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  1. In case anybody is interested, here's the Quickbuild Apache my 4-year-old asked for (and got!) for his birthday. Not the easiest to put together due to most of the parts being oddly-shaped and not very identifiable. Also, the undercarriage doesn't look like it would put up with much abuse. Note that the plastic isn't quite so greeny as the photo would suggest. Measuring the rotor span and fuselage length, I'd put the scale at around 1:78 or 1:79.
  2. I bought the VW Beetle for my 3-year-old from the gift shop at the Haynes Motor Museum this summer. He loves taking it to bits and putting it back together. Measuring the wheelbase, it appears to be 1/22 scale (sic) or thereabouts. Exterior is reasonably accurate, though the interior is very Lego-like - it even has studs on the seats, as if they were planning to include figures to sit on them.
  3. Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner aerosol was very effective in stripping chrome from a Heller kit for me. Left it overnight (in an Ikea freezer bag), so don't know exactly how quick it is.
  4. As Claudio says, both noses are inaccurate in cross-section, though the T.7 one isn't quite so bad as the single-seater. For a single-seater Hunter, the Revell F.6 or FGA.9 is far superior.
  5. Speaking of which, does anyone else think that the wheels on this kit (and the 1/16 Beetle) just look wrong? To me, the hubcap looks too small in diameter. I don't have either of those kits, just going by the photos I've seen. Bit disappointing, given the scale...
  6. Note that there are a confusing variety of different Islanders/Defenders used by the AAC/RAF: Islander CC2/CC2A (BN-2T Turbine Islander) serials ZF573, ZH536, ZH537, delivered 1986, 1992, 2008 respectively (RAF) Islander AL1 (BN-2T) serials ZG844-848 and ZG993-994, delivered 1989 onwards (AAC) Defender AL1 (BN-2T-4S Defender 4000), serials ZG995-998, delivered 2004 onwards (AAC) Defender AL2/Defender T3 (Defender 4000), serials ZH001-ZH005, delivered 2008 onwards (AAC) ...not to mention one-off trials aircraft like ZG989. Defender 4000s are easy to spot as they have a distinctive sloping nose.
  7. Here's a pic I took of WE600 at Cosford in September 2011. At this time it was more orange than yellow, but not "lifeboat orange", I'd say.
  8. I think "S" for "Strike" prefix was an FAA thing, not RAF - the only types I can think of, of the top of my head, with "S" mark prefixes were the Wyvern, Buccaneer and Sea Harrier (in the form of "FRS"). The Scimitar also had a "Strike" role, but since it was ostensibly a fighter originally, it got an "F" mark prefix. The RAF inherited the "S" along with the Buccaneer from the FAA.
  9. The prototype Vampire first flew in 1943, but it was March 1946 when it entered squadron service, so no, it didn't see action in WW2.
  10. Interesting... presumably as a USSOCOM airfcraft it was en route to somewhere else?! Looks like they've been here before though: see http://www.fightercontrol.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=283&t=93001
  11. Very much like JE5TAR, the old Airfix Beau was my introduction to scale modelling and the very first kit that my dad built for me around 1975 - he didn't do a bad job of it either, considering it was his first kit too! But, yes, definitely in need of retooling now - in fact, long before now...
  12. Apparently Gripen E/F will look similar but have a completely redesigned airframe with the following changes (see http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/saab-reveals-full-gripen-e-design-cost-savings-396977/) New main gear relocated further outboard Single nosewheel Changes in underfuselage contours for main gear and extra fuel Two new ventral hardpoints Bigger air intakes and new tail section for the new engine (F414) The "Gripen Demo" Gripen NG prototype (c/n 39-7) was converted from a Gripen B prototype so I think isn't fully representative of Gripen E/F. The first true Gripen E airframe (39-8) is currently under construction. Sounds like a "challenging" conversion from an existing Gripen kit then!
  13. Yes, I've read that Mr Hobby Mr Color Super Metallic SM08 "Plate Silver Next" (whew!) can give a pretty good likeness to chrome - and doesn't necessarily need a gloss black undercoat like Alclad. I'm waiting for some to arrive from a fleaBay seller in Hong Kong at the moment - I'll let you know what it looks like when I get it. It is pricey (I paid £9 for a bottle) but I guess it just depends how much you want to pay for a convincing chrome effect...
  14. Yes, just found it tonight myself and have had a quick look - some good interview footage with Beamont there.
  15. Just saw the mention of BA Aviation Models in this thread - I remember the shop well (well, as well as I remember anything 30 years ago...). Think I still have one of their flyers in what's left of my stash from back then. They definitely sold more "exotic" stuff than Wonderland did at the time. Pity they didn't last long - I believe there's a tattoo parlour at that address now!
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