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  1. Nice work! That scheme was on my 'to do' list of Forger schemes. I think they just inherited them with a lot of other Soviet hardware. I doubt they were ever used.
  2. Nice scheme! I've built it too, it does present some frustrating fit challenges.
  3. Very good damage, inspiring! Wish I had the shelf room.
  4. Ye I have to say I'm not blown away with the simplistic buttons and piping on the rear. I'm still looking for good rear views of the later pre production and production aircraft cockpits so who knows, it may be fairly accurate. Here's the Seal seat. I think I'm going to build the kit seat with the Quinta Studios details to see how they compare
  5. Copy that and I agree, it is a nice kit and builds up fine once a couple of flaws are addressed.
  6. Just remember to lengthen the nose wheel rear spar, it's too short and creates too much droop. Make it 1 inch long.
  7. Arma-Models is where I got the kit and the extras, it was a preorder special. It looks like you can still get the kit with the crew, weapons and future engine cans here. The 2 photo etch sets are from here https://microdisign.ru/products/1-48 They were easy to do business with. For me, the etch sets and the Quinta decals were the game changer, not so much the Arma accessories (which are very nice, made by a company called Seal Model Kit). What the kit badly needed was some under the canopy details and all the little external grills and intakes that are supplied as deca
  8. Lots of nice decisions going on there, you've made a gray jet interesting.
  9. I managed to get one of the Arma-Models preorder Su-57 sets which just arrived. It contains the Zvezda 1/48 Su-57, Quinta Studios cockpit, resin, paint masks and rivet decals. In resin it has two nice examples of weapons (2 each), wheels and mudguard, seat, some figures of pilot and ground crew and Type 30 exhaust nozzles for the future engines to enter service. It has pixel masks for the new pixel top and bottom schemes plus the 053 Hunter UAV Okhotnik pixel silhouette camouflage, which might be the one I do. A bit vexing was that it was supposed to come with AL-41F-1 engines but they weren't
  10. I know, the whole kit does look daunting. However, having built 5 Sol canard Flanker conversions including the Su-33 I'm very happy with these new kits and their amazing level of accurate details.
  11. Great work! Really like this scheme, I saw one on display at the Yeovilton Air Day last year, looks like you've nailed it. I live on the Dorset coast and see these versions flying around -they're easy to spot.
  12. Inspiring! Great job on the whole project.
  13. Great job, particularly on the homemade canard mods. Any cockpit shots?
  14. Didn't realize there was a yearbook thread, thanks for the heads up!


  15. Thanks everyone! Yes Matt, here's the set up. Thirsty work...
  16. Good work! I did it with the amazing Neomega cockpit and some extras years ago, it's quite a beast to build so- well done.
  17. Great opener, skillfully done! What was the airbrush and paint you used?
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