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  1. Wow, the roast of Rob Lowe was brutal. Funniest thing I've seen in a long time.

  2. Is it just me, or does Rio seem like a total dump? Athletes being robbed at knife point and bullet holes in media tents, who decided giving them the Olympics was a good idea?

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    2. Alan P

      Alan P

      I'm surprised Rio was chosen for the road cycling. It always struck me as a pretty precarious location with steep, winding inclines around every corner. Also poverty and inequality do not make good partners for masses of naive tourists loaded with cash.

    3. Stosh65


      Cant complain about the cycling, both races were pretty spectacular.

    4. Rick Brown

      Rick Brown

      There's an Olympics on?

  3. Windows 10 seems to work pretty well.

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    2. Class377fcc12


      I don't understand why some people are so against it!

    3. Brad


      I resisted for a long time, but decided to get it since the free period is coming to and end. You're right, just playing with it tonight, it's much faster.

    4. Rick Brown

      Rick Brown

      Tis ok, but only use it on my works note book. Still don't come across it's usage in business very much though.

  4. Long live the United Kingdom.

    1. Greg B

      Greg B

      Leave the politics off this or take a holiday.

  5. What is it with some companies; they don't answer emails or messages. It's like they don't want to sell their goods.

    1. SleeperService


      I sympathise completely having all but given up on getting some stuff. I'd also like to know.

  6. Strange that I found rigging quite fun.

    1. MikeW


      That is one of the last things I remember saying too before the men in white coats knocked at my door.

    2. Brad
    3. Darby


      Pervert LOL

  7. Washing the cars that just drive around on roads and live undercover, makes me wonder if there's no such thing as too much weathering for any combat vehicle on the Eastern Front!

    1. TheBaron


      My Skoda estate is in permanent 'post-Kursk' condition due to rural roads...

  8. So much gunk in the body of my airbrush, it had glued the air valve shut.

    1. Vanroon


      Cleanliness is adjacent to goodliness.

  9. A couple of ciders really takes the edge of masking.

    1. Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies

      Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies

      So long as it hasn't changed the edges of masking!

    2. Stosh65


      Or led to the masking of edges.

    3. Jinxman


      ..or the edging of masks...

  10. Greatest Wrong Calls of the 20th Century #85; You need to learn maths because you're not going to have a graphics calculator on you where ever you go.

  11. Playing finals for the third year in a row. Defending 188 tomorrow in the semi, will need early wickets I think.

  12. Wishing all the atheists a merry mythmas and a logical new year.

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    2. Nomore Shelfspace

      Nomore Shelfspace

      You mean Rational New Year.

    3. Brad


      Ah, rational, logical, I'm cool with either.

    4. SleeperService


      I hope it does get brighter, couldn't find a virgin to sacrifice this Solstice :-(

  13. A young orphan farm boy is radicalised after an unprovoked military strike that kills his whole family. After indoctrination into an ancient religion he carries out a terrorist attack, killing thousands...I love Star Wars.

    1. thepureness
    2. SleeperService


      That is very clever! I likes it a lot.

    3. PhantomMajor


      is this what you are talking about:

  14. Andy Murray says he'll quit the Australian Open for the birth of his child. No need for that Andy, it's due the second week.

  15. West Indies vs Australia test match is a total snooze fest. Windies don't look like taking another wicket and even the commentators sound bored!

    1. FalkeEins


      ..they'll probably hammer you in the one-dayers...hope!

  16. Damnit, my the valve in my Aztek airbush died tonight....oh well it was 16 years old, new airbrush in my future.

    1. jenko


      Give it a good soak in acetone and wash with water. HTH

    2. Alan P

      Alan P

      Are they still under lifetime guarantee? I just sent mine to Testors and got a new one back.

    3. Brad


      Ah, nah I voided my warrenty years ago as I open the body to clean it. Good news though, I found I'd just blown the air line from the valve to the nozzle so a little jerry rigging some new pipe and I'm good to go! Phew!

  17. What's the best think about a plastic bag costing 5p? That cupboard next to your mums sink is now worth about 800 quid!

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    2. stevej60


      funny we must have had at least twenty bags for life up to now.

    3. stevej60


      funny we must have had at least twenty bags for life up to now.

    4. Rick Brown

      Rick Brown

      They ain't bags for life! Just dragged out our old Tescos bags to find they're falling to pieces!

  18. Some days, it's just not worth putting on pants.

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    2. Brad


      LOL, only had 2 beers all weekend.

    3. SleeperService


      After the rugby I have to ask how big were the two beers??

    4. Steve Coombs
  19. Went for a walk this afternoon and saw a huge tiger snake sitting on a rock.

  20. I need to stop building cheap and nasty kits. I've bought 4 brand new Kinetic Mirages and what model do I pull out and glue together? The Academy Mirage IIIC...something wrong with me!

  21. How many times can South Africa choke in the world cup?!?

  22. Cracked open a 45 year old bottle of Johnny Walker Black...oh yeh, that's the stuff!

    1. Pete in Lincs

      Pete in Lincs

      I've never knoen a bottle to last longer than a couple of weeks.

    2. Brad


      It's only lasted this long because dad doesn't drink it and forbid me from opening it until now.

    3. Pete in Lincs
  23. My wife is a psychopathic homeopath. She's been trying to posion me for at least 20 years.

    1. wallyinoz


      if she was any good at it you'd surely be dead by now.. or are you talking about her cooking LOL

    2. MikeW


      You lucky dog - I have to make my own poison

  24. What do you do to an elephant with three balls? You walk him and pitch to the rhino.

  25. So rap music promotes gun violence? Well I've been listening to the 1812 Overture all week and I'm yet to commit a drive-by cannoning.

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    2. dfqweofekwpeweiop4


      I feel like dropping some bouncing bombs on something after watching The Dambusters yesterday

    3. Darby


      I can think of a good selection of targets in a 20 mile radius of Tavistock, just don't hit my house. The car I don't mind

    4. Rick Brown

      Rick Brown

      Some bloke managed to cannon into my Seat Leon last year.

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