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  1. I also have a vinyl kit (uggh!) of Judge Death. I think I will be doing him when my painting skills have got a great deal better.... Cheers. Chris.
  2. I am (kinda) building Judge Dredd at the moment. The film was absolute dog's eggs, but I do like the look of this figure. I think the kit should look scrub up very nicely. I will be following you efforts very closely. Cheers. Chris.
  3. Evening, All. I recently bought several Videoaviation resin bits-and-pieces. I entirely agree with the comments made above. Very nice details, well-moulded, good boxes / presentation and a bit cheaper than some resin producers we could mention. The shipping charge from Italy was pretty darn reasonable and the items took about 2.5 weeks to arrive on my UK doorstep. Very much recommended. Cheers. Chris.
  4. Excellent, superb and lovely-to-look-at. I wish I had even half of your skill, my friend. Thank you for sharing. Chris.
  5. Afternoon, All. Just in case folks were not aware.... This Sunday (1st March), Colonel Rich Graham (US Air-force, Retired) will be giving a talk about his flying career at Duxford Museum. In the afternoon, he will be giving a "walk-around" tour of the aircraft he flew from Mildenhall airbase. I have been a couple of times and it's WELL worth going, if you are able. Normal museum admission charges apply. Cheers Chris.
  6. Morning, All. I was chatting to a fella from the Duxford Military Vehicle Preservation Society and he said that BAE Systems sold this to the museum for the very reasonable sum of £1! And that included the delivery. He said that the gun breeches have been removed - for obvious reasons - and that the radar system was great at tracking air-liners in the local area. Cheers. Chris.
  7. That looks very cool, indeed, my friend. I had this kit a few years ago, but the build looked to be more than I really wanted to commit to (I know, I'm a wuss....!) Thanks very much for sharing. Your weathering skills are very impressive. Keep up the good work. Chris.
  8. A great tribute to your building & painting skills, my friend. It's great to see a famous figure kit that really looks like the character. Thanks for sharing with us. Chris.
  9. Hi, Pittnuma. Just in case you've not tried this already..... It would be worth you keeping an eye on E-Bay for 1/16th scale tank parts. To give you an example, I recently bought a 1/16 Sherman turret for less than 10 quid on the 'Bay (looks to be in new condition). It could prove a cheaper source of the bits that you're looking for. If I remember correctly, there was a King Tiger upper hull on recently for less than 20 quid. Cheers. Chris.
  10. Top-of-the-range building and painting skills on display here, my friend. I would pay good money to have even half your ability for building models. Many thanks for sharing. Chris.
  11. Looking forward to seeing this progressing..... Thanks very much for sharing. Chris.
  12. What I would give to be able to paint even HALF as well as this tank...? Very, very, very excellent stuff, Sir. Thanks for sharing. Chris.
  13. I believe this "spot" technique is usually "pin" or filter washing. Chris.
  14. Hi, Blanik. Use two coats of Microscale Decal Film on the decal sheet. This should stop the decals from falling apart when they come out of the water. Hope this helps. Chris.
  15. Very good build and painting skills on display, here. I'm really looking forward to seeing how she progresses. Thanks for sharing. Chris.
  16. Hi, Robin-42. I just read your message about having only two model shops within striking distance. It could be worse.... if you live in London you have the choice of exactly one model shop. In a city of 8.5 million people, that strikes me as pretty pathetic. Whilst people have argued that you can get everything on-line (which is very true), there is something nice about being able to have a look in the box before you buy. Moan over..... Chris.
  17. Two great examples of the Fortress, Sir. Thanks very much for sharing. Cheers.
  18. I don't think this will be relevant to the original poster, but for anyone living in the UK, who make trips to the RAF museum in London, the Hendon shop is happy to take donations of second-hand magazines. I recently passed a load on to them, as the prospect of putting them on Evil-Bay did not fill me with joy. Cheers. Chris. Does anyone know if the museum at RAF Cosford also takes in second-hand magazines? They definitely take books, as I have often bought SH books from them.
  19. Superb build and paint skills! Thanks very much for sharing. Chris.
  20. Am I the only life-form on the planet who fears that the new film will be a big disappointment? The fact that Disney are holding the purse-strings does not bode well at all......IMHO. Cheers. Chris.
  21. It's obvious from the words of Steven Soderbergh that he's completely obsessed with film history, but why did he feel that 2001 needed a re-cut? Kubrick would have HATED the idea of anyone re-editing his films. No great surprise that Soderbergh has been asked to remove his cut. Chris.
  22. Very nice collection of models there, my friend. I would post some shots of what I completed last year, but it would comprise exactly NO photos (Big Sigh!) Thanks for sharing. Chris.
  23. Just to really throw the cat amongst the pigeons here.... Are we just a bit too obsessed with capturing "realism" when we paint our kits? Personally, I would much rather see a tank weathered to within an inch of its life and fully exhibiting the maker's painting skills, than one which looks like it's just rolled off a production line. The reason? For my money, brand new tanks are just pretty BORING to look at. Francois Verlinden is a good case in point. OK, so his dioramas have never matched any wartime photos you've ever seen, but for simple "artistry" and execution, I think he's in the top three plastic model-makers in history (some may disagree... and that's fair enough). The short version of my argument is that the "appearance" of a finished kit is actually a lot more important than how close it looks to a particular, historical photo. Simply my two-penneth, folks. This is really not intended to cause a huge row on Britmodeller...... Chris.
  24. OK, so that's some shots of the real aircraft. Can we see some photos of your kit now, please? Oh, hold on....... Chris.
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