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  1. Hand brushed !! Superb job, I bought one last month, it seems a very nice kit.
  2. Hi everybody, I'm working on a Swedish Vertol 107, and I want to make the internal seat troops. What is the best ways to do that ? Painted masking tapes ? Plastic nets ? "Coke" etched strips ? I searched the term in the forums and found many topics, but not found the "how to", only finished seats. Bests,
  3. David, There are two different "Tucanos". The Tucano used by RAF is the EMB-312, which took the name "Shorts Tucano" after various local (UK Manufacturer) modifications. The Tucano from Hobby Boss is the "Super Tucano" version - EMB-314, which is completely different from the previous. Hope that helps you, any questions please post.
  4. https://secure.tamiya.com/forms/qe_form.htm You can read more information at this topic in the IPMS-Rio forum, but I will translate (with poor English) the most important parts. http://www.aprj.com.br/FORUM/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=4658&hilit=TAMIYA First you need to know the ITEM NUMBER that you want in the manual. So you fill the form, and Tamiya will reply you with a order summary by email. The price of parts and shipping are given in "coupon response", so you must have to buy these "coupons" at Mail Office (in some countries you can buy through web). Then you print th email, attach the "coupons" and send to Tamiya by mail service. The order comes in aproximately thirty days. Hope it helps.
  5. These wing joints are very hard to fix. The SUE in 1/72 has the same problem, and even after a lot of putty and sandpaper (I was forced to use up to 150 sandpaper), you can still see a shade of the joint line. The same problem occurs at the jet nozzle area. Nightmare !!
  6. John, I never seen this kind of aftermarket to this model, but try to find at http://www.master-model.pl/ If you have some pciture of the damages, maybe we could help you with suggestions. Without look, maybe it's better to buy another sprue from Tamiya (there is a special site for this) or even find someone that can borrow this part to you to make a resin copy. Some friend can make this copy for you too, if you have not skill for that.
  7. Pompeo, Vi estas fotos recentemente no Facebook, achei incrível sua qualidade e acabamento ! Parabéns ! Também gosto de ler sobre a história e modelar as máquinas que participaram do conflito das Falklands. ----------- Pompeo I saw these pictures at Facebook, and it is a cracking job ! I like to read about the Falkland's War and model the machines that participate of the conflict too.
  8. I've never seen someone building this kit, I will follow and think I'll learn too much !
  9. I built one two years ago. There is no cockpit (very, very poor indeed) and there is no wheel bays. You attach the landing gears in some supports inside the model, but there is no details, it's absolutely empty. Is a kind of kit for experimentations or a lot of fun (or sadness) in a weekend. I gave it a solution to the problem of cockpit: I tried to simulate a fabric cover with paper, aplying glue and water to soften and conform to the shape of the kit. , The decals are very hard...to soften
  10. Hi Jenning, you helped me a lot ! I started to draw the rest, but the knowing of Amarillo font will save my time, as a start to work. I bought a decal sheet with all letters and numbers in 1/72 scale for Etendard from Hannants, but the order is not here yet.
  11. But seems to be made from resin too...
  12. Hi, Someone knows if I can find (and where) the French Navy aircraft fonts ? I need to print some decals of Super Etrendard Modernise for a event, so if exists a font file, or even a draw with the letters, will accelerate the process. Letters Numbers Thanks,
  13. Hi Bigmick, I builded the "fire" version of this kit some years ago, it's easy to build despite the old mould. About the tires, if you have a friend that has the Hasegawa version, you could ask him to replicate the tires in resin, they are much more accurated than the Italeri version and you can improve using some roundels made by a P&D. The Hasegawa kit is hard-to-find... The Italeri kit give you the chance to improve many things, I adapted my jeep putting LEDs at headlights. Following !
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