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  1. "Given the weight and drag of the boom"........ not to mention the counter-balancing weight carried in the rear fuselage.
  2. Re. My last post. Delete "5", insert "4".
  3. Re. the report referenced above. A crew of 5 were named as listed by G R Morrison above.
  4. According to "Luftwaffe Crash Archive 8", He111H-8 Wn.3971, G1+EM crashed at Fulford Hall, Shirley at 00.35 on 11/5/41 and the following was noted: six MG15, one MG17 from the tail and one 20mm free mounted cannon; four 250kg and one 1000kg bombs carried, which exploded in the vicinity of the crash; the leading edge edge of the wings was protected by a balloon cable deflector rail which stretched from wingtip to wingtip. Bearing in mind that the crash report detailed accurately what was found, it suggests that the H-8 was carrying what amounted t
  5. There's an old RS models conversion for the He111H-8 (7241), inaccurately based on the Italeri He111H-6, no doubt long oop. I've sent you a dm.
  6. I'm not back home till Monday, but if you're still after a copy drop an email to hendrybill(at)aol(dot)com and I'll send you a scan.
  7. I have the ICM kit somewhere in the stash. IIRC it's their standard plastic with different decals, no peilg iv fitting and I seem to remember that there was some dispute about whether the codes should be grey or red. Try Goggling "peilg iv icm".
  8. Either there's a photo or..... ...... they're all copying the first profile based on ???
  9. The only other article in the CC series prior to the Dec '15 "A Malta Story Pt.1 Operation Newman 4-13 April 42", listed on the cover as "CC Spitfires to Malts Part 1", is: June '03. Post war Beaufighter Schemes; written by David Howley. There are a few other articles by Paul Lucas that I've noted in the SAM indices: May '00. Introducing RAF Camouflage April '15. Scale Colour File Boulton Paul Defiant May '15. Scale Colour File Boulton Paul Defiant July '15. Forgotten Few 2 Oct '15. Forgotten Few 4
  10. The first CC was, as noted above, in the Sept. '01 SAM although Paul Lucas had written articles previously; for example, "Civil Aircraft Modelling - Do Civil Colours Really Matter?" in April '01. The early CCs are as follows: Sept 01. 2TAF Green. Nov 01. Shades of Olive Drab. (Interestingly listed as "CC 3" in the index although l can't find a #2!). Dec 01. The Hawaiian Operation. Jan 02. Merlin-engined Seafire Colours. Feb 02. Olive Drab. (Written by Dana Bell). Mar 02. Spitfire Experimental Colours.
  11. bil


    Both the Hasegawa Ju88S-1/3 and the Ju188A/E kits have both the Jumo213 and BMW801 props and cowlings. Afaik there are at least 3 boxing of their Ju88G-6. The Italeri BMWs lack the cooling fans.
  12. bil


    I stand corrected. The AMT kits were an "homage" to Italeri's mouldings. AMTech in turn used AMT's modified mouldings. For what it's worth, AMT released two (I think) boxings: a C4/C6 and a G1/G6. Watch out for (and make sure you avoid) the two earlier Revell releases of the A4 and the C6 dating back to the late 60s.
  13. bil


    AMTech no longer trade, however their kits are available on the "pre-loved" market. They're based on the old Italeri moundings, modified as appropriate, although they offer the Jumo211 cowls rather than the correct Jumo213.
  14. If the Academy Me262 is the benchmark, Airfix are shooting at an open goal!
  15. bil

    JV44 stripe size?

    I'm almost convinced that the stripes were white, as shown on every reference, but I've never quite understood why it wouldn't have been easier and quicker to mask the 76 undersides and just spray red for the same effect.
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