well done. For your next mission, "if you choose to except it" I would love to see you do a Fairchild XC-120 Pack Plane, (very slightly related to this project) Never seen one done before.
  2. Outstanding work. Any chance of some pictures with the door & canopy closed??? if they do close of course.
  3. Looking forward to your build of XV213, I managed to get a "jolly" on her when I was in the navy, it would have been around 1987ish, me ship was in the Falklands (HMS Herald) and we were asked if anyone fancied a ride, ME, ME, ME please. Once airborne we did a bit of fighter evasion exercises (from 2 Phantoms) then refuelled the same two aircraft, a great day which I will remember for the rest of my life. Regards Andy.
  4. Fantastic build so far. A month now with no updates. Any progress?.
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