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  1. I really like your job! well done! Regards from Mendoza, Argentina
  2. Good job!! It looks great. Can you tell me what Tamiya colours you used for the camo? Thanks in advance. Regards from Mendoza, Argentina. Hernan
  3. Great job! this is the kind of model I love to see. Congrats from Argentina!
  4. So many memory seeing model. I remember my beginnings when only can get An Airfix or a Matchbox kit. Of course I built this Corsair! Regards guys!
  5. Thanks for comments guys! Have a nice weekend!
  6. Thanks for watching guys! All the comments are welcome. Regards.
  7. Dear guys, Let me show you my 1/48 Hobby Boss A7 A Corsair II. Almost finished, just left a few details. I would like to thanks Scott Battistoni for their advices about mistakes that the kit have. Regards from Argentina!
  8. nancho

    Dragon decals

    Hi Guys, anyone can tell me how good or bad are de Dragon decals? I am thinking to build a Dragon FW 190 A5. Thanks in advance for your opinion. Regard from Argentina
  9. :goodjob:Great job goon, ours scooters looked very used over this years. I love weathered models. Regards from Argentina. Hernan
  10. Great job my friend Good weathering work. A pleasure see this kinds od models Regards from Argentina Hernan
  11. A pleasure to see works like this! Congrats! I really like the weathering you did, one of the most important and interesting parts in this hobbie for me. Regards
  12. Thanks for your comments guys. Solar: for effects in raised panel lines, and access doors, I airbrushed (pre shading) with satin black , but sometimes I have to make a post shading if is necessary. A pleasure sharing with you the pics. Have fun!
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