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  1. Now, now is really great news, Neil! After the scare of having the original table-hire company go out-of-business in the pandemic, I'm glad that a new source has been found. Avon is one of my all-time favourite shows and I'm really looking forward to it. Chris. PS: There an "upstairs" section? I had no idea...
  2. Hi, Calum. I know this is a cop-out answer, but any new-moulding Tamiya AFV from the last ten years or so should be pretty-darned accurate. Maybe wouldn't satisfy the "that-rivet-is-one-hundred-thousands-of-a-millimetre-out-from-where-it-should-be" brigade, but most Tamiya stuff is great for folks who regard model-making as a fun hobby. Cheers. Chris.
  3. I have to agree.... that is pretty damned cool. The F-16 looks very striking and should really please the crowds at airshows. Thanks for sharing with us, Nic. Chris.
  4. I'm not wanting to "hi-jack" this thread, but has anyone used the acrylic metallic-paints which can be buffed to a shine? I think Gunze Sangyo produce some and maybe a couple of other makers... Cheers. Chris.
  5. I watched an interview with a P-51 pilot some time ago. He said that the only airframe the Germans possessed that came even close to the Mustang was the FW-190. He didn't have a very high opinion of the Bf-109, at all. A German pilot has been quoted as claiming the G-Model '109 was a "do-do bucket" (he used stronger words than I have) and he questioned why they were still flying the design. I read that German pilots on the Eastern Front were ordered to never engage the Yak-3 above 12,000 feet, as the Soviet fighter was significantly better than its Nazi opponents above that height. Cheers. Chris.
  6. Looks like the weather has got better for the show! See everyone there. Chris.
  7. Agree with many of the previous comments on here. A very bleak, un-burnished story of an incredibly sad event in a long, brutal and harrowing war. In some ways, it's the "Anti-Top Gun 2". It's a little ironic that one movie will be watched by millions and the other watched by a relative handful of people. Art versus commercialism? Chris.
  8. A very quirky, left-field, non-traditional film (I didn't think they made 'em like this anymore). That's the good side. The idea of multiple-universes is VERY thoroughly explored. Now, the bad side.... It was also over-long and - in many scenes - rather over-indulgent and a-bit-too-proud of itself. It will NOT play that well on streaming services (made to be seen in a cinema - the streaming experience will "reduce" its impact considerably). The more "woke" aspects of it were as subtle as a Pan-Galactic Gargle-Blaster (look it up, kids!). The frustrating thing here.... It could have been a contender for movie of the year, but just fell short, for me. There were some excellent scenes (the 2001 parody, some of the "hot-dogs for hands" scenes, a hilarious / ridiculous / over-the-top scene involving two gentleman's "marital aids"... you'll know it when you see it). I would rack it up as a very brave attempt to do something different, but it only partially succeeded for me. Anyone else seen it? Chris.
  9. Love seeing a Dragon Wagon on the move. Thanks for posting. Chris.
  10. Saw it yesterday and had a very similar reaction to the first TG movie. Just AMAZING, unrivalled flying sequences.... but the rest of the film? The "other scenes" just filled in the spaces between the cool bits, from where I was sitting. Not everyone like it.... a mum and three young kids walked out half way through (probably due to a distinct lack of talking fish / unicorns / snow-men / candle-sticks / other very cynical, blatant merchandising-opportunities, etc. Ten minutes later, a couple in their 20's also departed. 9.5/10 for aerial action, 2/10 for the "emotional" stuff. Cheers. Chris.
  11. You can have any color you like... as long as it's six shades of mid-grey. Call me somewhat bored with modern airframe-schemes. Chris.
  12. Wow! That is one hell of a list! Have you ever thought of writing a book about your career? Cheers. Chris.
  13. RN Sea King (at a recruitment-drive open-day in Portsmouth, when I was 16). Hughes 500 in Australia, near Surfers Paradise. DC-3 in Auckland, New Zealand. Dragon Rapide at Duxford. Not the same as an actual flight, obviously, but maybe worth mentioning... At an open-cockpit evening at the Cosford Museum a few years ago, I sat in their FW-190 and stood with the upper half of my body in their Ju-88 (they didn't allow you to climb around inside, but I appreciated being able to have a good look). On another evening at Cosford, I sat in the F-111, Mig-15, Pucara, Harrier, Ohka Kamikaze "manned-bomb" ( a very rare treat) and a number of other airframes. At open-cockpit events at Duxford, I've been inside the B-52, B-17, Lancaster, Huey, "US Marines" F-4 (a British-model Phantom, repainted as a 'Corps one, IIRC), Sunderland and a few others. Cheers. Chris.
  14. I'm assuming here that we're talking about 1/48th? Hasegawa (although we're talking about US pilots only and they're part of the pilots/ground crew set). I'm not aware of any pilots specifically made to represent Typhoon drivers - I guess the distinctive helmet contours could be made out of putty... There are a lot of garage-producers on e-Bay, offering 3D-printed pilots in many different scales, but the few I've bought have been a bit generic in appearance (nothing that couldn't be enhanced with the right skills, though). Hope this is of some help to you and good luck in your search. Chris.
  15. And we're on for tomorrow. Might be a good idea to bring an umbrella... Bump 18/6/22.
  16. I guess this proves that a great design can grow some genuine legs. Chris.
  17. Thanks for the information, RaceAddict. Chris.
  18. So, the Kenobi "limited-series" is now over. Can't help the feeling it went out with a bit of a whimper... and had a real feeling of "To be continued" (inevitably, I guess). Chris.
  19. Hello, All. Just a quick note about the 2022 "Smallspace" Science Fiction / Real Space model-show on Sunday 17th July. The show is part of the HAMEX range of shows, happening in the village-hall in Hanslope, Buckinghsamshire (just north of Milton Keynes). This is the normally biggest event in the Hamex calendar, usually attracting a large number of science-fiction model enthusiasts. Regular Smallspace traders include Timeless Hobbies (Tony James), Chris Mitchell Models and several others (yet to be announced). Additionally, there will be a number of model-clubs displaying their amazing work. The address: Hanslope Village Hall Newport Road Hanslope Buckinghamshire MK19 7NZ The biggest local landmark is a huge, gothic-looking church-spire (just down the road from the venue). Opening times: 10:00am to 16:00. Admission: £5.00 per adult, accompanied children under 16 are free. Please see the HAMEX website for further details. Cheers. Chris.
  20. It was still there in December, so is likely to be present on Sunday. Cheers. Chris.
  21. I think they are from an English Electric Lightning (educated guess). Not sure what "Mark" of MB seat that would make them. Cheers. Chris.
  22. When kit comes to lighting-kits, it is MUCH cheaper to buy individual components from E-Bay, when compared to buying "off-the-shelf" kits from various suppliers. I'm making the assumption that you can use a soldering-iron, here. Hope this helps. Chris.
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