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  1. I'm sure it's something that they could do.
  2. I use a free version of paint.net for this sort of thing, it allows you to edit photos in so many ways aswell as saving the pictures you've altered or found on internet into various formats including PNG, JPEG, BMP & GIF to name but a few. Lightshot is good for cropping pics or making screenshots. Both of these are meant for Win 10, you could check alternativeto.net for similar things available on android/iphone/ipad/mac etc
  3. May be worth keeping an eye on the HMRC exchange rates. It'll tell you, usually monthly, what rates currencies are calculated at from each country to the £. Presume EU countries to be added in for January 2021.
  4. Plenty of room there for more models, especially if you make up some roller racking like they use in archiving rooms
  5. A few photos available - https://photos.384thbombgroup.com/index.php?/category/G42-31435
  6. There is also a large list of shops and websites on the scalemates website which i try to keep updated often(ish). Working 12+ hours a day most days on a 5 days on 3 days off shift pattern does seem to limit my mojo somewhat though. You can access shops on the toolbar where the Home, Notification, Mail, News Feed etc buttons are by clicking the 3 dots between Magazines and Updates to expand the menu. You'll get a map with red markers indicating shops close to you if you're registered and signed in otherwise you can use the + and - signs to zoom in and out. Each red marker i
  7. I personally refer to the list of paints on this website, no membership or login required http://www.exclusively-jaguar.co.uk/2016-news/january-2016-news/general-information/
  8. Another alternate history could be that the British re-engined the Spitfire for tests and found it was superior to the Merlin so reverse engineered and produced the DB engine in large numbers equipping many aircraft.
  9. I have Microsofts Windows Defender and Avast Anti-Virus running all the time, never an issue. I do the additional scans using Malwarebytes.
  10. Thats not right. One firewall but you can run as many anti-virus as you like. I have 2 anti-virus running at all times with no ill effect plus another i just use for scanning to be triple sure.
  11. Thing is you can run just one firewall at a time and multiple anti-virus programs. I certainly wouldn't ever just rely on one anti-virus program yet i do know some that do along with the standard MS firewall which only blocks infected traffic one way (inbound) supposedly. Bare minimum people need a firewall that blocks dodgy doings inbound and outbound, plus at least 2 AV programs running scans weekly.
  12. At least you can view it and can message over items you're interested in, i'm sure that section was unavailable to people with less than 100 posts at some point.
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