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  1. Thanks, so not to stop smoke signals being sent up into the air saying “here I am”. Cheers, Nigel
  2. Great video. You can see immediately why they added those exhaust deflectors. Those clouds of blue smoke, can you imagine them shooting up into the air when you are trying to hide behind some foliage or bocage. As for the wheels, looks like the designer got fixated with hexagons. The mounting area for the axle caps is hexagonal too. I suspect that is to key the axle cap so that the bolts on it line up with the bolts on the wheels. And I think that is where the thinking went wrong - there are six bolts on the axles cap and I suspect the designer translated that thinking across
  3. The maths. As a rule of thumb an LED has 2V across it and needs 10mA for a decent illumination. In reality the actual voltage varies depending on the colour and can be 3V or so and the current can be up to 30mA, the higher the current the brighter but there is a limit to how much current. But as a general rule 2V and 10mA work well. Take a single LED. If the supply voltage is 5V then you will have 2V across the LED so you need (5-2) 3V across the current limiting resistor. You want the current to be 10mA (0.01A) so using Ohm’s law th
  4. nheather

    Covid Jab

    I knew that the Scots benefitted from free prescriptions and free university education but I didn't realise that they got free luxury cars too - outrageous Cheers, Nigel
  5. Thanks for the info. Interesting what you say about the Wash and Cure. Must admit that I don’t know much about them, just read various recommendations. How do they work? Why would it waste more resin and solvent (I assume that is IPA). Cheers, Nigel
  6. I wouldn't go that far, no reason to think it will be bad. My only concern is that if the Cromwell doesn't do as well as expected that may discourage Airfix from doing more 1:35 armour. Cheers, Nigel
  7. nheather

    Covid Jab

    I know, that's why I said "I appreciate it has to be done this way", I was just commenting that it is a shame. Because I would not be surprised if each letter sent out costs over £1. But as you say, the cost of doing a more targeted delivery would cost more than it would save. Cheers, Nigel
  8. I've been holding off on the SLA printers - the reason is although I think they look great I have in the past bought two PLA printers, spent lots of time, effort, money and frustration getting them to work reasonably and then not used at all. The SLA printers look much better and had I not already spent so much on printers to date I would have snapped one up by now. But I am coming around and wondering which is the best to buy at the moment. Most attractive price-wise is the AnyCubic Photon Mono with the Wash and Cure 2.0 for around the £320 mark. But then
  9. Japan - that's a thought - I've seen some great prices from Japanese sellers in the past but have never used them for fear of the courier admin fees. Cheers, Nigel
  10. nheather

    Covid Jab

    My wife and I just got our letters saying that we can book our jabs. I appreciate it has to be done this way because not everyone is IT savvy it's just that the wasted money is such a shame. Our letter will go straight into recycling as we have already used the reporting link to book our jabs online. Cheers, Nigel
  11. It's just an unfortunate missed opportunity - they could have easily superseded the Tamiya Kits. I have both the Cromwell and the Centaur in my stash but if the Airfix kit had come along, addressed the errors in the Tamiya kit I would have gone out and bought it. But it seems that they have retained the Tamiya faults, introduced some new ones but it does have better tracks and is a similar price. I'd say it is open to debate which is the better kit Tamiya or Airfix - it's just a shame that Airfix missed the opportunity to be the best available. Cheers,
  12. I guess my hopes for a Matilda I are dashed then Cheers, Nigel
  13. The artwork in itself is interesting though. The painting shows the incorrect six bolts but the inset side elevation plates show the correct eight bolts. The puzzle is the painting - was it done by the same person that designed the moulds, that would explain the mistake being repeated - or was the painting done by a different person, if so how did they make the mistake, did they use the mould design as their only reference material or were they instructed to paint it incorrectly so that it matches the kit. Cheers, Nigel
  14. I wasn’t commenting on which is best just reacting to the presumption that the Tamiya kit would be more expensive than the Airfix one. I have a Tamiya Cromwell (and Centaur) in my stash, I had been considering getting an Airfix Cromwell but won’t be now - I do like the link and length tracks in the Airfix kit but overall it is a little disappointing - it’s hard to imagine how they messed up the wheels, what reference material were they using. Interestingly, look at the Airfix website here https://uk.airfix.com/products/cruiser-mkviii-a27m-cromwell-mkvi-a1374
  15. I'm going to take a positive from this. One thing that has always put me off ordering from abroad were the unspecified and often disproportionate courier handling fees. I never had any problem paying the VAT. So if this means that I can buy something from China or the US, be charged the VAT and then have it come through customs without any further charges then that is a win for me. I suspect there will be teething problems to begin with but overall that is a positive. Less good was that I used to buy accessories for my radio control hobby for under £15 without any VA
  16. Thanks for the info.
  17. nheather

    Covid Jab

    It was in BBC News yesterday. Said that 55-59 year olds will be contacted in the following week but there was a link where you can go online and book it - offered several locations and then several dates and then several times. This is the link. If you 55 or over I believe you can just use this to book the jab yourself. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/coronavirus-vaccination/book-coronavirus-vaccination/ Worked for me. Cheers, Nigel
  18. nheather

    Covid Jab

    Got my 55-59 year olds vaccine booked for 18th March. Cheers, Nigel
  19. I was looking at AliExpress today for some bits for my Radio Control hobby. I don't buy outside the UK that often and when I do it is for items costing less than £15 or where I think the risk of import taxes and courier admin fees is worth it. So today I went to place an order that was less than £15 and was puzzled that the shopping cart came to more than I was expecting and then I noticed a line all 'TAX' with an information icon next to it. The icon explained that they are now required to collect UK VAT and pass it onto the UK government. Now this is good
  20. Couple of things which have probably been said already. Tamiya are more expensive than Airfix and Revell. I remember in my childhood years back in the 70s that Airfix (and Revell) were within range of my pocket money but Tamiya were just a dream, out of reach except for very special occasions. Also remember that Airfix, Revell and Tamiya have been around for a very long time. I don't know the Revell range that much but I'm sure its the same, but with Airfix for practically the same money you can buy a kit that was tooled in 2016 and another that was tooled in 1965. Y
  21. Cheaper than the Airfix one, £25.95 including shipping from Jadlam. Cheers, Nigel
  22. The lass is clearly well dressed for the cold weather - a pair of stout boots, and a cozy fur hat Excellent figures. Cheers, Nigel
  23. If you are ever in the US or know someone going to the US (once lockdown is over) then a good place to get a CS is Hobby Lobby. Usually quite expensive, it is like Hobby Craft in the UK, but they always have 40% coupons (just print one off from their website). They don’t sell many airbrushes but they do a pack with the CS and and inline water trap which depending on the exchange rate can works out pretty cheap using the coupon. My CS complete with inline water trap cost £85. Cheers, Nigel
  24. The first photo - wow - looks like the real thing. Cheers, Nigel
  25. I have a question about these. I have just bought a pair (Xuron) and was a little disappointed that they come together at the points rather along the whole length of the jaws. Holding them up to the window and you can definitely see light between the jaws. It is not a huge gap but bigger than the thickness of thin photo-etch. If you squeeze hard then they do distort and grip along the whole length but squeezing gently they only grip at the tips. Is your pair like that? I’m wondering whether I have a poor pair that needs sending back.
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