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  1. Thanks chaps! Looking forward to getting the stuff that goes bang added tomorrow!
  2. Just noticed that myself! I could use an extra week
  3. Thanks John! Much appreciated! The BAM sets are excellent and I’d also recommend getting the Wolfpack seat, a must in my opinion. I’ve picked up an M and C boxing myself
  4. Good progress today. I had added a panel wash first thing this morning and then had to pop into work for a few hours. Luckily the Flory wash comes off easily! Once done and flatted, I added some weathering with a mixture of Abteilung oils and Tamiya pastel sets. I've seen a mixture of 'Chammal' jets, some clean(ish), some not. I went for somewhere in the middle Canopy masking off, liquid mask peeled off the fuselage and wingtip lights then I popped on the bomb racks and remainder of the lights: I think it has really come alive with the weathering. I'm pleased with it. Hoping to get the landing gear fitted around work over the next couple of days. More soon and stay safe Dave
  5. Thanks Jon, I must try there next time I'm over!
  6. Great video Jon! Was at Coningsby last month for a few hours. Got a few good pictures but nothing great! What location did you record this video from?
  7. Decals on. The Syhart sheet is very good indeed, though a few smaller stencils silvered ever so slightly but this should hopefully settle down under a flat coat. I ended up having to use the Revell decals for the non-slip walkways either side of the cockpit as the masks provided by Syhart weren't overly great and tore quite easily, which is a shame as the Revell decals are their usual horrible matt effect. I had to butcher the fuselage codes from others in the sheet to get 4-HA. The bomb tally is also a bit of creative licence, made up of some GBUs and ASSMs, based on a variety of images that I've looked at of various 'Chammal' Rafales. I was just about to apply a gloss top coat but noticed the 308 on the tail is a but wonky, so will try and correct that first! Will get a panel wash and hopefully a flat coat on tomorrow. Stay safe Dave
  8. Lovely work Ray, the fit is exceptional. I had a minor issue with the front end; the panel gap at the nose was a tad large. Only noticed after it was fitted but on closer inspection, one of the side walls of the cockpit was out of place by hairs breadth. I was able to force it in. Pity I didn't notice it before attaching the nose!
  9. Looks good under primer Alan. There's always one pesky seam line that refuses to budge!!
  10. That's it Mark! It's great stuff. I use it with Tamiya Acrylics too and there's no issues; same for when I brush paint details with the Tamiya paint.
  11. Thanks mate! I hadn’t planned on painting the nose a different colour but looking at operational airframes, it’s definitely darker. Will add some weathering to it later on.
  12. Would concur with this, MLT is great stuff, I used it with brushes before i switched to airbrushing a number of years ago.
  13. What are you thinning the paint with?
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