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  1. I've bought from Alistair a few times previously and he provides a great service. Also, he usually gets items to you MUCH more quickly than he says. Cheers. Chris.
  2. Use a tripod and a solid phone-holder. People never appreciate how much shake hand-holding their phone introduces into the picture, If you are using the phone in very bright light, then you can get away with it. Anything else than ideal light, it's a very hit-and-miss process. If you can introduce more light using a large bit of white card-board angled to reflect more light on the model, then this can be a great benefit. Hope this helps. Chris.
  3. Really? It looks more than acceptable to me. It would provide a great basis for some super-detailing, if a person decided to go that way. Also, I find myself wondering how much of the cockpits will be visible, even with the canopies open. Each to their own, I guess. Chris.
  4. A lovely set of shots of a very enigmatic bomber. Thanks for sharing with us. Chris.
  5. You know what they say.... cats don't have owners, they have staff instead. Chris.
  6. This Tiger looks excellent! I really like the way you have done the weathering on the temporary winter-camo. Thanks for sharing with us. Chris.
  7. Very much in agreement. Superb, sobering, stark TV. Also made Gorbachev out to be a bit less of a humanitarian than he was perceived in the West. Chris.
  8. Kind of a "guardian angel". I thought it was as naff as hell, too. Chris.
  9. I was bored with the first book after one chapter. Really not my cup of tea, at all. Other users mileage may vary. Chris.
  10. As I'm sure you are at all too aware, I feel that Covid played a major role in public attendance of this year's Avon show. Hopefully, the 2022 show will not be affected in this way, but time will tell on that one. It's strange, but as a trader at the Avon show for several years now, the 2021 event didn't feel like it was a lot less busy to me, but your posting obviously disproves that. I would be saddened if your Club decided to shut the show down, but I would fully understand your reasons, at the same time. Loosing significant money on a show must really hurt and it's not a situation that can be sustained. Cheers. Chris.
  11. I read a comment from a BBC employee that W1A was a "watered-down" version of what really goes on in the Corporation. All I can say is, "Lord, help us"! I used to work for a company that provided a number of services for the Beeb. Some of the stories I heard really made me wonder if the inmates had taken over the asylum. Chris.
  12. Hi, John. I must be one of the few people on the planet who never really got into Game of Thrones. I gave up on it after Series 5. Too many characters I had only the vaguest idea of who they were, too much time not progressing the story one little bit..... I think I developed GOT-fatigue. It was certainly very well-made, hugely expensive and covered a lot of ground, but I just didn't find it very compelling. I think it's fairly unlikely that HBO got tired of it - it was the most popular TV show on the planet for several years and would have made the company huge amounts of money. Having said that, I read a lot of the comments about Season 8 and it was obviously extremely devisive. I might try picking it up again at some point. I know that many fans had some really big issues with the fate of the White King, after the huge build-up, it must have seemed a real anti-climax. There were many other issues, from what I've read. "Rushed" seems to be many folks verdict on the final series. Chris.
  13. Many moons ago, I had a boss who had fought through Europe as a British paratrooper. He told me that the Hitler Youth were their most-hated and feared enemies, as they would almost always fight to the death. I'm sure he saw some terrible things during the war. Chris.
  14. At least the ancient Revell moulding can be put out to pasture, now. I'm very surprised it's taken this long to get a second, I.M. 1/32 Beau on to the market. Very good news. Chris.
  15. Very much agree. I've read stories of fourteen-year-old Russian kids being used on the front-line.... the Soviets really were unbelievably desperate, particularly in the early days of the Nazi invasion. Chris.
  16. The 2019 Milton Keynes cost the Club £8,500 just to hire the Marshall arena, from what I've read. That is a huge sum of money for a small model-club (no disrepect whatsoever to the MK Club is intended, here). Without a shed-load of traders to help pay this charge, the MK show would inevitably be dead-in-the-water. I am very appreciative of the MK Club's efforts on the behalf of all the modellers who attended. I'm also very glad they decided to move the venue away from the Stantonbury Campus's sports-hall. That was a pokey, poorly lit, rather run-down venue with staff who really couldn't have cared less. I think the show had out-grown the venue. Let's hope the 2022 MK show can go ahead as planned (fingers crossed!). Cheers. Chris.
  17. Hi, John. Yes, Hannibal was very good, wasn't it? Mads Mikkelsen brought a lot of sophisticated menace to his role and his "special" dinner-parties were quite a highlight, in a very morbid way. I thought the finding of all the victims glued together in the grain-silo was quite a good scenario, even if it wasn't Hannibal's doing. I thought that the "Red Dragon" theme in the final series was well-done and very different to either "Manhunter" or the not-very-good Red Dragon movie. The words "You owe me awe..." still send a bit of a shiver down my spine. I want to see where the new series of Dexter goes, but my expectations are not very high. I thought the final three Dexter series were utter rubbish and completely squandered the good work done by the earlier seasons. Let's hope the new one isn't a desparate cash-in. Time will tell on that one.... Cheers. Chris.
  18. One aspect of the tanks-encyclopedia.com article is the suggestion that the rubber Zimmerit was applied as "camoflague". It had very little to do with that, so the words could have been better chosen, perhaps. I can't help the feeling that this was a genuine waste of effort on the part of the British, particularly considering the very high quality of most German anti-tank assets during the conflict. Why climb onboard an enemy tank and attach a magnetic-bomb, when you can simply attack it from many metres away? Chris.
  19. You would obviously have to ensure that the Vallejo bottles were 100% clean of their old contents. The paints would probably not mix well, at all. Chris.
  20. Thanks for the information, folks. This concept had completely passed me by, up until this video. Rubber Zimmerit covers...who knew? I read a while ago that Zimmerit was a solution to a virtually non-existent problem. According to the article, magnetic anti-tank charges applied by enemy troops were very rare indeed - this could well be the reason the German factories discontinued the practice in late 1944. It's true that the Soviet army trained dogs to crawl under German tanks, expecting to find food under the AFV's. The unfortunate animals had explosive charge strapped to their backs, which were set off by magnetic probes projecting from the top of the packs. How many dogs were using in action in this manner? Before anyone objects to talking about this subject, the Russians suffered 20 Million deaths in the Second world War. They were incredibly desperate times, often fought in conditions that would be difficult to imagine in the West. The use of dogs was a measure of the Soviet's desperation. Cheers. Chris.
  21. Hello, all. I've just been watching a documentary about German tank-ace Michael Wittman on Youtube. It's called "The Fate Of The Black Baron". One thing that really caught my eye occurs at 34:26. There's a quick shot of a British Cromwell Mark 3. The unusual thing about it is that it appears to have something like Zimmerit paste applied to its turret (and not applied to the main body). Also, if you look at the bottom of the turret, the paste looks like it has "bunched up" under gravity, as there is a big lump of the apparent Zimm collected at the base of the turret. I have never heard of Allied AFV's carrying this kind of application (if that is indeed what it is). Any further information will be gratefully received. Cheers. Chris.
  22. If you like documentary series that are over-flowing with genuinely ridiculous characters, Netflix's "Tiger King" is a real must-see. It's crazier than a box of frogs. There are rumours that they might do a dramatized version of it. There was talk of Nic Cage playing the main character, Joe Exotic. I reckon he would be a pretty good fit. As far as I know, they have not started producing it. Chris.
  23. With all the subterfuge with the magazine that folks are reporting here, I'm wondering if the publishers are intentionally trying to force people to use their on-line service. Chris.
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