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  1. Pre ordered and payed for this last year they gave me my money back in Feb said no idea when if ever it would be released
  2. Thanks for the replies the link was what I was looking for and the conformation great ,I'm hoping to do the icm 1/48 he 111h-6 and leave the top loose so it can be lifted so you can see inside, bit more complex then I thought but will give it go (modeling skills no where near what you see on here) thanks Paul
  3. Hi everybody Been thinking of starting a He111 and after reading Eivind Lunde Wip of his Do17-z10 I now know the internal colour is RLM 66 ,but after doing the old google there seams to be a bit of debate about it though, is the whole fuselage RLM66 or just the cockpit with the rest RLM02. The same question with the wheel wells RLM66 or RLM02 opinion a bit divided with photos that look like some people have done them 66 and others 02, is there a set standard or is it a case of find photos of the aircraft that's going to be modeled. Great Wip by the way. thanks for looking Regards Paul
  4. Hi Thank you for the replies , Chris I pm John last month after finding a similar topic but with no luck , John thanks for the offer but have pm tempesfan so hopefully it will be ok sorry if I put you out Thanks for the help Paul
  5. Hi wondering if anybody can help me ,I have a 1/48 Aeroclub lightning F6 with only the first page of the instructions , which states DO NOT START and so on ,figured out most of the parts but not all ,is there any sites were I could get a set of instructions checked here and there is nothing to help ,which I think is a first, for me anyway regards Paul
  6. Hi First I would like to apologise for the delay in replying ,I'm having a lot of trouble logging in at the moment for what ever reason. Thanks for the info what I though was a easy question turns out to be a bit more complicated, I think I'll stick with the 5C but will reference it to 820 SQ thanks Seahawk for that , ClaudioN and Graham thanks for the help with the codes, Now I know the correct squadron, and what the codes relate to I'll be able to get better info from the web Thanks for the help Paul
  7. Hi every one as title suggests question about the Fairey Albacore Mk1 .Thinking of doing the Special Hobby 1/48 kit according to the instructions it will be X9053/5C 817 Sq 1943-44. Now the colour call out is upper matt black over Dark sea grey lower Extra dark sea grey. Would I be right to assume that this is a typing error and it would be the five colour scheme, checked the site and can't find any mention of this scheme on FAA aircraft or RAF aircraft , even the box art shows different colours . All help gratefully accepted Thanks Paul
  8. Thank you gentlemen for the information, who needs google when there are people like you who we can turn to in our hour of need Big thanks Paul
  9. Hi every one need a bit of info as heading suggests seat belts for 1/48 Fairey Gannet RN , have googled it and check out some of the walk rounds not really any good pics of the seat belts, bits of blue on some of the seats and beige colour on others .Any help with type, colour, and maker of suitable 1/48 belts would be most welcome Thanks Paul
  10. HI my Hannants exclusive gannet arrived on Monday had to wait till today to check it out , only thing exclusive in it is a zip lock airtight bag for the spruces ,question is did Antphillips get lucky or am I missing out on the exclusive part
  11. span

    Hobby flight paint

    Hi while looking for a dark slate grey came across this make hobby flight warbird paint . Has anybody any experience of this paint for airbrushing and the colour match or could point me in the direction of a review thanks
  12. span

    Ground crew

    Big thanks for the info gentlemen will check them out as soon I get to proper computer thanks again
  13. span

    Ground crew

    Hi anybody know if airfix are bringing out 1/24 ground crew to go with the new typhoon or if there are any suitable figures that could be used with it would be a shame to close all that detail up
  14. Hi your luck has changed checked some other forums that I posted on and been in contact with somebody that has one which he I can have so if you pm your address (I don't know how it works here, any help with that please) I will send you it when I get it
  15. Hi I had the same problem a few months ago and must have got one of the last from airfix, I searched all over for a vac form replacement with no luck, posted here had lots of people looking but none could help hope you have better luck
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