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  1. Thanks Joachim.To be honest I stole it from a friend armor builder who used it for a panzer IV, so you won't be the first to steal All my fellow armor builder kept telling me that I should raise the base to make tha tank more visible, so I lent the idea and built a box out of forex, painted black and added pictures from my references
  2. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate
  3. Thanks a lot, guys. I really appreciate
  4. Hi all, I've been away for a long time, but in the meantime I managed to almost finish this model. It's still missing some detail on the base and a figure that a friend will paint for me and I will add later. And this is the result: Hope you like it...
  5. The tracks look very nice, were they difficult to assemble?
  6. Sorry, I had missed the tarp part Very nice result on the kangeroo, and nice turret too on that M4A1
  7. Nice choice and great progresses Looking forward to seeing the hairspray technique applied.
  8. Oh, I suppose I'm a little disappointed. I was hoping to read some great new progress I guess I'm a little bit spoiled by you two (Garfield included)
  9. No internal detail at all, unfortunately. But I will make it closed, so it isn't a great issue The air scrubbers are provided in two different shapes, one with a "house roof" on top and four straps to close them, and the one I used. The instructions say that the overall sand one used this type, so I decided to stick to them, as I didn't have any picture that could say they were wrong.
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