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    IT, movies, reading, modelling (starting), PC-games, classic cars, music.<br /><br />I'm starting to enjoy "at-home" hobbies, due to a recent injury
  1. The latest update is that I finally got my package from ModelHobbies!! Now I feel a bit more prepared
  2. I love my lamp. So far, my only purchase into this hobby. With a lid, so it can be used as a standard desklamp. And light tube all the way round, so my hands won't create shadows
  3. Finished cockpit and wheel well. Tried doing some kind of wash for effect. Tolerable result. I did NOT like the decals. Stiff, little detail, huge edges made for a tiny fight with tiny tweezers Cockpit. Changed paintscheme to something I felt looked better than all gray with olive seat. Wheel well. Mixed black with matte topcoat, then used cotton swab to remove excess. Looking at this makes me feel the need for putty... Can any old superfine putty work?
  4. Posting the progress of my third model. EVER. On this one I want to dabble with putty, removing lines and first go with an airbrush. I wish I could add more detail, but I don't feel that experienced yet.. It'll just have to wait to I have the opportunity to visit a hobbyshop, and the closest is a 9 hours drive away in Trondheim Kit box Instructions Sprue Cockpit, taking care to scripe lines and flash
  5. Hi everyone! For my 30th birthday I "inherited" all the kits, paints and stuff, even an airbrush from a friend of mine. He was just bored with it, and gave it all to me. In it were a few half-builds, some unopened kits and a D.O.A, full of glue and misplaced bits. I suspect a ragequit had happened... In any case, I tried it, got into it, and now I enjoy the hobby. So now I bring to you my two VERY first attempts at this art. I know, all of these have an "off" paintscheme, but I could only do so much with what I got First attempt Second attempt Now. working on the
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