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  1. I watched Generation kill and it has made me want to build a Humvee they seem like the workhorse great model." make sure you get a shave!!!" (you will know what im talking about when you watch it)

    its a great resource and a good programme i only have 2 episodes left to watch,far better than the hurt locker

  2. spent 3 hours on this today

    having only ever built armour by Tamiya in the past, im finding this a a different beast altogether.my main gripe is the sprue is very tough and thick,i have broke 2 parts so far cutting the off the sprue :shithappens: thankfully they were repaired with superglue :speak_cool: also the instructions are not as clear as i would like hence the photo below showing the step positioned wrong (it will have to be corrected)

    there are so many tiny parts,not lost any yet!! the lower hatch which is only about 15mm square has 15 parts!!!

    despite a few niggley problems photoetch assembly being one,its quite fun so far




    thanks for looking

  3. for inspiration you could always watch HBO#s generation kill, some fantastic shots of the HUMVEE internal, external, and even underside, well worth view for all you colour and weathering needs. hell its well worth view just because its ace.

    thanks for that moofles! looks great im downloading them

  4. bought this on sunday (always liked the tamiya models) everything has had one coat of paint/spray and needs touching up

    chassis assembled and painted (sorry for poor pic)


    i really like the tyres,im thinking of 'weighting' them


    grenade launcher


    added CIP panels to the doors.CIP panels are from the tamiya modern US kit the door handle holes were a pain


    interior painted i scratch built the laptop though the keyboard is a challenge!! and the bottled water box,thinking of using left clear sprue for bottles



    the hood needs some work to make it fit properly,the recess on the left needs filing and the engine part also requires some filing,also the lights inside the hood need cutting away as this also cause's the bad fit of the hood


    dry fitted


    so far its a nice kit to build though a few more bits to add the interior

    thanks for looking :winkgrin:

  5. after a long gap of 20 years slowly getting back into modelling, i used to do ww2 stuff but im liking the look of more modern dioramas with lots of companys releasing newer stuff

    anyway here is what im basing the diorama on


    well the very left hand corner

    im trying to this on the cheap!! so a scratch build

    so far the base has been cut to size and shaped and given a coating of plastic padding which will need a quick sand before i apply jointing plaster,also one doorway cut out now i just need to shape the wall and add another doorway.also the render has been removed to suit

    the base and wall is 300mm plastic soffit board which is strong but quite soft underneath

    th_548233514_P3020032_122_3lo.JPG th_482364470_P3020031_122_137lo.JPG

    the wall is not fixed yet just testing!

    the double door is made and finished

    matchsticks,cardboard and wire for the handles which need a bit of tidying around


    no vehicles to be added just a simple street scene, so i have asked for these for my birthday

    th_482789559_f35003_1_122_252lo.jpg th_482791736_2152_122_64lo.jpg

    its different and im enjoying it

    will update as i progress

    thanks for looking

  6. after me giving up on the F-117 (for now) i got this kit from the yorkshire air museum which we visited last bank holiday.overall a nice kit to build and straight-forward enough though airfix's instruction's can be baffling at times.

    im really struggling with the tiny decals,but im quite pleased with it apart from the wonky rotor and the fact i forgot to take the 'glass' off before i sprayed it with a clear coat




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