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  1. How's the Upnorth scribing set working out? Is it making the task a lot easier?
  2. Agreed but as I said, it's not too bad. Replacing the intake mesh with a finer grade and thinning it to make the mesh lie more flush was probably the biggest hurdle. Adding more cockpit displays was within my skills and the rest is mostly covering up the accurate but deep panel lines.
  3. This was a quick project, I wanted something easy before tackling another helicopter project that's going to require quite a bit of work. It's the only 1/48th RAH-66 out there that I know of and (therefore great) it's got more right about it than wrong and with a real effort it could be made into a great model. Basically I made what I figured a third prototype might look like adding more details I noticed the 2 prototypes eventually received, external vents, aerials, steps, modified the tail planes, improved the oversimplified cockpit and instrument panels, filled in some inappropriate panel lines and added some better decals, thereby spending twice the time I had planned on but got something a little better than just straight from the box. Painted it with various shades of Testors US Helicopter Drab.
  4. They should've been, really striking scheme idea and nicely done! I'm a big fan of old '48 Monogram and love seeing them still being built.
  5. A bit of fun since I have a surplus of red stars.
  6. Thanks Serkan. We're all excited to see your unique squadron of Sukhois finished on the flight line...
  7. Yes, I don't think you'll have any problems fitting in new instrument panels in such a large cockpit. Yes I did. I'm glad I finally finished it as it's one of my all time favorite schemes. I'm currently building it's US analog.
  8. Serkan, 603 didn't have the standard Su-30 cockpit, it was basic Su-27UB with a large monitor added to the rear cockpit. Here's my 1/48 attempt from years ago(currently being restored) and the real one below.
  9. A pig with lipstick! Well done on not slinging it against the wall. Looking good.
  10. Yes, it's definitely the True Details wheels set. Got the old Eduard etch sheet too and now you've made me realize that window masking might be needed...
  11. Looking forward to this. I bought the flattened tires 20 years ago because they looked so cool when I first saw them. I've finally gotten my hands on a kit and the Belcher Bits tail correction and have been trying to decide on a scheme. I like your choice of an early star/red dot scheme with that striped tail.
  12. Very nice! Great scheme too. I'm glad to hear it's good fitting, I held out on the KH kit as I like the opened auxiliary inlets of the Zvezda.
  13. I have a small can of RAL 7015 from my paint store, with a drop of white added the AKAN Eggplan 73166 was a near perfect match.
  14. I went to my local paint shop today and got a small can of RAL 7015 made up (needed to repaint a dark gray door so thought why not?). I sampled it with the AKAN 73166 Eggplant and found them to be the same hue, AKAN being a little darker. With some white added the AKAN was then a near perfect match.
  15. Looks great! What dark gray and light blue did you end up using?
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