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  1. Nice start, Ray! It would have been a nice looking aeroplane...… Brent
  2. Hi Moa I've managed to find a couple of photos of Guinea Air Traders Ansons - VH-AKH and VH-AYD (both in black and white) The photo of AKH seems to show all over natural metal with aluminium dope fabric surfaces. The engine cowlings (which are humped) are in a dark colour (black or red perhaps) with a thin cheat line. It looks to have an emblem on the rudder (GAT flash perhaps). There is also a fairing on the starboard nose above and behind the ventral window. The photo of AYD (which has crashed near Bulolo, New Guinea) has even fewer markings (just the rego). The cowlings are not visible and it's not a good shot. I can PM you these pictures if it would help regards Cashman
  3. Good to see you active again, Pappy Hope the job is going well
  4. Well done! and I thought the 1/48 Camel was small.......
  5. Once again, the Martian has decided to show me the way to lessen the stash levels I await the expose with interest.......
  6. I've joined the layabouts - may be overqualified..........
  7. Good work, Pappy! more reference work for the stash
  8. always good to see something unusual! More power to the tentacles, Martian
  9. Great video, Jessica - thanks for posting. Watch the early B-52 testing (approx. 16:30) and note the apparently uncommanded "gear-up", the quick reaction of the co-pilot and the subsequent sound of metal on runway...............
  10. John yes I do - knee deep in a 1/48th WB-57 even as we speak......... The PR.9 is calling as well.... must resist
  11. more Cranberryness from John - excellent! I can watch the artistry without thinking " there's another one I should be getting around to....."
  12. made it myself, your honour exactly from what escapes me, but probably part of a fuel tank courtesy of the spares box, with a piece of plastic card to space it out a bit....
  13. So, it's back - rescued from the depths of page 20. Where did that 3 months go? Life and too many other projects in the way, but some progress should be obvious. It is a beautiful design without all the later bumps! For some reason the port outer wing panel contour doesn't match the inner wing - hence the milliput awaiting attention..... The prototype fin intake is tubing, laminated plastic card and elbow grease Still some work to be done on the tailplane bullet. canopy fits (nearly) - paint can't be too far away
  14. Go, you good thing!! a truly serious vacform
  15. Great attention to detail, Bill, and thanks to all for the excellent research material. I still don't know how you guys know exactly what is in my stash though - but I really do appreciate the assistance. just got to find enough time for this one too..........
  16. hi all here's where it's at The nose join was easier than I expected it to be, and the Flightpath resin intakes are a beautiful thing. The keen-eyed will note that the fin is being rebuilt - this follows a discovery that resin that is either not fully mixed or too old (not sure which, but probably the latter) actually eats plastic! Who knew? Obviously not me..... The underside shows the repairs to the nose profile required by some over-enthusiastic sanding Apart from that, looking like a Victor. The outer wings obviously require a bit more work.... The wing tips need to be faired in and the gaps filled. More sanding awaits!
  17. another participant in the Prototype Parade. Great to see
  18. was that the Planet Models kit? yet another stash denizen.... Any issues? Looks like a very tidy job......
  19. sorry - inadvertent entering........ as you can see, the nose is attached and the fin base intake is about half finished. I have squared up the airbrake area. The step is quite manageable both above and below, and the line should look right forward of the nose gear bay. sorry about the out-of focus photo - in my defence it was taken at 4am before I went to work however, it is good enough to show that the fuselage sides line up pretty well and the gap is eminently fillable. Onwards with plastic card and putty!
  20. Not sure about quality modelling here, Bob - most of mine is usually fairly agricultural okay, current state of affairs
  21. Carlos, the problem I see with cutting further back is that you will get the correct fuselage length, but end up with the wrong shaped front fuselage? or have I misread your intentions?
  22. Thanks Martian - those intakes don't look like any kind of fun at all I must admit fixing the Matchbox intakes was another of the reasons to do something other than a B.2! Was the Lindberg kit nominally a B.2? Hi Carlos the fin intake: I guess it's for the B.1 or do they include the prototypical one? At my current astounding rate of progress, I may have the fuselage finished before the conversion arrives
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