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  1. Any source for these drawings please?
  2. Some time ago I read on a website (which I can no longer find) that a small number of R-10's were supplied by the Soviet Union to the KMT Chinese Central Government (or perhaps to the Ma Clique Moslem warlords in Northwest China). Can anyone confirm/deny this please?
  3. Thanks for the details. Ley
  4. Does anyone have details of this company and its range of kits please?
  5. Thanks for that. At least I now have some possible details to add. Ley
  6. I'm looking for details of the "internals" in the open rear compartment of this vehicle.
  7. Thanks for all the info'. Ley
  8. I'm looking for drawings for this aircraft. Any help will be much appreciated.
  9. Were any armoured cars used by Ottoman forces during WW1?
  10. I'm looking for colours/markings for both the Types G and H.
  11. leyreynolds

    Air Enthusiast

    I have a vague memory of a series of articles on the Albatross D.I/II/III/V. Can anyone confirm this and give me the relevant issues please?
  12. Thanks for the info'.
  13. leyreynolds

    Junkers D.I

    Does anyone have details of Freikorps' use of this type in the Baltic states 1918-20 please, as well as colours/markings/photo's?
  14. I'm confused as to the dimensions of the Type L. Cyberspace lists span as 11.2m and length 6.88m but I have seen these quoted in books/magazines as 10.2m and 6.3m. Any clarification will be much appreciated.
  15. leyreynolds

    Roland Garros

    Does anyone have details of the MS Type L in which Garros was shot down please?
  16. Yes everyone seems to have photographed that aircraft and no others.
  17. Thanks for the details. Ley
  18. Thanks for the details. Ley
  19. I'm looking for details of Type L's in RNAS service, especially those in the Aegean.
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