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  1. Don't be giving up. No one on here had a perfect model built from their first kit, or after a long hiatus. Practice makes perfect as they say. You will see builds on here by competition winners and magazine writers, all of whom will have tales of woe about kits fighting them every inch of the way. Don't be disheartened. Finish it, learn from it, and go out and get another one



    i have put the F-117 on the backburner, once i get back into it more i will try to finish it, i was never good at putting decals on 20 years ago.

    now started a new project

  2. well work is progressing slowly :closedeyes:

    the basic kit is assembled and filled the gaps as previously mentioned and gave it a coat of matt black just to check for any more gaps,then gave it a rub down with very wet n dry paper, filled the rest of the gaps


    the wing to fuselage join looks a lot better,due to its angular shape the sanding is easy with a little help from the grilfriends old nail polisher which turns out is ideal for modelling....loads of different attachments,its basically a mini dremmel


    fitted the wheels and dry fitted the glass,which i painted without masking as it would be hard to mask at this scale,it has a bad fit but looking here it seems the real one does too,but i will shave a mill off the base for a good fit


    so far im enjoying it a few little problems but im sure i can get over these

    thanks for looking

    as always any help or tips are most welcome

  3. thought i would share my first kit in 20 years! the last model i made was the Tamiya Bradley sadly discontinued only the iraq 03 version is available now.

    im lucky to have modellers world in halifax on my doorstep,the place has not changed in 20 years,same staff,same cramped shop with masses of kits piled high.i only had hour........plenty i thought but stepping inside the shop i realised i did not have enough time!what to get?

    i needed something simple and that requires not a vast range of paints as im starting from scratch, so having to build up paints,brushes etc.........

    i went for the Airfix 1/72 F-117A along with revell glue which seems to sets quicker than i remember along with acrylic paints which i have never used before...........its going to be interesting to see how i get on

    terrible gap here so filled with plastic padding(i know the filler looks rough but easy to tidy up)


    insides given the 1st coat



    need to find a good photo of the seat

    thanks for looking any advice would be most welcome

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