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  1. This general scale-drawings subject comes up fairly regularly. From what I've read, no two sets of drawings of the same subject EVER match up with each other. I guess that the best way to go is find the drawings you're most comfortable with and proceed with them. I would have thought that the only way to get super accuracy is to scan the subject's surface with a laser. Even then, there are some doubts about this method (existing, unusual museum examples used, addition and removal of pertinent features, replacement panels being used, non-standard parts, poorly-researched restorations, etc). This probably hasn't helped very much, but good luck in your search. Chris.
  2. No problem at all, Ade. It is all too easy to "project" an incorrect meaning or tone on to words on a computer-screen. I have done it myself on numerous occasions. I think sometimes folks get angry at stuff just for the sake of it - I'm not implying this was the case on this thread, BTW. Cheers and Happy Modelling. Chris.
  3. I wasn't actually referring to yourself, Ade. Just commenting on the ego-driven comments I have often heard at model-shows or things I've read on-line. This is a general comment, not a personal one, I can assure you. Chris.
  4. I think that a small section of the model-making community conveniently forget that this undertaking is a HOBBY. If anyone builds and paints a kit in under an hour and they are pleased with the results, do any of us really have a God-given right to criticize their efforts? No, we don't. Aspire to be a better model-maker, by all means.... Just remember it really ain't life-or-death. Chris.
  5. This is very true, indeed. I find that after 19 pints of Scruttocks Unidentifiable Corridor-Essence, not only do the trembles go away, but speaking in words disappears too... Chris. PS: This is not intended to take the Mickey out of any previous poster - it is simply intended to raise a smile (I hope).
  6. Just ordered an early and late Cobra skids from Ali. I will let folks know what I think of them once they've arrived. Cheers. Chris.
  7. And so, on to Episode 5. (SPOILER ALERT!!) A bit of a surprise..... Boba Fett isn't even in this episode! He's mentioned, but no actual appearance. This one was a real fan-service story and I have to wonder if it really needed an entire episode to tell the tale. If think that next week's episode is the series' last - they are going to have to pack a LOT in, if it's going to have a decent finale. What say ye, oh followers of the House of Fett? Chris.
  8. I can't help thinking Putin suffers from a real case of "Little Man Syndrome" (if you're not familiar: a condition where men of small stature have a constant need to prove themselves by challenging much larger opponents). Chris.
  9. Having said all that, Temeura Morrison is looking OK for a 61-year-old fella. Chris.
  10. Watched it last week - not nearly as bad as some people would have you believe. Not an amazing film, granted, but kept me fairly entertained for its run-time. Preferred it to the pile of utter dogs-eggs that was Iron Man III. That was HORRIBLE. Chris.
  11. I'm enjoying the series so far, but I'm having a nagging feeling that the story could be moving along at a brisker pace. Perhaps a case of too many episodes, carrying too little plot. I've read that an "old" face is going to turn up soon... I wonder who it might be? Cheers. Chris.
  12. Very true, John. I've seen a few photos of Shermans with loads of metal spikes welded on to their hulls and turrets. I guess when you are facing an enemy as fanatical as either the Soviets or Japanese troops, you would do anything to give yourself an advantage (I'm not being Xenophobic here - just relating an historical fact). Cheers. Chris.
  13. I read years ago that, during the Second Gulf War, American M-1A1 Abrams crews went into battle with large amounts of personal gear stowed outside their vehicles. Once they'd been in combat for some time and they'd seen the stowage catch fire from RPG strikes and other weapons, they quickly reduced the amount of stowage they carried. Of course, in WW2, tank-crews on both sides would attempt to "up-armour" their AFV's with spare track-lengths, iron-girders, sand-bags, logs and anything else immediately available. The Germans fitted many of their tanks with side-skirts ("Schurzen") of sheet-metal, to "slow-down" incoming, enemy rounds. I remember seeing a photo of a Sherman with every square inch of the tank's front covered in spare track-links. Apparently, on the Russian front, Tiger 1 crews often used lengths of barbed-wire on the upper-hull, to help prevent Russian infantry from climbing up on to their tanks and using Molotov Cocktails on the engine-bays. Cheers. Chris.
  14. I like this idea a lot! Will be keen to see the results you achieve. Good to see a diorama with a strong story involved. Cheers. Chris.
  15. To be honest, it still looks like a banana with wings to me... Thanks for sharing with us. Cheers. Chris.
  16. That's nothing.... I read in Nappy-Wearers' Monthly the other day that the Royal Navy will soon be equipped with state-of-the-art sharpened-sticks and small, pointy gravel, just in case potential enemies come within ten feet of their vessels. I am going to lie down in my back-garden, now and talk to the lurking-in-the-grass-people.... Chris.
  17. A very nice rendition of a pretty "challenging" kit. Thanks for sharing with us. I don't know how true it is, but I read that when the Aussies retired all their F-111's, they were all ripped apart and the bits were buried in landfill. This was supposedly a measure against any American enemies stealing tech from the airframes. Not one was sent to a museum - a genuine shame, IMHO. Cheers. Chris.
  18. Hi, Dave. A very warm welcome to Britmodeller. I hope you enjoy your time on here. Living in Coventry and being in to Cold War stuff, I bet you love going to the Midland Aviation Museum? Did you go to the model-show there in December? Cheers. Chris.
  19. I like this a lot! Is he trying to remember if he washed his hands after a "comfort break"? Thanks for sharing with us. Chris.
  20. Looks like a definite Photoshop job to me. Why would the pilot need to have his rotor-tips so dangerously close to those pylons and thick cables? The landing would have been much easier right in the middle of the street. This looks like it's been doctored to emphasize the chopper's ability to land in very tight spaces. A bit of marketing-hype and bluster, unfortunately. Does anyone actually get fooled by this type of forgery? Chris.
  21. Must have been quite a sight and sound in such beautiful surroundings. Thanks for sharing with us. Chris.
  22. As I'm sure you know, Tony, we were first promised this ground-crew set about 4 or 5 years ago and still there's no real sign of it. I think it might have become an "urban myth" now, unfortunately. If you haven't already, check out Reedoak and Video Aviation for ground-crew figures (expensive, but VERY nicely made). Cheers. Chris.
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