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  1. The thing sticking up in front of the windscreen is a representation of the wind vane. It is simply a piece of string attached to the nose so that the pilot can get a more accurate indication of wind direction during landind aboard the carrier. Believe it or not, all F-14s were fitted with it but so few photos actually show it. Also not often photographed are the three holes on the F-14A or the single vent on some Bs and Ds just at the base of the windscreen which vents warm air blowing over the windscreen to clear rain and heat the windscreen to prevent fogging and icing.
  2. Oh yeah!! Really warming to the Phantom. Have to say, it looks best as a Weasel. I built this same kit last year but didn't add any aftermarket stuff and it came out pretty awesome. It falls together nicely. Good work.
  3. According to this article and photos of the real thing, jussie202 has done correct with Shiney Two, unlike the fellow in this article: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/74688-tornado-gr4-617-sqn/page-2 Just a bit of info for jussie202 if you see this, II AC Sqn based at RAF Marham in Norfolk was and I believe still is a Regiment Squadron in that it's main role is to back up the regiment troops with close air support and Recon. Originally outfitted with the Tornado GR1A and the GR4A, these versions carry the SLIR (Sideways Looking Infra Red) cameras. I can only assume howe
  4. I say do the Norwegian version. Here's a link to the Heritage Models conversion if you're interested: http://www.kitsforcash.com/merlin-helicopter-raf--danish-detail--conversion-set-196-p.asp Also found this sheet with a Danish Air Force attractive scheme with Chromate green paneling. It is a 1:48 scale sheet but I am sure you could use them as a template to scale them down or find some other photos etc as a starting point: http://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X48131 Hope this helps.
  5. Hi All. I have recently seen reviews of the recent release of Revell's new tooled 1:48 Tornado IDS which includes the dropped flaps, open wing spoilers and some very nice recessed panel lines. None of the reviews I have seen, show clear enough images of the panel line details. It is claimed to be very nice but a little shallow in some areas, which isn't a problem for most modellers. Given the claimed quality of this new kit, can someone tell me how well this detail stacks up again Revell's F-15E Strike Eagle and their Rafale kits as their bench mark standard? Regards from NZ.
  6. I would agree with that assessment. I too have built several of the Hasegawa 1:72 F/A-18F Super Hornets (Block 1 and Block 2) and really like the accuracy and detail. I also fin that the fit is very good also requiring little filler. The rivets are a tad oversize but they come out nicely with a panel wash. I had an Italeri kit once and having just completed a Hasegawa build, I really could not be bothered with it so I took the Prototype decals from it and flogged the kit on Ebay or something. I have an NEF-18G build on ARC which used the Hasegawa kit as a base so feel free to check it out
  7. Oh man you were almost there!!! You could have made the RB211 test bed aircraft which had the single RB211 on the port side and the two conways on the starboard side. Mind you it didn't really work in practice because the power of the conways was actually more than the RB211 so the extra thrust twisted and cracked the rear fuselage.
  8. That's a shame. You would have thought that Airfix would have made them universal having bought out the Herrick range of Land Rover, Jackel and Coyote. I'm no novice anyway at having to modify parts to fit other kits etc so I shouldn't imagine it would be too difficult. It's all part of this great hobby so I reckon I will give it a go anyway. Thanks for the comments.
  9. Anyone got a bug swatter?!!!! Now thats a bug alright. Very nice indeed. Alot of work and it's pad off. How well all the resin stuff fit? Probably no need to add a nose weight I suppose? Really like the birdslicers and the IFR probe on the nose. Overall a fantastic effort.
  10. Hi All. I am in need of a bit of advice. I was at a model show this weekend in New Zealand and bagged a few bargains. One of which was the Airfix 1:48 Operation Herrick British Force Patrol and Support group set that contains the Lynx AH.7 helicopter, Land Rover WMIK and a set of soldiers. http://www.airfix.com/shop/military-vehicles/148-scale-military-vehicles/a50123-british-forces-patrol-and-support-group-gift-set-148/ I would like to beef this set up with extra crews. PE and all the good stuff but what I would like to know from any one who may have used it, would the seated figures fro
  11. The VFA-103 Jolly Rogers aircraft in this Revell boxing is the CAG (Commander Air Group) for the unit. Like most CAG jets, they are treated like his own private limo and are therefore always more cleaner and sparkly than other jets in the unit. The black on the tail and around the cockpit is actually plain Gloss Black. Here are some pictures of the actual jet and you can see the heavy reflections coming off it: http://www.airliners.net/photo/USA---Navy/Boeing-F-A-18F-Super/1337521/L/&sid=e7862f37ab83d4014853e22859790f7a http://www.airliners.net/photo/USA---Navy/Boeing-F-A-18F-Super/14
  12. I used to work for Airbus in Broughton where the A380 wings are made. I never got tired of seeing the wings revealing themselves from the dispatch hangar and loaded onto the boat. The -900 does look more proportioned but that is alot of weight forward of the wings. It looks like an ideal candidate for a larger nose wheel bogie, say a four wheel bogie like the main bogies on the A340-600 but modify it with a slightly different brake system which stops the wheels when the bogie leave the ground. A microswitch (weight on wheels) system would work well on that.
  13. Hi Drew. Just looked at your A-4C build and the wash does look more toned down. Still as well presented as your Monogram Skyhawk. Washes are one of my problems sometimes as well. I always find that it is easier to start with a very weak mix and then I can always make it darker. It's very hard to go back if the wash is too deep in colour. Good work. Andrew
  14. Nice build with a good recovery using the Vac form canopy and ESCAPAC ejector seat. Details like that really do turn a more budget kit into something as compaarable to a high quality build. A little critque if I may, the wash or pigment you used appears to look a too stark. Black is often too harsh for a panel line wash or to highlight details. Either a smoke colour or a black/brown mix in a very thin wash can give a more convincing look. Oil washes with a grey colour to it are more suited to panel line washes thinned with Turpentine or White Spirit and the smoke or Black/brown mix is mor
  15. It is a galant effort. Klear can have a nasty habit of finding things that may not initially be quite apparant and depending on how thickly the Klear is applied, will depend on how much it shows up anything. It is nevertheless a well built model, and as it is only your second model, you will find things to improve on when you build your next one. It is a learning process as much as anything else I was by no means trying to be totally negative, just more constructive in the feedback.
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