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  1. To be frank, I don't really care how they justify that figure. It is incredibly easy to hide incompetence, hubris and greed in a load of supposed "facts". With the exception of the vaccination-jab programme, the government's handling of the Covid crisis has been shockingly poor, haphazard and random. Chris.
  2. As I understand it, Steve and the boys quite literally LIVE in that van during their very busy Summer season. The damage will be quite a blow to them, I'm sure. Chris.
  3. I'm gonna go a wee bit "political" here (my apologies to Mike and all the other Mods). 35 Billion Quid spent on the Track & Trace system...? I think we can all see where the real scam happened. Chris.
  4. As I understand it, WNW allegedly defaulted on some of their final payments to the (un-named) Chinese factory which was developing the Lancaster moulds for them. After a period of time and absence of completed payments, the factory then sold the moulds to Border Models, to help cover their costs. Of course, we might never know the entire, un-embellished story. Cheers. Chris.
  5. Jackson's "stock" in Hollywood has become somewhat tarnished in recent years (although he is still in the top fifty industry figures, I would have thought). Let's look at his record in the last ten years: Directed "The Lovely Bones" - Truly DREADFUL box-office (not too surprisingly - a film about child abduction and murder, anyone? Errr... no, thanks). Produced "Immortal Engines" - again, very poor box-office (I switched it off after 15 minutes - the script was utter garbage, acting was not great and the special-effects were pretty unconvincing. How do you make entire cities move in a "realistic" way?). Has sold his award-winning Weta Studios to an American studio - couldn't be bothered to keep them going himself? Or he just gets bored easily? Has been investigated by the New Zealand government for the alleged misuse of public money loaned to his organization (of course, no one in Hollywood could care less about this, but it does make me wonder...) I believe they dropped the investigation, though. Lord of the Rings Volumes 4-6: As I understand it, they brought in SOME money but no where near the heady days of the first trilogy. That's what happens when you take a very short book and stretch the story out to cover ten hours of screen-time. I have a feeling that even the most die-hard fans were getting tired of them by this point. There's an old saying in Tinseltown: "Your only as good as your last movie's box-office". Chris.
  6. I know that international shipping-costs have exploded in the last 2 years, but that is "extracting the proverbial"! Chris.
  7. Thanks for the clarification of the supposed location. All references to Italy now changed to France. Cheers. Chris.
  8. Undoubtedly a diorama, with all the Soviet troops involved. Excellent work, BTW. Cheers. Chris.
  9. Thanks for the reply, Black Knight. Admittedly, I haven't watched the movie in many a year. Does anyone see any irony here? The film came out in 1970 and was apparently a massive hit. At a time when the American "Love and Peace" movement was at its height.... Cheers. Chris.
  10. If folks have read the book "Jaguar Boys", there is a photo in there that must count as some of the lowest-level flying ever. I think the incident occurred in Oman. It depicts the roof of a small car, which had been hit by the belly fuel-tank of a Jaguar. The really remarkable thing is, someone was driving the car at the time. Apparently, they were uninjured! Cheers. Chris.
  11. That weathering adds some much-needed personality to a rather boring-looking airframe, IMHO. Chris.
  12. A sad sight. How many of our smaller aviation museums, with most of their airframes outside, will have suffered badly from the recent storms? Cheers. Chris.
  13. There was a suggestion some time ago that the V-22's could be used as dedicated Special Forces airframes. With the current state of the British economy and our massive COVID expenditure, even leasing them from the US seems pretty unlikely, to be honest. I think I read that the US government pays in the region of $95 Million for one, new Osprey. The Eurofighter Typhoon was a "reasonable" £65 Million per airframe, when first introduced. Of course, you then have to factor in the cost of crew and ground-personnel training, spare parts, maintenance-contracts, upgrades, etc for any new type. Chris.
  14. Wow! Both those pilots were having quite a struggle to land. Thanks for sharing with us. Chris.
  15. Someone I have occasionally wondered over the years... Donald Sutherland's character "Oddball" makes the claim that German Tiger crews had to run their engines several times a day. Now, in the depths of a Russian winter, this would make a lot of sense.... but in the relatively mild climate of France? Surely, this would just be wasting precious fuel? I suspect this was a scriptwriter's invention, as it served the plot well. What say ye? Chris.
  16. Not entirely accurate, Mike. Hannants have an ever-evolving stock of second-hand kits (in addition to the 59,000 new, stock-items on their books!). All I would say on their second-hand items is, see if you can get it cheaper elsewhere. The Big H's 2nd-hand prices are sometimes a tad "optimistic". Cheers. Chris.
  17. Unfortunately, the answer to that is almost certainly "no". In a difficult, post-Covid film-going market, Hollywood studios are even more conservative and risk-averse now than they used to be. Even a director of Jackson's stature could not afford to self-finance a Dambuster's movie. No Tinseltown studio will hand over $150 Million for an obscure, British story like the Dambusters. They'd much rather try and compete with Marvel, which is leading to some rather boring, cookie-cutter Superhero movies that I've pretty much given up on now. Chris.
  18. I'm very glad to read that Steve and the lads were not hurt in this incident. I just hope their insurance will cover the lost stock and van-damage. Cheers. Chris.
  19. I have a feeling that this price was nothing more than an internet rumour. When you look at the unboxing videos of the new Border's Lanc, I think that WNW would have lost a lot of money if they had ever actually brought their version of this model to market. Chris.
  20. I can remember seeing the work of Francois Verlinden in the Tamiya catalogues back in the early 80's. Before seeing his genre, I had no idea that models could be made to look that way. When he published the "Verlinden Way Volume 1: On Plastic Wings" I knew I had to buy it. Obviously, many of his techniques now seem a bit old-hat, but I still see him as a major influence on the hobby. The dioramas that folks are producing now just have to be seen to be believed. Cheers. Chris.
  21. Hi, Terry. I'm not a member of the Admin team, but is there a chance that you had another, older sales-post running at the same time? The Mods do sometimes cull more than one post from the same person, which are present simultaneously... Chris.
  22. Yep, I found obtaining a copy of "Naughty Nymphos in Naples" quite a challenge! I can't wait for the Director's Cut version.... Chris.
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