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  1. My latest work, since i usualy do airplanes ,same scale, this is not my "ordinary" job. Every comment and critique is helpful.Thanks for watching.
  2. YES, all big markings except tail are airbrushed, so you are right about that. Thank you all for a kind words.
  3. Great model to build... Thanks for watching.
  4. This project is on hold for some time. But, the answer to your question, it is very difficult to fit everything right , the resin cockpit floor you should grid to the thickness of the micron (when the floor becomes transparent), then you try to thick plastic of nose whel bay (again, till it get almost transparent)... and even than ...it's hard to fit it in nose part of the fuselage. I hope i helped you, because i couldn't help myself.
  5. Well,in this part i didn‚t take any participation,in fact, Eduard did that, in decal productaion and decal design.I didn't research. Now, after i photographed my model ,I did aplied some glue on the front wheel in the right position. Thank you.
  6. My first work in this, New Year, I hope that you like it.
  7. Okay, that is the main problem with my model and I am aware of it, I didn`t catch the colors but now ,when I look at the pictures and at a model it self, not so sure about colors, that is the reason why I need more opinion.So,here you are probably right ,again. One side handle is from Italeri kit and a other side is made from electric copper wire.
  8. Thank you,that was useful, unfortunatly,for some of my next Hurricane model.
  9. Great Airfix kit with "Xtradecal" and "Maketar" masks for RAF insignias for Hurricanes. Every opinion,especialy about colors is wellcome.Vallejo color were used. Here are some pictures:
  10. You are right,seats are H5 from Hypersonic models. Two H7,from Aires set, are now spare parts.
  11. here is My current build, Academy F-4C , Robin Olds USAF markings. Box and parts plus two Eduard sets and Aires resin cockpit. First I started with armarment... ... than some cockpit details, (Aires resin is great) Here some estra paint work need to be done, ..and front wheel bay, still work in progress..
  12. I just saw this topic and this is what I` plan to do next Year,USAF in Vietnam war. Academy F-4C, Tamiya A-1J Skyraider and first of all Hobby boss F-105G all in 1/48, so, count Me in.
  13. Here is my latest project, more "in progres" pics here: http://www.maketarskikutak.com/index.php/topic,16492.0.html At last, my Harrier collection...
  14. For decals try here, http://lifthereserbia.wordpress.com/ , Lift Here Decals from Serbia.
  15. My latest work, excelent and acurate model. Link to WIP pictures http://www.maketarskikutak.com/index.php/topic,15521.0.html. I hope you like it .
  16. Nice model you make there. i just starting to build one of these, but i`m not sure it will be one of the Malta`s spitfires.Definitly not easiest kit to make.
  17. My first finished model here,hope you liked.
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