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  1. Eduard Fw 190 d9 just one of the JV44 dual combo box, in the stash i have enough to do all the known JV44 FW 190's........1 (done) 2,3,4 &13

    not the easiest kits given the soft styrene and the fit is bit iffy at the wing root.

    decals are a combo eagle cals and eduard, i used tamiya,lifecolor and extracrylics for the paints with the new Klear for varnish and MIG washes

    thanks for looking


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  2. Nicely finished, little comment, your white stripes seem to be a bit on the wide side?

    maybe? who knows...........artistic licence :winkgrin:

    Three weeks!

    For a 1/32 Fw190 in that scheme, that is amazingly quick.

    It looks great as well. You've got the wheels sitting right, which I've found a bit challenging on Fw190 builds.

    thanks......not working at the moment so plenty time on my hands

    Nice one.


  3. finally finished! taken 3 weeks, its the Hasegawa 1/32 Fw190, nice kit apart from the decals, the whites were a creamy and fell apart! so raided the spares box, and even then i had some silvering.

    the red and white stripes are airbrushed,using tamiya masking tape. used tamiya paints.

    hope you all like....thanks for looking






  4. Great work so far. How is the fit and quality from your point of view? Did they nail all those complex angles down the side and more importantly for Trumpeter, did they get the canopy shape correct. That seems to be their Achille's heel.

    so far the fit is great and turning into a quick build,the canopy is a quite complex build with many parts and masking

    Do the leaves form part of the stealth technology? :D

    ha thats the stealth part!!!

  5. got this today!!! and couldn't wait to get started................. no need for sprue shots a they are covered in mikes review

    cockpit nearly done.tamiya and vajello paints along with Mig washes & Pro-modeller washes



    its big!!


    mesh added


    all in all quite a good kit so far. im leaving out the engines.

    im going to do 'black sheep' with OIF markings

    thanks for looking

    ps pics are bigger if 'clicked' on

  6. Picture037.jpg

    l did the Ju-87 and found it very accurate and fit was spot on. l got the Fw-190 l have to get back too and the Hurricane but still want the Spitfire and the Mustang at some point

    now that is nice!!

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