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  1. It's a lot of work opening up the framework, I still remember the blisters... an electric tool is definitely the way to go. Don't think about how the 4 side pods are 'handed' (in 2 axes...) and you'll be ok... I still haven't worked out how (or even IF) I'll address that issue when I build one for myself, but there're heaps of other models to finish first. I must admit I have a big problem with the "the moulds are lost, so we can't produce any more, ever" argument, especially these days... ever heard of 3-D scanning and CAM? mutter... Good luck with the build; I still think it's a really cool design, even if the model's generally regarded as not true 1/72... hmm, an inaccurately-scaled model of a fictional craft... anyone else see the 'plot hole' in that argument? LOL Cheers
  2. Great Work, Bandit! The 'Punkers at Oamaru will be commencing work in due course, I'm sure... Omegaman, what about finely sieved Kitty Litter? You could either soak it in Coffee/Tea, paint it, or leave it in it's natural glory... FWIW Cheers
  3. Oops... better research and fewer shortcuts next time... 7.5/10, Must Do Better - See Me After Class. But it's good to see a Lewis, PIAT and Vickers available without having to buy an armoured vehicle kit to go with them... For SMLEs, though, I'm still quite happy with Italeri's... and you get a swag of other stuff also. FWIW
  4. Ooh, yeah!! USCMC Marines in styrene!! MultiPose-style, please - so we can mix'n'match... though even polythene might be acceptable, as long as we get some...
  5. I find that my 'modelling advisor' actually *inhibits* progress, but as they say, YMMV lol
  6. I must admit I wondered if something was up, with all the 'unable to load' messages I was getting, but now we are 'better, stronger, faster' - and as has been said, we will just have to live with it in any case! I'm not actively disliking it, but it's only the first time I've been on since the change... I must say I like the 'Preview Topic' button. Cheers
  7. Now that's some nice work, right there! I thought I'd done some tiny stuff, but I'll have to admit I don't have the eyes for that! Cheers
  8. IIRC the Pheasants weren't kept in service too long after the guns with the 'proper' carriage came into service - it was to do with the barrel being 'shot out' (too worn out) and the 25-pdr carriage being over-stressed from the greater recoil. Thinking of Sicily/Italy, how about an M5 or M9 half-track? I know I've seen such a combo in the old Ellis book on the US half-track family. I'm planning on exactly that for my Airfix Kiwi 17-pdr. Mouse House of Australia has a very nice conversion for the Tamiya kit and price-wise it's a much better option than the Dragon job. (no connection other than as a satisfied customer) HTH Rick
  9. I must admit to making a bit of a Dog's Breakfast of both the Airfix Churchill and Buffalo, mostly due to the small running gear. When I got a Matchbox Churchill it was a whole lot easier, due to the way the wheels and springs are moulded in complete runs. Not to say the Airfix kit isn't redeemable, I'm just a lazy modeller... Guess which I favour...
  10. Howdy, Steve - how's life Down South? Yeah, I've got both those pics bookmarked now and hopefully that should be what I need to make a decent rendition. Still, as I'm working in 1/72 there's leeway to either fudge or gloss over some of the more obscured detail... I haven't explored Wiki very much, so was unaware of the photo part... Cheers
  11. Thanks, Smudge Not exactly what I was after, but could come in handy some time. Cheers
  12. Cheers, I have the upper one with the Airfix article - but the Wiki ones are new, so result! (Who knew there was a 'WikiMEDIA', as well as a 'pedia'? - well, not me, at any rate...) Than Kew
  13. G'day all I'm hoping someone will be able to point me in the direction of some photos of this beastie. I have the Airfix Magazine with the late-war Vosper version which mounted these, so I have a plan for it, but I'm unable to find anything on t'web with pictures other than those in the article. Thanks for any and all help. Cheers Rick
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