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  1. Excellent work, I never did get to see the OEU jet, even when it had relocated form one local to the other... (Coningsby to Waddington) while they di the runway in 2003 in prep for Typhoons
  2. Very Nice Tony Now if only Airfix would address a kit on one of the types they replaced... Oh Sigh for a Hastings.... Tim
  3. tonyot As far as I can see D&V went bust in about 2014.... Not that I had any further word from them after 2010 and the &&&&about over my book
  4. Excellent builds. Once the Airfix newbie comes out I may be tempted.... Just seeing 558 taxi past 607 is a good reason to build them. Growing up in Lincolnshire in the 70s and 80s even better. Scampton and Waddington had extended approach paths which went right over Immingham my home town And same at Grandparents in Caistor.... I was too young when I actually lived there, but between 1970 and 72 our house looked out and you could see Scampton Look forward to more builds Tim
  5. Item no 1,000 and whatever on the list of bits that don't fit.... The wingtip lights ! Well the seem to work on the B.2 kits but not the B(I).8s
  6. Meanwhile I have a plentiful stash, of kits and a fair amount of decals... Looking forward to this post and following Martians as well.
  7. I'll go with what James said, after many years not building kits, I had actually given all my kits and stuff to my ATC unit in about 1989. I somehow doubt any of it survived very long... Anyway, I started again about 12 years ago.... And once back in the publishing world, I pondered if surely they had improved from days of old....... After some (?) torture of much plastic, I decided it was time to attempt the Airfix Canberra, after all the Lightning wasn't too bad And having grown up near the base where the former entered service and the latter retired from
  8. Very nice. I have yet to get hold of one of the Kits.
  9. If the flight radar sites are correct with the right serials.... It flew back to Odiham last night
  10. You must have the patience of a Saint up there Martian... The internal construction work looks excellent. T1
  11. Tornado 01

    Appliance White

    Thanks, no airbrush sadly...
  12. Tornado 01

    Appliance White

    I resprayed an old Canberra in Appliance Gloss White last week, 708782 are the last 6 on the barcode. That does take a few days to cure... I assume that is the one they are now selling. While we are at it, what is the best alternative for Humbrol Light Aircraft Grey.. They only do 163 Dark Green and 165 Medium Sea Grey in a rattle can as far as I can see online. I tried Racking grey last year but decided it was far too light any alternates T1
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