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  1. Well my KS attempt for an Ultra failed. I hit the pledge button within seconds but got locked out by the KickStarter web server crash so missed all the good deals. In fact my pledge didn’t go through at all, it wasn’t that it was just slow. I placed one later but I have since cancelled because 1) I think it is too much money($499) for my needs and 2) the print bed size is very small. Cheers, Nigel
  2. I got a Daylight Company Lumi in the end. I was going to buy two because I thought I had found a place doing a really good sale price and didn’t want to miss out. But it turned out that the advertised prices did not include VAT which pushed them up to the normal prices you could get elsewhere. So decided to buy them one at a time, see how I get on with one to start with. Cheers, Nigel
  3. Whoops, just seen the photo above I had never given this any thought until I saw this thread so reading with interest. One thing that occurs to me - isn’t a torpedo longer than an Opel Blitz truck? Could an Opel Blitz really have been use to transport u-boat torpedoes - maybe using trailer carriages? Cheers, Nigel
  4. I can’t imagine Tamiya doing anything as obscure as a Matilda I, it would be a very unusual move for them - although they did do the Renault UE. Cheers, Nigel
  5. Great work. I’d love a Matilda I but the expensive and challenges of working with a resin model are too much for my limited skills. Question about the machine gun - I assume the line down the length is detail, meant to be there rather than a seam. Must admit on occasions my ‘if it looks like a seam, remove it’ approach, has been the demise of genuine innocent detail. Cheers, Nigel
  6. What do you think between these two, both by the Daylight Company D35600 Luminos https://daylightcompany.com/luminos-task-lamp/ D35500 Lumi https://daylightcompany.com/lumi-task-lamp/ I like the Luminos but you can have two Lumi for just a little more than the price of one Luminos Cheers, Nigel
  7. I’ve got three of the Trumpeter chisels - they are about £6 each - though I bought mine a few years ago for around £4 each. https://www.modellingtools.co.uk/trumpeter---mastertools-373-c.asp Caveat, I have not had cause to use them much, and I’m not an experienced modeller, but on the occasions I have used them they have seemed sharp and did what I expected of them. Cheers, Nigel
  8. It was and I won’t criticise the show for this but it did raise a question for me. Aren’t the yellow rescue Seakings operated by the RAF? If so are they available to the RN to do passenger drops out to submarines. In the drama the RN operations team referred to it as if it were there helicopter. As I said, not a criticism, it was nice to see it, just genuinely interested.
  9. Back in the 80s I regularly visited a nuclear establishment with work and when we drove in each morning you simply had to vaguely wave your pass up at the guard who stood a fair distance await and be waived through - there is no way that they could see any detail on it. Over a beer one night we joked that you could get in by waiving a beer mat (it was roughly the same colour), we were young at the time and one of the braver more tom-foolery colleagues tried it the next morning - got in no problem. That was the 80s though - you'd hope it was better these days. Cheers, Nigel
  10. In my case I’m just looking for a good light that will flood the workspace rather than be a spotlight. The primary reason is that I suffer from ageing eyesight (I’m 57) and without really bright light I struggle to see any detail. I’ve read that from the age of 50 onwards the human retina is only receives a third of the light it got in younger years. I get what you are saying about shadows but that is the least of my problems at the moment - my modelling skills probably aren’t that good for that to be a factor. Believe me, I make more mistakes through not being able to see the part I’m holding than from any adverse shadows. My ideal would be a single high level lamp that bathes the work area and is not in my way, rather than a spotlight that focusses on the work but is in the way. This one caught my eye, anyone tried it? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Daylight-Company-Slimline-Table-Lamp/dp/B07S4MR18C/?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_w=u6TnX&pf_rd_p=7da34691-fdd2-4c5f-8b6d-169e92629be0&pf_rd_r=FF9KTCK87WTWBH68QXDD&pd_rd_r=eb6273cf-a0f8-4b07-995a-eecfb0d47766&pd_rd_wg=jSOSQ&ref_=pd_gw_ci_mcx_mr_hp_d My other concern is colour temperature. I received a flyer from a company called SeriousReaders, which is predominantly for armchair side lamps for reading books - they are very expensive but describe all the issues I experience - the thing I note is that they have a colour temperature of 4000K whereas the cheaper ones, including those by the daylight company have a colour temperature of 6000K - wonder if the 6000K has too much blue light which is apparently bad for the eyes. Cheers, Nigel
  11. It’s like all (well most, Das Boot is a good exception) submarine movie and TV dramas - the real internal size of a submarine does not make for a good filming set. I thought parts of it looked quite good, the bunk areas, not sure how accurate they are but they looked convincingly compact. The torpedo room looked a reasonable size - calling the torpedos ‘Spearfighter’ caught my eye, was that because the name Spearfish is secret or some BAE Systems branding issue or to stress that this was fictitious. But other times the meandering through wide corridors, turning left and right made the boat feel huge as did the palatial command area. Overall I enjoyed it, but do fear that it is going to turn into another BBC woke-fest with every diversity checked and a ‘man-bad, woman-good’ theme. Cheers, Nigel
  12. Hi, Looking for recommendations for a light that will flood my workbench with good quality daylight, ideally without blue light. Searching finds loads, too many to choose one so interested in recommendations. Expecting to pay £150 or more.
  13. I mentioned those as an option. The problem is if you use multiple browsers and multiple devices. Cheers, Nigel
  14. Is this a report from a reputable source that the password you use for site XYZ is on a password leak list - I have seen this a few times. It doesn’t necessarily mean that site XYZ has been hacked or is the source of the leak - this can happen because you use the same password for multiple sites and it was site ABC that was the cause of the leak. Good sense is to use a different password for every site - sound sense but difficult to remember - I see relatives resort to a book of passwords that they keep by the side of their computer - doh! I was guilty of using the same password and I should know better given the business that I work in. I have now mostly swapped over to unique passwords that I can remember but I still have some of the old common passwords around and occasionally I get warnings. Another method is to use digital keychains, but I find those are not so flexible if you switch between many devices (home PC, phone, ipad, work PC, etc.). So I use an algorithm - this isn’t the one I use but to give you an idea - password is made up of Some rememberable but unrelated words like Custard, Llama, Bread, Diver, Chair - you get the idea, put some capitalisation in Some characters like @, #, £, &, +, avoid % and $ as they are used in database wildcarding so some developers won’t let you use in passwords because they can be used in script injection attacks Some numbers A few characters to identify the specific site, these are the only characters that make your password different to those of other sites, so for britmodeller you might choose BM or BRIT String them together in the same order for each password and you get something like BM#Frog283Custard@ You end up with a very strong password that is near impossible to hack, that is unique for each website and easy to remember. Cheers, Nigel
  15. Yes it certainly suggests that on the Elegoo pre-order too - just kicking myself that I took eyes off and missed the pre-order window - really annoying because I had been checking regularly before that. Hopefully there will be a another chance. Cheers, Nigel
  16. Has anyone bought direct from Anycubic, Elegoo or Phrozen recently, particularly post Brexit. I’m currently kicking myself because I missed the Mars 3 pre-order, no idea how because I started following it early in the year, but for some reason it slipped my mind and by the time I remembered they were all sold out. But what concerns me is what happens regarding import duty and taxes - should I be factoring these on top or are they already built in or do they bring to a UK warehouse first. The Elegoo pre-order suggested that for UK orders, the stock would be brought to a UK warehouse first and then distributed. Cheers, Nigel
  17. Really. I know that many of the other Airfix 1:35 AFVs have been inherited from Academy but I thought that the Cromwell was actually an Airfix mould - to my knowledge, Academy never did a Cromwell. I too am a little disappointed with the Airfix Cromwell - I wasn’t expecting Rye Field or Dragon but I was hoping for an improvement over the Tamiya. The tracks look good but unfortunately that is offset by the schoolboy error on the wheels. I think Airfix missed an opportunity as the old Tamiya is the only competition - they only needed to make an improvement and they would have corned the market. As it is I think we have a kit that is only a par with the Tamiya model, some bits are better, some bits are worse, price is about the same (if anything the Tamiya is cheaper). So I can see no compelling reason to buy the Airfix Cromwell over the Tamiya - opportunity missed. Cheers, Nigel
  18. Don’t think it will be a modest increase to start. I was interested in a Mars 3 but somehow forgot all about it and missed the pre-order window. The pre-order price at $399 is very attractive and indeed not that much more than the Mars 2 Pro but if it follows the same pattern as previously, the price will be significantly higher post pre-order. Mind you, I did see a comparison review of the Mars 2 Po and the Mars 3 which concluded that print quality was the same but the Mars 3 is a little faster. I would prefer to buy in the UK as importing incurs taxes and fees. In the UK the Mars 2 Pro can be had for around £230, I suspect the Mars 3 will start out at £300 as a minimum. The Mars 2 can be had for £180. I wasn’t planning on getting a wash and cure machine, just the printer. But you are absolutely correct, I would feel uncomfortable buying a Mars 2 when the Mars 3 has just hit the streets, but I could kick myself for missing the pre-orders so unless they do another batch at $299 I will probably hang on until the price drops. The DLP is interesting but probably more expensive than I would be prepared to pay - and as you say, I may not even see the benefit or need. Cheers, Nigel
  19. The Anycubic DLP looks very interesting. In a way, I wish I had not seen this report because I am planning to buy a 2K mono in the next few weeks, but now I’m thinking whether I should hold fire. Problems are price and the teething issues with new technology. After watching the video I see that the DLP will be priced as $399 for the first 100 Kickstarter backers $499 for the subsequent Kickstarter backers $599 for retail (Amazon) So quite a bit more than I was planning to pay for an Elegoo Mars 2 Pro. Prices will come down of course as time passes and there is more competition but do I want to wait another year? Decisions.
  20. Very nice and it taught me something that I never knew - that the name was ‘US Army Air Forces’ plural not singular. Nigel
  21. How on earth? I looked at the photos and I was really expecting the model to be at least 150mm tall and then I saw that last photo with the AK bottle and that blew my mind. That is amazing, I’m in awe. Cheers, Nigel
  22. Personally, I'd use Mr Color then. I've never used them myself because I am restricted to mail order and the first ones I got were Vallejo so I've stayed with them - not out of loyalty but out of consistency - you can't beat having a local shop that you can pop in and get supplies as you need them. I'd stay away from Tamiya if brush painting - they are good for airbrushing but they dry so quickly brush painting is difficult without using additives. In my opinion, enamels are still the best, for both hand and air brushing. I don't use them myself because I bought into the whole, water is best, save the environment etc. And there is a lot in that, especially if airbrushing. Enamels are great but they are a bit noxious in use and especially in clean-up. The other downside with enamels is many couriers won't ship them so you end up using expensive couriers and to make it worthwhile you have to by quite a few at a time. Whenever, I have seen colour comparison charts the most consistently accurate is Colourcoats. They are enamels and I don't think they are widely distributed, so that usually means mail order and high courier prices. Cheers, Nigel
  23. One question - do you have a local model shop or do you have to order online? If you are fortunate enough to have a nearby model shop then I would be inclined to use what they stock - it is so convenient to be able able to just pop in and buy a single bottle of paint when you need it. I have to shop online, so find myself have to build up orders to make the order and postage worthwhile. If I need a colour I’ll either put it on a list until it is worth putting in an order or add other colours or items that I don’t really need but could be useful. It would be great to have a local shop. The next question would be airbrushing or hand brushing? Cheers, Nigel
  24. Great build - fantastic ship. Interesting fact, HMS Victory had more firepower (by poundage) then the Allied Force had at the Battle of Waterloo. One picky comment - the ratlines would look better in black (tarred rope). Cheers, Nigel
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